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YouTube Kids Channels new rules for Creators and Advertisers

Nowadays, kids are more attached to the mobiles, tablets or desktops to watch videos like rhymes, unboxing, animation, and comics, etc. Instead of playing in the ground, they are spending time to view the videos on Kids Channels. They find watching rhymes, and puppet stories give more fun than any other. Here YouTube is the top social media platform to serve the kids with amazing video content. The YouTube Kids channel or Kids App are finding their best ways to entertain the children with unique and fresh content.

Also, most of the creators are crossing their limits to engage their channel with kids. Instead of providing kids content, they are merging the adult content, which can quickly spoil the children.

To filter such creators, YouTube has recently changed YouTube Kids channel rules for both the creators and advertisers. In the same way, it becomes a little bit harder for the creators, either small or big, to make money. But they are more responsible for YouTube brand reputation where it should have healthier, happier and no controversies.

Why is YouTube making significant changes to Kids Channels video policies?

The change in YouTube’s software helps to find them, which can be the quality kids’ content, gain traffic to individual videos, and in buying other channels.

The updated changes on YouTube Kids channel will notify the parents that they are safe for kids, and they are featuring the content without violating the law.

YouTube offers massive entertainment for the kids. The Google child YouTube has faced controversies when it let the creators post the inappropriate footages with very few limitations, and these issues let it face the criticism.

The US Federal Trade Commission has ordered new rules for Google, and it faced the penalty of $170 million for the privacy of the kid’s data on their platform.

It is the huge penalty that never taxed for violations of ‘Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act,’ or COPPA.

Though it may be very less fine for Google as it is one percent of annual revenue it made resolutions in the protection of children’s data privacy. It happened that YouTube illegally gathered personal information from the kids without parental consent.

The significant announced policy changes

  • YouTube stops running the personalized ads on the content which has been created only for kids.
  • After creating the kids content, the creators need to find that is made for kids, and then the machine learning helps them find that content adequately disclose.
  • It will consider the data from anyone watching the kid’s content that is coming from kid irrespective of the real age of the user.
  • The on-going features like notifications and comments will be no longer available on YouTube video, which meant only for kids.

This type of strict changes can make YouTube be the single trending kid’s video platform for both the adults and kids. The parents can happily refer YouTube to their kids to watch any program.

YouTube Red Originals For Kids (Hyperlinked-DanTDM)

The entertainment service through the OTT platform, especially through SVOD, has become the trending strategy in the present market. The traditional cable concept has drained in the flood of OTT. The YouTube Red Originals for kids is in the first place of the SVOD service provider.

YouTube Red Originals For Kids mainly targeting the kids and families and depending on that the video content has been dispatched at the audience.

YouTube Red Originals For Kids

This app is accessible in all devices has released the unique shows by featuring the well-known figures on YouTube like DanTDM, L2M, TheAtlanticCraft and Fruit Ninja.

The Hyperlink of L2M has been composed with five girls to entertain the audience. They had considered the issues and theme in the relationship of friends and made it by organizing this show at which the girls will create their own website.

King of Atlantis creates the most excitement for the kids to watch regularly as it is a fully animated show.

DanTDM creates a big scene in which the most popular celebrity on YouTube has been introduced with the new concept through the animated characters.

The subscription cost for this $9.99 per month which is affordable by each individual.

Through the subscription of YouTube Red, the video content can be watched “offline” which is the most required thing for the audience.

The most significant thing about it is that the video content will be played with “Ad free”.

Here the SVOD concept is the most attracting thing to hold success in the account of YouTube Red original.

The concept of using mobile app of YouTube Red which is the most seeking one by the kids as they are mostly being with the gaming console, tablets and mobile phones.

The video content on it can be watched repeatedly which is not possible on linear TV. The kids most prefer to watch the favorite video content repetitively.

These are the unique strategies that have been applied to YouTube Red originals to gain the huge popularity through the most demanding subscription in kid’s category. YouTube Red is the only one which has expanded its brand name in short period.

How Creators are Minting Money using YouTube Kids Rhymes

YouTube is the giant video platform having different types of content that are categorized on the platform. Though there are some parental controls on the desktop YouTube platform they are not that much efficient in working.

But there is a great engagement with the kid’s related videos on the YouTube platform.

By knowing this thing, the YouTube platform has recently launched kid’s video application which provides them with the latest kids rhyming videos and other content especially for the kids and parents too.

The parents have an ultimate control over the app as they can control even the screen time setting, choosing particular videos and making of lists etc.

These features helping the parents to control over the tabs and televisions by using the YouTube kids app. parents also appreciating the app as it is very beneficial and educating the kids in all aspects.

YouTube even providing the kids gaming within the app and also include some timing of the play which can be controlled by the users.

YouTube for Kids Android App Features

Now the creators are making more money by creating the kids related content using the YouTube videos.

Yes, YouTube contains lots of kids video content which is helping the creators to include the videos in their new apps.

That means creators are just curating the top kids rhyming content and providing the content exclusively with different features with the creation of new applications and platforms and were minting good money from the YouTube kids rhymes videos.

Finger Family & Surprise Eggs YouTube Videos are Goldmine for Creators

Nursery rhymes are an important content class for the kids demographic, and it’s growing in prominence. They are a formative staple for kids, and the patterns are pointing towards higher quality creation with relatable characters that youngsters find in their different interactions with content online. On account of that, we must continue to separate with excellent content and a solid brand that kids and guardians can truly relate and come back to. Everything about Finger Family is explained here.

This is no ordinary lullaby. The nursery rhyme business on YouTube is a hard-hitting one that is generating a large number of dollars and views for content makers. Considering online video utilization of kids ages 2 to 11 developed by 87% in 2014, it’s nothing unexpected that leading YouTube kids systems are being gathered up by major MCNs that are looking to address the popularity of kid-accommodating programming on the web. Ultimately, guardians need consolation that their kids are watching quality content that keeps them entertained and informed – all in a safe way. It’s additionally essential that the content continually advances and that it takes the viewer on an adventure and Made content for the entire preschool gathering.

There is enormous growth in the online kids and family entertainment industry, combined with a relentless move far from conventional arrangements. Reports demonstrate that 83% of era Z visits YouTube monthly, which is the most astounding of any class. YouTube noticed a general increase in viewership of half on its platform, the Kids and Family vertical watch was 200% growth. 57% of kids supposedly preferring to watch on versatile gadgets like smartphones and tablets instead of the conventional TV screen.

Finger Family and Surprise eggs

Youtube videos belonging to the finger family nursery rhymes series generates millions of views and the best revenue for the creators on Youtube platform. Different types of finger family videos had acquired some millions of views as the concept of the songs is very diverse which can approach the minds of children with ease. The presentation is beautiful and creatively designed for the kids.

Video Source : Finger Family TV

The surprise egg videos are also viewed and consumed at the top kid content across the YouTube platform. Some loads of videos with different variations had uploaded onto the platform and generating millions of ad dollars.


Everyone knows that YouTube the major trending video platform to explore one’s talent, and the top category to be in such a list is YouTube Kids channel. It has huge demand than any other channel which has frequently watched by the kids that have been monitored by the parents. It is one where you can find immediate results after implementation.

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