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The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Chime – Business Video Conferencing

You might hear a lot about the amazon’s services and Amazon chime is one such service in communications. Amazon always comes up with new technologies and features to its users.

What is Amazon Chime?

It is somewhat uncomfortable and unorganized to conduct meetings on time if you are running an IT or any other business. The Amazon Chime is a unified communication service which is very secure and builds the communication in real-time with your people. The service can deliver high-quality video and audio using an application. It is effortless to use and compatible across almost every smart device.

Get started with Amazon Chime

You just need an Amazon Chime account to get started with the application. You can be a user or administrator by choosing your account type. If you are a user of Amazon chime, then if you have any invitation to join in meeting you can simply join the communication. If you like to administrate your team or enterprise and want to manage the meetings in your company as an administrator of your company, you can simply choose the administrator account from Amazon Chime.

What are the general system requirements needed for Amazon Chime?

Windows from 32 bit to 64 bit 7 to 10 are compatible with the Amazon Chime. When comes to hardware, a good quality microphone and webcam is all you required.

You will need an NET4.0 full profile client. For screen sharing and display settings, you need to adjust to 100% and set to Non aero and aero type of themes.

It also supports Mac OS, Android OS 3.0 and later, iOS 9.0 and higher.

How to create Amazon Chime Account?

You can create two type of account on Amazon Chime. One is AWS account and the second one is Enterprise account.

AWS account creation

Go to AWS page on Amazon and signup by choosing AWS account by following simple user-friendly instructions.

After creation of AWS account, you can select either create a team or create enterprise account. So AWS is the basic signup to make your choice.

What is the main difference between Team account and Enterprise account?

The Team account is the easiest way to manage the Amazon Chime users as you will not need to claim your domain and you can also invite the users from any email domain with ease.

When comes to enterprise account, you have more control over users which is required to prove the domain of your company.

Accounts creation

Open the AWS console by logging into the account with your credentials. After that, create team or enterprise account on your choice.

Features of Amazon Chime

User invitations

Bothe enterprise and team account holders can invite the users via AWS console by choosing the Amazon Chime.

The team account holders can invite users from users page. They can simply enter the mail address of concerned users.

When comes to enterprise account, they can setup and organize the users within an organization to setup an Amazon Chime account in order to receive the invite.

Both account holders can also remove and suspend the users.

Connect with ease

Amazon Chime users can join meetings with ease, you can easily join as an anonymous user.

Personalized meeting link, contacts and scheduling

Users can create personalized meeting link where they can save with a name. Users can also add the contacts and can also collaborate with their colleagues. They can also schedule the meetings.

Auto call meeting feature

Users can join a meeting by setting up the auto-call feature. The notification will be received in a dialog box. They can also join using the mobile application. They can simply choose to use my audio option.

Users can also join the meeting using an in-room video conference system by dialing into the Amazon chime bridge by entering the ten digit ID for the meeting.

Join the meeting without Amazon chime app

If you didn’t install the Amazon chime app, you can still join the meeting in calendar invite and can access the shared screens in your browser.

You can simply join the meeting in three ways without installing the Amazon Chime app.

You can join the meeting by choosing the join meeting option by choosing the browser prompt. You can join the meeting from the Amazon Chime website without the app. The final way is to join the meeting using dial-in-number.

Best features of Amazon Chime

The Amazon Chime Roster can help the users to know who is on call and who is using the video and much more. The users who are late in meeting and who left the meeting can be listed separately.

Chatting with users, just like group messaging, the message you have typed can be visible to all attendees in the meeting.

The messages can be included with the file attachments an and emojis just like Skype.

There is also an option for saving the messages by simply clicking CTRL+A.

Users can host a meeting and schedule using calendar app, Google calendar, Outlook.

You can also start an instant call and meeting

Schedule the best practices and can also assign to the delegates.

Amazon Chime Advantages for Business

• Easy video and audio conferences. No need of long PINs. Best quality meetings.

• Sometimes while in an online conference meeting, the noise or external disturbances form any attendees can disturb the things. So, no need of multiple requests to slow down the noise. You can simply mute the noise.

• No investment required for businesses.

• Simplified Dialing in meetings

• Visual roster and mobile built

• Easy collaboration

• Easy scheduling

The Amazon Chime has become the biggest competitor to the Skype platform. The seamless synchronization, comfortable conferencing and with unique and specialized features, the Amazon Chime has become the most comfortable way of going with business meetings and conferences. It has created a big virtual conference room for entrepreneurs and users.

At present Chime is offering one to one video chatting, messaging and thirty-day message and chat history for free. It is planning a chime plus which unlocks additional unique and interesting features like remote desktop control and screen sharing and many other of features with just $2.50 per month.

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