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Role of YouTube in the Agriculture Industry

Recent studies revealed that farmers who use social media are using it almost every day. YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms, and it said that more than fifty percent of the farmers are using this YouTube to know about general news, enjoy music or how-to-video of Agricultural Videos.

Power of Social Media in Agriculture

Social media is prevalent in agriculture industry also. There are blogs, Twitter accounts, Facebook groups that show what happens in agriculture. The real story behind agriculture can share on these social media platforms.

For those who wish to learn, these social media platforms help a lot to connect with others in the industry to know more about prices, land management, new techniques and methods in farming and many more.

Social media is widely used and is very useful to get relevant information about the agriculture industry. Social media is a significant factor to boost success as new learning terms of agriculture is possible, and it allows connecting with others who are doing the same. Farmers are using social media to reach the ordinary people directly.

Technology changed the agriculture methods and also the means of communications through which people learn about agriculture. Social media generated a new audience.

Farmers and agribusinesses can tell their stories and share what is important to them. Agriculture messages amplified with social media. Social media is available at the tip of fingers when there is internet access. The audience can participate in conversations and gather thoughts and insights.

Role of YouTube in Organic Farming

  • Organic farming is gaining popularity as more and more people are showing interest to start their backyard and are looking to buy organic goods.
  • Social media tools such as YouTube are gaining popularity for organic farming biases also.
  • These channels allow sharing information about products, services and to build customers base.
  • Organic farmers can share photos, and stories how the operations on the farm and connect directly with the consumers.
  • Farmers can share the issues related to organic farming, share ideas, pest control and also marketing strategies.

The Future of Agricultural Videos

Agriculture plays a crucial role in the economy of developing countries. World population is increasing, and the land for cultivation is decreasing.

Thus agriculture needs innovation. Crop protection, modern farming methods will play an essential role in the process to make agriculture more efficient.

Top Agricultural YouTube Channels for Farmers

Here are few of the top agricultural YouTube based on the number of subscribers.

How Farms Work:

How Farms Work YouTube channel shows how farms work and also show the operation of equipment, daily activities, etc. The channel uploads at least about three videos per week.

The Farming Life:

The farming life is another YouTube channel that allows knowing about family farming. Around 12 videos uploaded every week.

John Suscovich:

Subscribe to John Suscovich YouTube channel to know the farm marketing solutions. This channel provides the information that helps to increase the revenues of the farmers. At least four videos uploaded per week.

George Saunders:

George Saunders YouTube channel shows the footage of machines working and daily jobs on farming. Around three videos uploaded per week.

My Organic Farming:

My Organic Farming channel creates videos to show the information about organic farming, growing vegetables organically and using organic pesticides and manure, etc. about one video is uploaded per month.

The Natural Farmer:

The Natural Farmer is yet another favorite YouTube channel. Visitors enjoy the videos on growing nutrient-rich food, using weeds, etc. One video uploaded per month.

Best Agricultural Videos on YouTube

Millions of people watch YouTube every day and hours of videos are uploaded on this platform every minute. A video is the best tools for consuming online content.

Some of the most watched videos on agriculture could found in the agriculture YouTube channels.

The Farmer’s Life, How Farms Work, Out Wyoming Life, Agriculture Life and other YouTube channels have some of the most viewed YouTube videos.

If the content is useful, the audience will share them with their friends making the videos go viral.

Agriculture Documentaries on YouTube

Social media is probably the best place to know the latest updates, issues, and solutions on different topics. Documentaries on agriculture-related topics are also available on YouTube for those who are interested in getting information about agriculture.

Some of the most watched YouTube agriculture documentaries include The Rise of Vertical Farming which shows vertical farming as an alternative to the food system we now follow.

YouTube is the most popular platform for professionals in agriculture. Studies revealed that more than fifty percent of the farmers use this platform.

The advantage with YouTube is that it is possible to get the response for whatever shared on the platform. Social media is playing a pivotal role in promoting the agribusiness directly to consumers.

Social media has become a part of daily life for many of us. Large numbers of farmers are also using them. In the beginning, it was to connect with friends, but now they are utilizing the opportunity to share positive stories of agriculture.

They speak about the agriculture issues and share the information that can make an impact. Social media is the best place for crop producers, farmers, and ranchers to allow people to know the operations of agriculture.

Social media platforms such as YouTube provide incredible opportunities for people related to agriculture and are entirely free. By investing a little time and having a good internet connection, farmers can get to the whole world.

Role Of YouTube In Organic Farming:

  • YouTube is a powerful tool for organic farmers to promote their products
  • Organic farming means using natural methods of cultivation without the use of chemicals or other artificial substances
  • Farmers can post videos on their own channel, but it’s best if they have an already established following before posting new content
  • Videos should be short so that viewers are not overwhelmed with information
  • YouTube has become a significant platform for organic farming
  • Farmers can post videos of their farms to connect with consumers and educate them about the benefits of organic food
  • The use of video on social media is increasing rapidly, so farmers must be using this medium
  • Videos can be used in many ways- they can show how to grow certain crops or how to prepare foods from an organic source
  • YouTube is a significant player in the organic farming industry
  • It’s an educational tool for farmers, researchers, and consumers
  • Organic farming has been around since the 1940s, but it wasn’t until the 1990s that it became mainstream
  • The growth of this movement can be attributed to many factors, including increased public awareness of food production methods; more people becoming interested in environmental sustainability; and technological advances such as online video-sharing platforms like YouTube
  • Organic farming videos on YouTube have increased by 400% since 2016
  • There are more than 3 million organic farming videos on YouTube, with an average of 1 million views per day
  • YouTube is a social media site that allows people to upload videos
  • Through the use of this site, organic farmers can share their knowledge and techniques with other farmers around the world
  • Organic farming is a way of growing crops without using any pesticides or fertilizers, which in turn reduces the number of harmful chemicals on our food
  • The most popular video topics for this audience are: how to grow specific plants (e.g., tomatoes), what tools they need for planting/farming, where to buy seeds from
  • YouTube is an important tool for organic farmers
  • Videos can be used to educate viewers on farming methods
  • Videos can also be used as a marketing opportunity to promote the farm’s products and services
  • Farmers can share their knowledge with other farmers in the industry
  • YouTube is a social media website and video-sharing platform that was created in 2005 by three former PayPal employees
  • It has become the world’s second most visited site, with more than one billion users per month
  • The majority of YouTubers are under 18 years old
  • YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world
  • The majority of videos are watched on mobile devices
  • Organic farming has grown exponentially over the past decade, and many farmers have turned to YouTube for help with their business practices
  • Farmers can upload a video every day or once a week about anything related to organic farming, from harvesting crops to marketing products
  • YouTube is a social media site that can be used to spread awareness of organic farming
  • It can also help promote and market organic products, such as food, clothing, or even seeds
  • Organic farming benefits the environment by reducing air pollution and water contamination
  • Organic farms are better for animals because they have more space to roam around
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