Addicted to YouTube

16 Signs You Might Be Addicted to YouTube

Social Media had become a part of our lives with the smart devices and technologies. Many people love the social networks because of new interactions, content, and their favourites. Sometimes people automatically Addicted to YouTube while watching videos continuously.

Sometimes the interest crosses the limits and leads to addiction towards the social networks like YouTube, Facebook etc. It is good to know about Addicted to YouTube to control the extremities. So, here are some things which reveal that you are addicted to the YouTube platform.

Here we go.

Check yourself with the following points and know yourself

16 Signs You Might Be Addicted to YouTube

  • Instead of doing other works, you are simply watching YouTube
  • If you are prefer watching YouTube to TV
  • You have subscribed to more than 100 channels
  • If you have your favourite YouTube as your lock screen image
  • If you are running a YouTube fan account
  • If you are curious about the new comments and conversations of your favourite YouTuber
  • Following Youtubers on other social networks
  • Finding their homes and address on Google
  • Watching YouTube before going to bed
  • Following Youtuber interviews on television
  • Building fan club on your favourite channel
  • Trying to meet your favorite Youtuber and have been in search for opportunity
  • Posters all over your room
  • Discussing your favourite YouTube show with your friends more often
  • Waiting impatiently for new video and trying refresh button anxiously

YouTube is the biggest destination for video search, and it is the platform which allows the users, marketers, individuals to meet some millions of audience across the globe. Many brands have got succeed with the YouTube advertising with the support of the YouTube, Channel manager.

A YouTube channel Manager manages the YouTube channel by efficient management of the team from creators to promoters of the channel. YouTube channel manager plays a vital duty to achieve success on YouTube.

General duties of a YouTube channel manager

Getting content from the creators

YouTube channel manager receive and proofread the content that was submitted by the content creators. He will proofread the general structure and other things in video that was offered by the creators.

Following up new content

The YouTube channel manager follow up the new content by analyzing the latest topics and trending content across the web. YouTube channel manager will have great skill in generating the new concepts to create the compelling content. He will search in various places and sources that are relevant to the channel’s agenda and passes the content to the content creator’s team under his supervision.

Coordinating with video editing team

The YouTube channel manager coordinates with the video editing team and also supports them by suggesting some ideas related to the content. The video editing team edits the content accordingly to make a final shape of video.

Coordinating with graphic designers for creating thumbnails

The YouTube channel managers coordinate with the graphic designers and have to generate best thumbnails by managing the team. The thumbnails are best and first impression on viewers. So, Manager will give specific instructions on thumbnail creation and creates proper thumbnails for the Videos.

Coordinating with the content writing team

He will coordinate with the group of the writer to produce engaging and unique content. Content must be attractive and compelling to the readers for better understanding. He must check all the data and reports given by the chief writer and proceeds.

Coordinating with the SEO team

The channel manager coordinates with the team of SEO’s to get higher rankings in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. SEO plays a vital role to build the channel name into an audience. So, the manager makes a complete set of criteria that was required to channel growth.

Coordinating with encoding team, social media promotion and QC team

He coordinates with the encoding team and manages the process in a perfect way and also look after the performance of the social media promotion and QC team duties to drive the channel in success path.


If anybody who are browsing the internet they surf for keywords one is YouTube and another one is Google. People get connected to YouTube for videos and other stuff. The above article gives you a guide why people are addicted to YouTube. You can check yourself to know the reasons.

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