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30 Different Ways to Promote Your YouTube News Channel

YouTube can be used by different people for different purposes and this includes business, individual, or product promotion. We can see different types of videos on YouTube and these include how-to videos, product description videos, music, dance, exercises, etc. YouTube videos are created to reach the target audience to increase engagement. One of the popular videos categories on YouTube is news. Here are few tips that help to promote your YouTube news channel.

YouTube News Channel

1. To get instant recognition for your News channel, use the YouTube cards feature.

2. Optimize each video using search engine optimization to get more YouTube views.

3. Even before the YouTube news channel promotion is started, there must be some interesting videos in the channel. Do not forget that whatever the type of videos, hey will be noticed if the content is good.

4. The content of the videos can be very great but there is a need to promote and market them. One of the ways is to use the social media for your news channel promotion.

5. The more subscribers your news channel has, the more hits your videos will receive. It is not difficult to get views and subscribers. Offering unique video content is one of the reasons for the viewers to follow you.

6. Do not post the same content on different social media platforms as this can discourage the viewers from following your news channel on both the platforms.

7. Take full advantage of the social media sites and write great portfolio about your news channel on these sites.

8. Post the links to your videos on the social media sites whenever possible.

9. Check the most popular videos on your channel and make a playlist of them.

10. If you own a YouTube news channel, use the trending hash tags so that your videos get instant exposure.

11. While promoting your News channel on social media will give effective results, there is another powerful marketing tool for this purpose and it is email.

12. Provide Live Events if possible.

13. You can have a blog to attract the traffic and can also use it to promote your videos.

14. Let people who visit your blog know that you also have a YouTube channel.

15. Use catchy headlines to your videos in YouTube channel.

16. Ask the viewers to subscribe to your News channel through call-to-action.

17. Create a great trailer for your YouTube channel.

18. Follow a regular schedule to upload your videos.

19. Engage your viewers by keeping contact with them. Ask them questions, reply to them and respond to their comments and queries.

20. Running contests can be fun and engaging. Ask questions about current affairs and other trendy topics. Encourage them to participate in the contest.

21. Creating a Facebook page for your YouTube News Channel helps for the organic reach of the posts.

22. Joining the partner’s program of YouTube can help your videos get promoted.

23. Take advantage of the branding options.

24. Another marketing opportunity for promoting YouTube news channel videos is to attach them to the email signature.

25. The keywords for videos in the news channel must be carefully chosen as this help to rank higher in the search results.

26. Choose thumbnails for your videos carefully.

27. Be active and comment on the videos of others.

28. You can advertise your channel offline as well if you have a budget.

29. Guest writing for other news blogs, magazines etc will give you more exposure.

30. Promote your channel through Paid Adverting.

Like any other category of YouTube videos, News videos also need to be promoted and marketed well too for the success of the YouTube channel. Following the above might help to increase your views and subscriptions.

Ways to promote your YouTube News Channel

  • Upload videos regularly
  • Create a YouTube channel cover image that reflects your content
  • Add a link to your website or other social media accounts in the “About” section of your channel
  • Use keyword tags and titles for each video so people can find them more easily on search engines
  • Encourage viewers to subscribe by including links to their channels at the end of every video
  • Promote your channel on social media
  • Invite influencers to be guests on your show
  • Share your videos with other YouTube channels and ask them to share their videos with you as well
  • Create a blog post about the latest news in your industry
  • Create a catchy title for your channel
  • Promote it on other social media platforms
  • Update the description to include information about what kind of content you will be posting and when updates will happen
  • Add links to your social media accounts in the description so that viewers can follow you there, too
  • Add a link to your YouTube channel in the bio section of your Twitter account
  • Share your videos on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram
  • Create a blog post with links to all of your latest videos, which you can then share on social media sites
  • Submit content to relevant subreddits or other online communities that are related to what you’re posting about
  • Interact with other channels in your niche to get subscribers and views
  • Use hashtags on your videos for the best chance at being seen by new people
  • Create video thumbnails that are eye-catching, interesting, and relevant to the content of the video
  • Promote your YouTube account on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter
  • Make sure your videos are relevant to the channel’s theme
  • Share links to your videos on other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Promote your YouTube Channel on other websites like Reddit or Digg
  • Create a blog post about why you started the channel and what it offers viewers


If you don’t have an idea to make promotions after launching YouTube news channel and you want to get the extraordinary success in short period. Then it’s the time to explore your channel by following all these tips.

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