Actionable YouTube SEO Techniques

YouTube SEO: 50 Actionable YouTube SEO Techniques For 2024

Learn how to get more YouTube views by using some YouTube SEO techniques such as YouTube platform and video optimization features. Like Google’s search algorithms, YouTube has also used its algorithms to showcase the best and most relevant videos to users. YouTube has various factors in its algorithm to rank which videos are the best and at the top of its search results. Here are the Top 50 Actionable YouTube SEO Techniques that every YouTuber must know.

50 actionable YouTube SEO techniques

Republish Videos:

Update and republish your old channel videos.

Replace Links:

Find the broken links and update them with the new URLs.

Competitor Keywords:

Search for the best competitor keywords.

Mobile Optimization:

Give precarity to the mobile video optimization to display on small screens.

Embedded Video Content:

Embed the video into other text blogs and some other channels.

Optimize to Voice search:

Optimize your video Titles to voice search. Update it with feature channels.

Quality Content:

Quality and original content play a vital role in the YouTube SEO strategy. Make sure to use the quality content in your videos.

Use Tools:

Use the keyword research tools to optimize for search engines.

Optimize Video Titles:

Create compelling Titles that adapt to your video. The title should be short and easy to access.

Meta Descriptions:

Add some power words to the description, 150 to 160 characters. You may also include some of the links.

Add Internal Links:

Internal links play a crucial role in search engine optimization. Include some other video links on other video descriptions.

Repurpose Your Content:

Convert your article or blog post content to actional videos. Publish on your company channel.

Find video keywords:

Finding keywords for YouTube differs slightly from keywords that appear in Google’s search.

Optimize your Tags:

One of the best SEO techniques is tagging. It allows you to enter the relevant keywords to get more views.

Ask people To comment:

If your video gets more comments, think that your video is popular. Comments are one of the best YouTube SEO metrics.

Encourage People to Subscribe:

Encourage your audience to subscribe to the channel. The more subscribers your channel gets, the more benefits you get from the YouTube channel.

Increase Production Value:

It would be best if you made some changes to increase the quality of the videos. Spend some money on equipment to do better video shoots.

Add Closed Captions:

We know that YouTube SEO supports Closed captions, including Closed captions to your channel videos.

Eye-catchy Thumbnails:

Video thumbnails play a vital role in YouTube SEO ranking. A good thumbnail leads to more clicks.

Edit File Name:

Editing your file name may impact your video Titles and keywords. Rename your video with focus keywords.

Share on Social Media:

Share your channel videos and custom links on other social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Build Links to your Channels:

Create a custom-built link to your YouTube Channel and your videos individually—one of the best YouTube SEO techniques to get more views.

Share on Facebook:

Facebook drives a lot of traffic when compared to other social media channels. Share your video on Facebook.

Share Video on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn drives more professional engagement to your channel. Publishing videos on Linked In drives more business leads, and your page is built more robust.

Share Video on Quora:

Quora is one of the best platforms to share video content and get answers to all questions. People search most of the time to get in-depth information.

Embed Your Video:

Embedding your videos has mainly two primary purposes. It takes your video in front of more people and increases user engagement.

Send an Email to Your List:

The email list is one of the effective marketing techniques. It increases the number of views that are crucial in YouTube SEO.

Start Descriptions with Focus keywords:

Start writing the meta description for your video with the focus keywords.

Steal Competitor Ideas:

If you are not the best at YouTube SEO, start focusing on competitor channels or videos; you may find new things to focus on.

Use YouTube Itself as Keyword Research:

Use the YouTube channel search bar to know the most searched YouTube keywords. It makes complete sense to use them for your videos.

Review Watch time reports:

YouTube provides a bunch of reports that can be used to analyze the YouTube video, and it shows how much time the viewer spends on the video.

Increase Video watch Time:

YouTube Watch time is an essential metric in your YouTube SEO. More time users spend time on Video means people like your content.

Use Engagement reports:

Engagement reports help you to measure the overall performance of the channel. The regular check of user engagement reports helps in SEO.

Keep an Eye on Audience Retention:

The audience retention report shows a handful of helpful metrics, incl,uding average view duration and the top-performing videos on your channel.

Add some Suspense:

Add some suspense and thriller kind of content to your videos. So that people may wait for your next update.

Get Interviewed:

Introducing an interview video on your channel is an excellent method of getting things done. Conduct them regularly on your channel.

Use Optimal Video Length:

The average length of the most popular video is 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Most of the channels use this same length for their videos.

Improve your Content:

Your content is the fundamental thing for your channel SEO. Make sure to improve the video content.

Get Featured On Another Channel:

This is tricky, but you will see a good result if we implement it right now. It’s tough because you ideally want to team up with your YouTube channels.

Introduce Playlists:

The playlist can give strength to your YouTube SEO, and you can also get more search traffic from this playlist.

Video Shares:

Analyze the number of video shares for your YouTube channel. That means people will share your video links on other social media channels.

Thumbs up and Thumbs Down:

These are the two explanatory Like and unlike signs. If a person likes clicks on Thumbs Up and if he does not, the,ey click on Thumbs down. These two factors play a primary role in the YouTube ranking factor.

Video Promotion:

Promote your YouTube video in various ways, like using YouTube video marketing techniques and paid campaigns on YouTube.

Link Video To your Email Signatures:

Leave your video URL in the blogs and other places where you work. This will build strong links.

Optimize Your channel page:

Optimizing the channel may help you rank your videos better. Leads more subscribers and rate it on Top.

Include Keywords in Channel About Section:

Include the main channel keywords on the channel about page. So that search engines can quickly grab your keywords.

Create Transcriptions for Your Videos:

YouTube transcriptions increase your video view and improve your YouTube channel ranking.

Provide content that educates or Entertainment:

Your video should describe some valuable content. When your video contains valuable content, you will get more subscribers and returning users to your channel.

Use guest YouTubers:

Like guest bloggers, we have guest YouTubers. They can do wonders for your business, boosting the views.

Use Cards:

Use the YouTube Cards feature to promote video content, get more channel subscribers, and send more traffic to the channel.


If you plan to reach the top of Google’s first page, you must implement the latest YouTube SEO techniques that impact the channel traffic. Knowing what you need to do for your channel, we must follow the above 50 Actionable YouTube SEO techniques to improve your ranking in the search.

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