The Ultimate Guide to using YouTube Live to Engage Your Audience

Livestreaming is the hottest trend to connect customers and brands. For many marketing professionals and entrepreneurs looking to keep up with emerging tools to build better video marketing strategies. YouTube has billions of audiences worldwide, and users do Live stream easily and quickly way. Brands want to interact with your audience in real-time, Live Stream is the right choice to create direct engagement. It offers millions of hours of video content, and YouTube Live remains the surprisingly underused broadcast channel to inspire viewers and brands to build content.

Plan your live Stream content and Discovery:

Live-stream video combines few successful methods of engaging with your audience and various innovative opportunities to engage a step further. There are a lot of things to do before and after the Live broadcast. Many factors should be considered for understanding and measuring the ROI that makes sense for your brands.

Know the Purpose:

Know the purpose of broadcasting why should you Stream Live. For example, are you broadcasting for generation leads, for audience engagement, and improved sales? and more

Choose the Types of Video Format:

The content broadcaster must choose what type of video content. For example, Q&A sessions, Behind the Scene, How-to Videos, etc.

Considering the Right platform:

Multiple platforms exist in the market to Live stream, each with its advantages. Facebook Live, Instagram, etc.

Craft the Call to Action:

While creating the content, you must focus on creating a strong Call to Action for your Live. If you would like to reach more audience, ask the viewers and share with your loyal audience.

Promote the scheduled Broadcast:

You want as many of your fans as possible to know that you are going live, on which platform. Make sure to cross-promote your Live event on various channels.

How to start streaming with YouTube Live?

YouTube Live streaming had become the most popular form of online content. It is a great way to interact with the audience in real-time. More brands and influencers are using YouTube Live for generating huge engagement and more leads.

Every YouTube Live streamer installs the OBS encoding software, which is available for free. OBS is open-source software specially designed to be very powerful and relatively easy to use, stream from your desktop to YouTube.

The basic concepts include in the YouTube Live Streaming is:

  • First, get ready with YouTube Stream Key.
  • Make sure to set up with the video Encoding Software.
  • Include your stream information on YouTube.
  • Finally, Go live with your stream.

How to create a YouTube live stream Through Mobile Devices?

Live streaming on YouTube will help brands to make personal connections with their audience. Nowadays, going live on YouTube through mobile applications is quite popular. Here is the guide and basic requirements you must follow when you are going Live with YouTube using the mobile app.

The YouTube channel that you want to go Live will need at least 1,000 subscribers. After getting the 1,000 subscribers for your channel, wait for access to mobile live streaming and even need to verify your YouTube channel.

  • First, open the mobile app on your mobile phone or Tablet.
  • Tap on the Capture icon from the top right corner and choose Go Live.
  • Fill in the necessary data like title, privacy settings.
  • If you are first-time Live streaming through your mobile devices, you must wait for up to 24 hours for link approval.
  • Then follow the prompts to start Live.
  • To schedule the Live for a later purpose, then tap on the more options.
  • Enable the other requirements like age restrictions, live chat, and tap Next.
  • Finally, Tap the Go Live. After finishing your Live and click on Finish.

Tips for using YouTube Live:

Setting up the live Stream is all about gathering all the required equipment and make sure that everything is ready to Go Live. Here is the list of best YouTube Live streaming tips for both personal and business use.

  • Respond to the comments in live.
  • Look at the camera angles, not at the monitor.
  • Include an extra guest or Host.
  • Live stream to more than one platform.
  • Be consistent when you Go Live.
  • Write some text on the screen.
  • Share your Live Stream links on Facebook groups.
  • If possible, have someone monitor the Livestream.
  • Make sure to record your Live show for later purposes.
  • Monitor your screens with an external display.
  • Give yourself a lot of prep before Live.
  • Spend a lot of extra time adding audio.
  • Make sure of the availability of Bandwidth.

YouTube Live video ideas:

Here is the list of YouTube Live stream ideas for the brands and marketers.

  • Announce your New Product Releases
  • Share Breaking News
  • Collaborate with the Influencers
  • Cooking demonstrations.
  • Q&A session in your Industry topics.
  • Conducting a mini webinar.
  • Sharing the Reviews about movies, TV shows, technology.
  • Live Workout sessions
  • Unboxing something in Live.
  • Sharing a case study of your Client.
  • Hosting the Giveaway contest
  • Invite people to be local or online events.

Why should I go live on YouTube?

The audience cares a lot about Live streaming, playing a bigger part in this digital society. Brands can be more focusing on Facebook Live as it even gets bigger. YouTube Live streaming is more essential because marketers can develop good video marketing strategies for their business.

It improves the Message Clarity:

A single image says thousand of million words. Video messages offer brands the chance to leverage the better messages and context to emotions.

Potential Marketing strategies:

Viewers may get a more engaging and interactive experience through the Live videos. Brands can get a chance to showcase the behind the scenes clips through Live streaming.

Improved Customer Service:

YouTube Live Q&A sessions can help the brands to showcase their authentic, transparent and trustworthy are the vital ingredients for a successful video marketing strategy. YouTube Live streaming is the pure way for great customer services.

Announce the New Product Launches:

Brands and businesses can take advantage of the new product release, and it will be a more excellent way to boost the conventions and also convert customers to potential leads.

Share the Breaking News:

In real-time marketing strategies, brands can share their most significant announcements through Live streaming. This is the traditional platform for evergreen storytelling.

Types of YouTube live Stream:

Not all the live streams are the same. As per the study, we can offer two major types of live streams for the business. One is simple Streaming, and the other one is customized streaming.

When it comes to simple Live streaming can be done through Webcams. Just with a simple internet connection and laptop, users can Go Live on YouTube. Ensure that your YouTube channel must cross the more than 1,000 subscribers and get verified for your YouTube channel. To present a Simple live stream, Smartphones are the best options for broadcasting. Organize simple and engaging live streams through mobile phones.

On the other hand, Customized Live streams are challenging when compared to simple live streams. Customized Live streams need encoder software that allows you to share the content through multiple cameras and microphones. OBS must be installed on your devices for customized live streaming, and a record of your podcast can be visually delivered through these encoders.


YouTube Live streaming makes the online video more interactive and a unique experience. YouTube Live streaming is the way to stand out from the crowd and draw a crowd. Hopefully, the above-motioned guide can help everyone to broadcast your live videos successfully on YouTube.

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