YouTube Video Transcripts

Step by Step Secret Guide to Create YouTube Video Transcripts

YouTube Video Transcripts are the text of what is said in the video. Transcription is one simplest ways to create captions. Transcripts are more useful for videos that are not more than one hour long. Transcription of videos is easy if the sound quality of the video is good. The transcript file is usually in the same language that is spoken in the video.

What are YouTube Video Transcripts?

Transcripts are text versions of the video content. The YouTube videos are overseen to create the transcript files. Timecodes are also added to find when the particular sentence spoken in the video easily. Transcription of a video file helps to provide specific information about the video content to Google so that the search engine knows what is there in the video and this is good for SEO. Create the Transcription file of a YouTube video, log into your YouTube account and go to My Videos. Find the video and then the captions and subtitles file can be uploaded to YouTube.

How to Create the Transcript of a YouTube Video

To create a transcript of a YouTube file, the first thing to do is to type the text of what is there in the video. This text file saves in .txt file format. Notepad or TextEdit programs on the computer can work for this purpose. Start a new caption with the blank line. To designate the music, laughter, or other sounds, use square brackets.

Uploading YouTube Video Transcripts Files

Subtitles and closed captions file contain the text that is spoken in the video and also the time codes for each line of text. Only the file formats supported by YouTube can upload. The basic file formats uploaded are the .srt, .sbv or .sub and .mpsub files. Make sure that the subtitles and closed captions file format supported. If the video and the transcript are in a non-English language, choose the language you want to create. Now go to the Actions menu and click on the Upload a File option. Also, choose the type of file. Go to Choose File now and then click on Upload. If any adjustments needed to the text make them by using the editor and finally selects the Publish option.

Tools to Create YouTube Video Transcripts

InqScribe is a transcription software that runs on Mac or Windows systems. The hardware requirements are 32 GB hard disk space, 64 GB RAM and 1024 x 768 screen resolution. The YouTube videos can be played and the transcription can be typed in the same window. Timecodes can be inserted in the transcript.

SpeakerText is another software for YouTube video transcription. YouTube library can be connected with SpeakerText in simple steps and then the transcription can be done easily.

Transcribeme is another tool for YouTube video transcription. There is an audio player that is integrated with the text editor and both appear on the same screen. Transcribing YouTube videos is also much easier with transcriber. The YouTube link can be directly loaded.

Use Hypertranscribe software for converting YouTube video files. YouTube itself can create transcription file for an uploaded video. The YouTube video page should be opened in chrome. Click the CC button in the player. If the button is there a transcribed text file can be downloaded.

EasyTranscript is a free video transcription software which comes with timestamp and shorthand features. This is available as an installer and portable version. ClipFlair Studio is another free video transcription software that also helps in transcribing streaming online videos. Transana is another free video transcription software.

This is why your videos aren’t performing

  • You didn’t create a video transcript first
  • You’re not showing up on hashtags for your service or product
  • Your video’s thumbnail is uninteresting/ugly
  • You’re using a cheap camera and editing software to shoot and edit your video

Are you publishing YouTube videos but not getting the results you wanted?

  • Consistently write down what your video is about before you go live
  • Have a thumbnail that directly matches the topic of your video
  • Link your channel to your website
  • Target your audience. Don’t just shout into the void.

Advantages of YouTube Video Transcripts

  • A YouTube video transcript is more helpful and convenient for the audience
  • Transcribing a video and adding it to the description can increase view time
  • The added text can increase SEO rankings when optimized correctly as well as boosting your website traffic
  • Allows for quick lead generation
  • Potential customers to see your video content with or without sound
  • The search engines can index the content of your videos faster, making it easier for people to find you through a search engine when they are looking for relevant information that is in your video transcript
  • You can use YouTube as an SEO tool
  • Use YouTube Analytics to understand better how you are reaching your audience and what they want.
  • Customize based on website visitors
  • Save time in formatting a video transcript
  • Save money and upload it to your website or blog
  • Write SEO content and more traffic to your site
  • Google ranks videos with transcripts higher
  • People that like the video may read out of curiosity
  • The transcript can be attached to blog content
  • Potential Traffic and Leads
  • Information Is Easy to Digest
  • It Is A Creative Way to Convert Customers into Buying (online)
  • Easy to monitor how well your sales copy is performing.
  • You can provide customers with additional information about certain services or products they may be interested in purchasing.
  • Video Transcripts, to an extent, can be directly used for SEO purposes
  • An auto-generated transcript can be used as your SEO
  • Improve keyword rank
  • Increase traffic
  • They are a cheaper option than YouTube ads
  • You have control of the message you are delivering
  • There is more brand safety
  • Video info is printed
  • Users can read the information offline
  • Links are available from the print
  • The content is indexed by search engine
  • Audiences can share the text on social media
  • You can add transcripts to all your videos, regardless of language
  • Transcripts are easy to create with the YouTube Editor
  • Transcripts help viewers find videos while browsing
  • You can use transcripts to drive and direct potential customers to your website
  • Feel free to add more content
  • Writing a transcript improves the SEO of your video
  • It is accessible to everyone online
  • Can be read and used by search engines, therefore giving your video an edge over other videos in SEO
  • It is an excellent tool for people who are hearing impaired or illiterate
  • YouTube originally intended for a personal video.
  • Animated Transcripts allow you to tap into new audiences
  • It provides native ads
  • Faster loading time, no buffering
  • You can be found by new customers
  • You can create your own video transcript using the YouTube application or a 3rd party Google or other similar video transcript application.
  • Enables people to understand the contents of your video in another language
  • They help people find your video more easily
  • Transcription makes your content accessible to everyone
  • It Saves Traffic
  • It Gives the Reader Time to Read
  • You Can Add a CTA Button at the End of the Video
  • Convert more traffic to leads
  • Easy-to-use feature for Explorer and Creator viewers
  • Better customer experience with your videos
  • Build trust with viewers
  • Make the content more accessible
  • Create a great user experience for your videos
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