YouTube Live Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Live Marketing

Introduction to YouTube Live Marketing. 

You can contact your audience live by exploiting live streaming on YouTube.

Before you begin with your live stream you have to do a couple of things and here is the guide to YouTube Live Marketing.

Tips To YouTube Live Marketing

  1. Make Sure that your channel is verified & that you hold no live stream restrictions in the most recent 90 days.
  2. Allow live streaming from Creator Studio tools -> Live Streaming.

Begin streaming 

Once your channel is on, you have two alternatives to begin your live stream:

• Stream now is a fast and cool way to live.

• Events give you more prominent control of the live stream.

In the event that you need to embed your live stream on a site, ensure you have an affirmed AdSense account linked to your YouTube account.

YouTube Live Encoding, Settings best practices 

YouTube will automatically find the stream resolution and frame rate, then begin your stream! When you are live, it will transcode to lower resolutions so the greater part of your fans can make the most of your stream – regardless of where and how they are viewing it.

Want to draw in with your fans in real-time? This alternative supports low latency!

YouTube Live Marketing best practices 

To go live in instantly:

• Download and set up your encoder utilizing the Stream Name/Key and Server URL.

• Include a title and description in the Basic Info tab. You can likewise include a custom thumbnail that represents your event.

• Include an optional Fan Funding card to make cash for your stream.

• Include Highest Quality which gives the smoothest viewing knowledge to your audience.

YouTube 360 degrees live Streaming 

YouTube live Streaming supports 360-degree videos that give immersive viewing knowledge. Note that non-360 degree live streams use different settings.

YouTube just supports equirectangular projection for 360 videos as of now. To live stream 360-degree video content, you’ll have to change your encoding determinations.

Avoid these mistakes while doing YouTube Live Stream 

On the off chance that you get a copyright strike that implies your video has been brought down from YouTube in light of the fact that a copyright owner sent us a complete and legitimate legal solicitation requesting that we do as such. At the point when a copyright owner formally notifies us that you don’t have their authorization to post their content on the site; it brings down your upload to consent to the DMCA: Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Remember, videos can be expelled from the site for different reasons, not all of which are copyright related. Likewise, Content ID claims don’t bring about a strike.

Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube Live 

Through online streaming, individuals can appreciate the games quickly through their mobile devices. Indeed, even individuals stuck in the workplace can, in any case, appreciate the sporting event. Online streaming has incredible interaction between fans. One more preferred standpoint is on each web page there will be a visiting box or window that permits fans to examine and interact with each other. With this, an enormous fan base can be developed and much income will stream to Google and YouTube.

Marketing YouTube Live Stream and Increasing Live Count

Focus on these main fundamentals 

• Relevant Keywords: Just as a Web page with relevant keyword terms and expressions dependably ranks better in search results.

• Video Tags: Tags are not imperative, but rather they clearly do help. Counting a couple keywords in the label helps.

• Title: The video title is additionally a vital factor in deciding your YouTube video ranking.

• Description: Description is critical in light of the fact that that is the thing that YouTube relies on upon to figure out what your video is about.

• Thumbnails: The thumbnail makes the early introduction of your video.

• Video Transcript: YouTube utilizes the transcription to rank your video.

• Channel Authority: Channel authority can be set up with more perspectives and engagement of your audience.

• Optimize Your Video Title and Description with Relevant Keywords

• Write a 250-word description with the keywords included three to four times.

• Optimize Video Tags

• Ask Viewers to Rate and Comment on Your Video

• Use YouTube Analytics to Getting Deeper Insights Into the Performance of Your Video

How To Do YouTube Live Through Your Computer

Live streaming is the easy process for conference organizers to grow their audience, the number of people attended the conference are limited because of the expensive journey, being away from the office and home and a significant challenge to be out of town. If you would like to Live stream an event or a conference YouTube Live streaming is a brilliant, free and quick option. You can Live stream an event on YouTube using your PC. The following are the requirements and Step by Step procedure for YouTube live through Your computer.

How To YouTube Live Through Your Computer:

Equipment Need For Broadcasting:

To live to stream an event you must need a Webcam and an encoding software setting before going to start broadcasting. You will need to download the Open Broadcast Software which converts the video data into a stream on YouTube.

There are a number of YouTube encoders, YouTube allows compatible encoder you can directly record audio and video from your computer. It’s easy to work with OBS software which gives user-friendly environment.

If you would like to experiment with the camera and YouTube videos to check how detailed it can support. If you have high-speed internet you can stream the video without any doubt for video clarity.

Step By Step Procedure To Go Live on YouTube:

It is optional to add a webcam and USB microphone to your PC.

People who are using Mac the need some rejig external Cameras settings for Webcam and USB mic. USB microphone should be recommended.

If anyone not attended for an event, YouTube offers live streaming the video anywhere through social media platform you can save it and watch it for later.

The saved data or videos are listed in Your YouTube channel which is associated with Gmail account, you can watch it later when you get free time.

First, log into your YouTube Account.

Log in to the Gmail account will access to the YouTube account login. Click on “My Channel” option on top right corner of the window.

Go to the “Video Manager “ right above your banner image. You will see two options videos and playlists.

Next click on the “Live streaming “ on creator studio panel. And click on “Events ” option. You will get an option “Enable Live Events”.

Then click on “Enable Live Events” option it will send you a verification code to verify your account.

Select a verification process to like voice call or a text message to verify the account with a phone number. Enter six digit verification code.

You will see a window appearing with “Create Live Event” option. Click on “Create Live Event” option.You will see a window with basic information of the Event.

Add some basic information about the Event, add the title of the event, description of the event, set time for start and end event.

If you set it as public everybody can view the event or if you set it as private it will be available to some group of people. If you select Unlisted it’s hidden from YouTube. You must agree on the terms and conditions.

If you click on “Advanced options” you will see some more important information, it’s optional to fill the fields.

If you select the “ Private or Unlisted” we would recommend you to uncheck the promotions tab and Checklist the making video as private immediate after ending. This can be broadcasted to anyone, it is on public or private or you can send it to some selected group of people.

If you are ok with all the setting and ready to Go live click on “ Go Live Now” option to get started live on YouTube through your Computer or PC.

It will show you the confirmation message like this. If you click on “Ok “ start Live on YouTube.

It will take a bit time to load and see the option to “Start Broadcast” option to hang out with people.

Anyone looking to Go Live with YouTube to broadcast events or a music or anything that you like to broadcast just goes through this article. This is an ultimate guide how to do YouTube Live through your computer.

The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Live Chat

YouTube live chat is a default feature that becomes active when a live stream event is active. The live chat can be embedded using the video ID for the live stream. Get the video URL or the video ID and embed with the URL of the site. It is the iframe URL.

YouTube Live Chat Basics

Live chat on YouTube will be available on the right side of the video player when the live stream event is going on.

The live streaming viewers can send three messages of two hundred characters each every thirty seconds.

The submission of viewers cannot contain any special characters, web links or HTML tags.

The live chat will not be available after the event and the comments appear after the stream end below the player.

During the live streaming, live chat can be disabled anytime.

This can be done in the Stream Now option in which the ‘Enable live chat box’ has to be unchecked.

Unchecking the ‘Enable live chat’ box in the advanced settings under the Basic Info in Events disables the live chat in Events.

YouTube Live Chat Moderation

Every YouTube Live Chat session should have a moderator especially when the traffic is very high.

Moderators keep interacting with the audience and they can simply take down the comments that are not appropriate.

The users can be blocked or flagged also if their comments are inappropriate.

Moderators can be chosen among the users. Assigning moderators are simple. There is a menu next to the user name in chat.

Go to the menu and Select the option Set User as Moderator.

Spam Messages in live chat can be managed by checking the Automatically Block Spam Messages box.

YouTube Live Chat Best Practices

Here the best practices for using YouTube Live Chat

• The persons managing the live chat have to be knowledgeable about the topic of the live stream

• Live chat should provide a warm experience to the audience. Do not kill the effectiveness of the chat by being too formal and using robotic greetings.

• Using the privacy settings, it is possible to restrict the chat to only some users or to open it for all.

• Conduct question and answer session as this will help keep the audience engaged.

YouTube Live Chat Advantages

A live chat during live streaming helps in interacting with the viewer. This has become a must for broadcasters to be successful. Here are few advantages of YouTube live chat.

• Any online chat system is helpful for the customer to access help.

• The broadcaster can get instant feedback about his content.

• It is possible to answer many questions in shorts time.

• During the live chat, request the audience to like your social site pages, blog or subscribe to your YouTube channel.

• Interacting with the viewers helps to gain viewership.

• Live chat helps a lot for the businesses in communicating with the customers and this is cost effective also.

• The audience can get whatever information they want immediately by conversion directly.

• Live chat helps to build the trust and confidence of the audience.

• Businesses can collect direct feedback from their customers using live chat sessions.

The live chat feature is being used by many e-commerce sites and other business sites. This helps them to improve their business as there is scope to serve the customers immediately. This, in turn, will increase sales and conversion rates.YouTube live chat during live streaming is one of the effective ways for many to promote themselves or promoting their business in many ways.

The Ultimate Guide to Super Chat for YouTube Live Streams

Super Chat is the new feature of YouTube for monetizing live streaming of creators.

Those who want to comment on the live stream can click the dollar amount that appears in the chat window and set the dollar amount to send to the YouTuber. The more amount the viewer pays, the more time the comment will get pinned.

What is Super Chat for YouTube Live Streams?

A new revenue source is launched by YouTuber for creators.

When they go live, they can make use of the new feature which is called the super chat.

The feature helps in getting donations from the fans. The messages of the viewers who purchase super chat are pinned to the top of the chat window.

The viewers can make purchases of Super chats on Android app, from YouTube etc. Purchases on iOS are currently not available.

To purchase, the viewers have to click on the dollar sign in the live chat. If you are making the purchase on mobile, keep the mobiles in portrait mode.

Go to Send a Super Chat option.

Select the amount.

You can also enter the message.

Now select buy and send.

Follow the instruction to complete the purchasing process.

How to Monetize Live Streams with Super Chat 

The Super Chat feature announced by YouTube is similar to the Cheering Feature of Twitch.

Creators can monetize their live streams using this feature. The viewers can send a donation to the broadcaster and buy the instant message or comment.

It will be pinned and highlighted at the top of chat stream for long periods.

Usually, the comment can be seen pinned for up to five hours. Presently, this is rolled out to select partners and by the end of January broader roll out is expected.

Best Practices for Super Chat for YouTube Live Streams 

• Take care that it is not any troll that paid the money to pin hateful comments on your live streams.

• The broadcaster must first build their base prior to going live streaming.

• Choose the live streaming topic carefully. There are some types of content that help make the most money.

• Thank the viewers for the donations and respond to the comments of the audience.

• Plan streaming even in advance and let your audience know about it through a video trailer.

• Advertise on social media to let your followers know.

Making Money Using Super Chat for YouTube Live Streams 

Here is another way for YouTubers to make money.

Now the broadcasters can monetize their live streaming. The new features announced are both the creators and viewers.

The relations between the creator and his fans. Those who depend on their YouTube channels to generate revenue will get benefit from this feature.

The message or comment of the viewer who makes payment to the broadcaster will be a highlight in a different color and the comment gets pinned for up to five hours.

This way the broadcaster can check the message of those who made the payment. While the creator can generate revenue from this, the viewer can get the attention of their favorite creator.

This helps in developing connections between the favorite creators and super fans. The new feature is going to be launched on January 31 for content creators in twenty countries.

This feature will be available for viewers in not twenty countries but in forty countries.

Live streaming is becoming very popular. The latest feature announced by YouTube helps the people who live stream to earn money.This is especially good for those who have a large number of the subscribers.

How To Add Monetization To A YouTube Livestream

If you consider the past few years there is a drastic growth change in the Live streaming industry. Live streaming is one of the best digital marketing trends, which is growing faster than any other video marketing technologies.

Live video monetization is new to the people who don’t know what the technologies we used are? what is happening while Live streaming is going on?

Live Streaming is an awesome technology that can connect people and engage socially through social media networks.

Among all Social Media Networks, YouTube has a specific reach in their audience. We can Live Stream an Event through YouTube Live in two ways such as Stream Now and Events.

How To Add Monetization To a YouTube Livestream:

One of the big advantages that we can use in YouTube Live streaming is we can monetize the Live stream easily. This will help you to generate more income through YouTube ads business.

Live streaming your own event is nothing but just running your own TV station. You can include ads before, in between or after the video playing.

One of the best advantages of Life streaming your footage is you can sell it to the brands for pay per view. Let us check the process how to add monetization to a YouTube Live stream.

First “Sign In” to your YouTube Accounts. First Enable the Monetization options ans then create a event.

Go to the “Creator Studio” and Go to Your “Channel” you will find some “Enable” options for your YouTube account.

Choose “Monetization” and turn On “Enable” option for your Live stream.

Click on “Start” for joining YouTube Partnership program for getting revenue from your videos.

Once if you have created Adsense Account, then now Go to the “Live Events” enable Live Events page.

Go to the “Edit” option same like your regular video uploading you will find “Monetization” option just beside “advanced settings”.

If you click on “Monetization” just enable “Monetization for all countries” and make sure that click on “Save” option.

Once your setup is done click on “Start stream”.

In another way You can before “preview is played”, click on Insert.

Move on to the “stream Now Page”, before going to start Streaming choose “Monetization”.

Under the Monetization click on “Monetization with ads”.

If your streaming starts click “play ads” in after playing starts or in between the video or at the end of the video.

The above is an simple guide for “How to Add Monetization to your YouTube Livestream”, to get more revenue with AdSense account.

Guide to YouTube Live Stream Metrics

YouTube live streaming can be done using the Stream or the Events options. Live stream metrics are shown differently depending on what option the publisher chose. Here is how the YouTube Live Metrics can be seen when using Stream Now option.

The publisher can get the live steam metrics data by living, on demand and Live and On-demand. The YouTube Analytics options in Overview are the place to get this data. During the stream, the publisher can see how many viewers are watching the video at a given time. The highest number of concurred viewers during streaming is known as peak concurrent. The live streaming user can also see the number of live chat message per minute data.

Live Stream metrics on YouTube can be downloaded as CSV file after the live stream ends. This data will be available for up to three days. Go to the YouTube Analytics, enter the video ID and get the data.

For events, Live streaming metrics can be seen in Live Control Room. Live Control Room displays a graph that shows the metrics of recent one day. The data can be downloaded when the event ends. The metrics that you can see are stream status, average live view duration, total view time, concurrent viewers and playback. A number of messages in the live chat for every minute can also be seen here.

It is necessary to monitor the YouTube live stream metrics and takes necessary actions during or after the live streaming which may sometimes help for the future live streams. Customer satisfaction is the main concern for companies and a poor streaming video performance can damage the image of the brand. The audience may start leaving a video if they are not satisfied with the quality. Thus focus on providing the best video streaming performance by tracing the metrics and doing the needful.

Guide to Create Highlight Clips for YouTube Live

Highlight clips are those that created after the live streaming is over. These are the edited version of the live stream, and it is shortened to share with the audience. Highlight creating methods are different for both Stream Now and Events options. Here both the processes are explained in brief.

When ‘Stream Now’ option used for the live stream, YouTube detects the frame rate and resolution of the stream. During live streaming choose the Create Highlight option that is present below the player. Get Player Time option is used to start and end of the clip time. Processing the highlight clip is done by clicking on the ‘Upload’ option. In this way, you can create some multiple highlight clips during the live stream. The processed clips can see in the Video Manager Upload section. Similar to other videos, the metadata and the custom thumbnails added to these clips before sharing.

If you are using Events for live streaming, do not enable ‘Archive Recording’. Mark the starting and endpoints off on the preview player timeline with Create Highlight option. The clips are then ‘Uploaded’ for processing. Any number of highlight clips can create in this method. Find the uploaded processed files in Video Manager and add metadata and custom thumbnail to them.

Highlight clips of live streaming attract thousands of viewers. Highlight clips also have a long shelf life. After creating the highlight clips, fill the necessary fields such as title, description, privacy settings, tags, etc. To maximize the views Add a catchy title, use all the keywords necessary to get high rank on social networking sites and choose the category to reach the target audience. These highlight clips can share on social network platforms, and official websites are can also be included in emails.

How to Live Stream Pre-recorded Video in a YouTube Live

Live video live streaming ranks higher in search results than other videos. Many may not know but pre-recorded content can be used to set up live stream event to rank higher. Wirecast can be used to stream pre-recorded content on YouTube Live. This is a very lengthy and multi-step process. Live Stream Pre-recorded Video in a YouTube live can be found here.

To do the live streaming of pre-recorded content on YouTube Live, the ‘Live’ streaming feature needs to be enabled. Encoding software is downloaded to start the streaming. The content can be captured by the software. The content can be from the desktop, camera, microphone etc and is sent to YouTube live.

We all know about streaming on YouTube Live. There may be some situations where prerecorded content should be made a part of the live video. Wirecast and Wirecast Pro allow the live and motion overlays on live content. Wirecast uses layers concept in the video. Live video feed is the main layer for a broadcast.

Layer 1 is the uppermost layer where the material that should always be visible like the company logo is in this layer. Live video feed is usually in the third layer. Extra video material, background images go in layer 4 and audio is in layer 5. Wirecast standard and Pro versions are available and the decision about the version needs to be taken based on the nature of the broadcast. It is possible to change between live and recorded video and also to record the content in retrievable file formats.

The process of broadcasting with prerecorded content can be made simple of challenging by the encoder being used. There are some tools available such as Wirecast, vMix, VidBlaster.

To stream on YouTube Live, enable the ‘Live streaming’ feature and push the pre-recorded video file. Check the supported media encoders that should be used. After setting up the stream, the pre-recorded content can be stream event as a real live event.

10 Killer Ways to Increase YouTube Live Streaming Viewers

What benefits does YouTubers get from live streaming?

There are many including increasing engagement of the audience, holding live questions and answer sessions. There are endless other possibilities. We all know we have to make a little effort to make the YouTube channels success and such efforts are also needed to increase the audience for your live stream.

  1. Promote your live streaming. At the end of videos in your channel, remind the audience about upcoming live streaming.
  2. Use your YouTube channels about page to inform the audience about the live streaming schedule.
  3. Also give the live streaming schedule details on social media pages, websites and blogs.
  4. Get people excited about the live streaming with teasers, posts about it on social media and telling them how much fun or information they can get by watching the live streaming.
  5. A few hours before the live streaming begins, post the link on social media. live streaming reminds the viewers, and new viewers can also know about it and join the live stream.
  6. Take advantage of the live stream and answer the questions. Make them engaged so that they will come back for your future live streams.
  7. Be consistency, so that people may get back to watch your live streams.
  8. Host the live streaming in the middle of the week which proved to bring more audience.
  9. People can come and watch the streams.
  10. When you post the schedule for live streaming, stick to it.

Live streaming helps in keeping touch with the audience and interact with them directly. This also lets to build the channel brand. Think of simple ways that help to gain viewers and make live streaming success. The success of it, however, depends on how interesting the topic is and how easy it is to watch the event.


Following these tips and steps will help you to rank your videos higher on YouTube. Anyway, what do you think? Are your videos optimized for YouTube? Which of these practices will be best for your YouTube video ranking? You can comment underneath to share your own particular strategies for the better YouTube video optimization.

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