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YouTube Health Channel: How to Start a Successful Health and Fitness YouTube Channel

Are you planning to start a YouTube Health channel, but you are not sure where to start?

Before you begin researching what are the necessary steps you should follow. Here we have described the complete guide on how to start a Health and Fitness YouTube Channel, Ideas to Grow your channel, and the most popular channels that everyone should watch and follow during this COVID19 pandemic

How to start a successful health and fitness YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the best tools for the Health and Fitness channels, personal trainers to connect with potential clients. With the help of YouTube channels, trainers can continue to develop relationships with new clients. YouTube Videos are excellent tools for showcasing your areas of expertise and quire new personalities.

Develop a Strategy:

While getting started with a health and fitness YouTube channel, you need to come up with a good strategy. First confirm what do you want your channel to achieve on YouTube, Who is your Target audience, Why should they watch your YouTube channel and finally how to deliver your content.

Come up with Right Equipment:

Most of the start-up YouTubers use smartphones to record their videos. But if you want the audience to enjoy your content, it excellent thing to invest in the right equipment. DSLR Cameras, Tripods are necessary equipment need for filming the Health and Fitness videos.

Plan Your Content:

Before starting your own Health and Fitness YouTube channel, you probably decided what kind of video content you would like to show. The ultimate way to increase followers and views is still to keep your content exciting and engaging.

Thumbnail Matters:

One of the most common mistakes that every YouTuber does is creating an HD thumbnail. While leading new visitors to your channel, Thumbnail plays a vital role.

Quality always comes first:

Even though you are families on to create a YouTube channel, one aspect that impresses is the quality of the videos. Make sure to create quality content.

Plan and Schedule content:

Choose only the best shoots to host in your YouTube channel that allows viewers engaged and attractive throughout the video. Schedule your video content to update regularly.

Use Professional Video Editing Softwares:

If you are creating videos for Health and Fitness channels, you may need a video editing software to edit your footage. If you are new to video editing, use simple video editors first and later use professional tools.

Optimize Your Videos to Search Engine:

It is an important thing that you should optimize your video content to search engines. As soon as you uploaded videos on YouTube, make sure to work on Proper Titles, Descriptions, and Tags. Then only people will easily recognize your videos on the search result.

Connect with your Viewers via Social Media:

YouTube is all about connecting and engaging with your audience. Talk to other content creators, collaborate with other Health and Fitness trainers to promote your content on social media.

YouTube Video Ideas to Build Your Health and Fitness YouTube Channel

As the Coronavirus hits the COVID-19 in the country, many YouTube channels and brands have shifted their approach to making on COVID19 safety tips and marketing to potential customers.

Coronavirus Tips Videos:

Coronavirus tips: How to keep coronavirus at bay using disinfectants the safe way

Everyone should follow these tips for protecting yourself from these COVID19.

Top 10 grocery safety tips to avoid coronavirus:

During this Coronavirus lockdown, people become panic about how to handle groceries and vegetables safely.

Tips & Tricks to avoid Coronavirus & how not to PANIC:

The continuous rise of COVID19 cases, here are the few Tips and Tricks to prevent the Coronavirus.

Yoga Routine Videos:

Finding Yoga routine workout videos are a powerful thing that you can do anywhere and anytime. Regular yoga is something like exercises that you can practice pretty much any place on a yoga mat.

Fightmaster Yoga |Total Body Yoga Workout:

Total Body Yoga Workout will help to stretch and strengthen every part of your body in this 30-minute workout from Fightmaster Yoga.

SaraBeth Yoga | 20-Minute Full Body Yoga Stretch:

This 20-minute full-body Yoga video helps you to focus more on lengthening out from head to toe and flexibility when you are in the deeper stretch.

The Fitness Marshall:

These Caleb Marshall provided a steady stream of heart-pumping, entertaining, and user-friendly dance videos that are perfect for a quick cardio session.

Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home:

Leslie Sansone’s workout videos full of ever-present smiles, tightly synchronized movements, and constant beats and tightly synchronized movements.


POPSUGAR Fitness is the best health and Fitness channel that arm of the popular entertainment and media company.

Motivational Videos on Health:

An inspirational or Motivational video on Health will remind you the best while taking care of mental health and why you should always do your best to keep everything positive mindset.

How to Fight Through the Worst of Times | Michael Crossland:

In this video, Michael Crossland shared a compelling personal story about how he survived cancer.

Meal Plans and Dietary Videos:

A healthy eating diet plan is like putting everything together like a puzzle. In this Meal plan and dietary videos, you will come to know a complete picture of the nutrients that are right for you.

Daily Diet Plan for Weight Loss – Part 1 | Healthy Diet Schedule for A Day

Best daily weight loss plan for those who are planning to go for nutritious food with the best diet schedules.

Fitness Journey Videos:

Providing a new way to get fit and workout videos for a healthy life. The health and fitness video industry is growing continuously at a rapid rate. Many influencers have played a massive part in this fitness journey videos.

Ready to Begin Your Fitness Journey?

She is Melissa and began her fitness journey two years ago. No one can force you to make a life-changing journey.

Weight Loss Videos:

10 Proven Ways to Speed Up Your Weight Loss:

Here in this video explained the good and proven ways to make weight loss a lot easier and way more effective.

How to Work Out Videos:

Morning Total Body Yoga Burn Workout | Daily Dose:

You can start your mornings with supercharged flow intended to kickstart your metabolism and normal your heart rate. It takes a total 60 minutes to finish.

Vitamins, Supplements:

Vitamins and Supplements | An Evidence-Based Approach:

Here in this video Dr. Jeffrey Tice from the UCSF Department of Medicine explained the use, benefits, side effects of dietary vitamin supplements.

Vitamins and supplyments

Cheap Fitness Videos:

10 Min Abs Workout — At Home Abdominal and Oblique Exercises

This 10 min workouts will help more gain strength, flexibility, and stamina. Best workout for Abdominal and Oblique excercises.

Stretch Videos:

Yoga With Adriene |Ease Into It:

It is about 35 minutes of video, and your workout mood is more balance than burning the Calories.

Full-length Workout Videos:

1000 Calorie Workout Cardio: Full Body Weight Loss And Toning:

No one wants to enter the gym after a long break from Lockdown. So that these closest cardio workouts will help you and hope for the best.

Top 10 Health and Fitness YouTube Channels

Anyone would like to find out which are the best healthcare YouTube channels for knowledge do not start the search from scratch. Here is the list of the most popular Health and Fitness YouTube channels safe to say these YouTube videos have proved to be a valuable resource.

Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone:

Perfect for the beginners those who are limited with physical movement, the nonstop movement for full cardio workouts, Walk at Home incorporates interval training range from 45 minutes.

Blogilates by Cassey Ho:

All the things you need is a yoga mat, and even that is an optional thing. This channel is best for the Workouts there run the gamut and dance videos.

Yoga with Adriene:

This channel is a great way to improve both your physical and mental wellness. She Adriene teaches and shows the way through her videos for easing stress, weight loss, mind-body improvement, and anxiety.

Bradley Martyn:

Bradley Martyn is the biggest guy in terms of physical size. This is the best channel for bodybuilding workout on YouTube channels for people who are willing to put workouts.

Jeff Nippard:

Jeff explains everything through science, and his ways of teaching are truly engaging. It will help your next workout that will be absolute best and work out the proper muscle groups.

HangTight with Marcie:

Marcie is a fitness specialist and personal trainer based in Atlanta, and expertise shines with her YouTube channel.

The Fitness Marshall by Caleb Marshall:

Caleb Marshall’s fun workouts, heart-pumping, full-body cardio workout that includes some fun in this channel. This channel will help Caleb will improve fitness mantra to heart.

Chloe Ting:

Chloe Ting is managed to dominate the Health and fitness world on YouTube that has more than 10 million subscribers. The content is based on the Workouts themselves and pushes you to continue doing the workout in between every set.

Pamela Reif:

He does something unique with her work out on her channel shows amazing workout videos of different difficulties to follow. Most of her workouts seem to have emerged that include booty exercises and tone up your arm muscles.

Christian Guzman:

Christian Guzman has managed to start multiple businesses at such a young age, such as fitness vlogs, bodybuilding competitions. In this channel, he explained handy tips.


Considering starting a Health and Fitness YouTube channel of your own and you just need self-motivation and persistence to become the top in your field. All these mentioned above, YouTube Health channels are started by the Ordinary people later who committed to becoming extraordinary. Check out popular training videos for extra tips, tips to grow your channel, and building your brand on YouTube.

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