B2B Video Marketing Strategy

B2B Video Marketing Strategy: Best Practices For B2B Video Marketing

Video marketing is very crucial for any business. Including video in the digital marketing strategy is giving positive results, according to the marketers. Video engages the audience more than text content. B2B marketers can include video content which is informative, entertaining, compel action by the viewer and is of right-sized to get positive results with their marketing strategy.

B2B Video Marketing Strategy

It is beneficial for the B2B marketers to incorporate video content into their marketing strategy. It is because more than ninety percent of the customers watch online videos. Forty-three percent of people search for online videos for products and other services. One the more important thing is that most marketing professionals include video in their marketing strategy.

Videos are powerful tools and can deliver the message more strongly. Videos increase engagement, and the B2B marketers can make the audience take some actions after watching the video. Videos can be used to communicate directly with the audience. Face to face interaction to connect personally with the clients is possible with video marketing. A well planned B2B video marketing strategy can generate qualified leads and engagement. Brand identity can be enhanced and SEO efforts can be improved and all this can create revenue.

5 Tips for B2B Video Marketing

A successful B2B video marketing strategy must define goals and objectives. It is not about high production cost but it is important to understand the audience to decide which type of video content needs to be produced. Here are few tips for successful B2B video marketing.

  1. The length of the video matters and the B2B video marketing content should not exceed two minutes. Unless the video contains lots of technical details, the best length is not more than ninety seconds.
  2. Keep the audience engaged with the storytelling technique. Instead of describing a product show the actual product in action to the audience this can effectively increase the views.
  3. Decide what social platforms are used for promoting the video content.
  4. Have a strategy for releasing the video content.
  5. Different kinds of video content that can make are the customer testimonials, product demonstration videos, tutorials, interviews, case studies, webinars, event videos and video blogs.

Using YouTube for B2B Video Marketing

Video can effectively deliver the message and tell a story easily than a written post. B2B marketers can share relevant content on YouTube such as product demonstrations, how-to videos, case studies, conferences, events, etc.

Posting the video on YouTube does not automatically bring likes, views, and shares. It should be made to be searchable. Write a proper description of the video, give the perfect title, and use the relevant keywords. Create a YouTube channel for your brand. Track the analytics to determine how the videos are performing. The most important thing is to create great content. The videos should be of great quality so that they are ranked high in search results.

Using Facebook for B2B Video Marketing

Most businesses now have a presence on Facebook. Facebook allows B2B marketers to target a specific audience. The Facebook advertising costs are cheaper, and the targeting capabilities are beautiful. B2B marketers can use Facebook for video marketing ass they can laser target the advertisements. The Retargeting option of Facebook can be used to show ads to people who already visited the specific URL. This will encourage the people who did not finish the process in their first visit.

Facebook serves the goal of lead generation better. Facebook is video-friendly, and the B2B marketers can use Facebook to generate leads by using tactics such as offering incentives for their video advertising.

A Video Advertising Checklist For B2B Brands

B2B Brands must remember that video advertising online is not to sell but to inform, entertain and increase brand awareness. The goal of any video advertising online is to influence the buying decision of the prospective customer. A call to action included in the video content must take the visitor to content that provides detailed information, a software download, etc. to educate the buyer more about the product or service. Here is the checklist to create B2B Brands engaging in video advertising.

• Check which leads the audience to the site. It can be the Facebook page, website, or the video channel.

• Try to understand why the viewer arrived at the video

• Say something worthy in the beginning of the video to keep the viewer hooked.

• Let the visitors know that you value their time and attention and provide them with the thing expecting which they are here.

• Define the target audience and also define the goal of  video advertising.

• For professional-looking video ads, hire professionals, and set a firm delivery date.

• Remember, the look and feel of the video ad depends on how much is spent on it.

• Adding 3D animations or graphics gives the ad a great look but this is expensive as well.

• Maximize the information conveyed in the visuals and minimize the words that the visitor has to listen.

• Use the video content intelligently. Have plans to distribute it and also to re-use it.

B2B Brands should create useful video ads for the customers. Measure the viewers engagement with analytics and determine what is working and what is not. Understand what the viewers want and create videos to reach their expectations. Optimize video advertising to get more value for the money invested.

Best Practices For B2B YouTube Marketing Strategy

Digital marketers consider (and it is already proved) that YouTube is the hidden gem in digital marketing.   This fact is substantiated by statistics indicating that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine (immediately after Google).  The plus point for YouTube is it is offering the information through videos as well. B2B YouTube Marketing Strategy can be found here.

Few facts about the popularity indicate that a) there more than 1 billion users are visiting this channel every month, b) over 6 billion hours of video watched every month, c) more than 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute.  All these indicate that there is huge potential for markets on this ever increasing popular platform in the field of digital marketing.

B2B is a concept where one business is in dialogue with another business. This is typically applicable in relations like job work, manufacturer-dealer, manufacturer-distributor etc.

To take the maximum advantage of this wonderful marketing tool, the marketers need to adopt some best practices to ensure that their B2B YouTube marketing strategy is a grand success.

a) Identify potential viewers.

b) Prepare the content suiting the requirements of the targeted audience.

c) Provide proper and accurate credentials.

d) Provide and update the contact information on each page of the content.

e) Provide provision for feedback through comments/likes/remarks.

f) Answer the queries raised by the users within a reasonable time.

g) The schedule visits the site and maintains the schedules.

h) Present best quality output to the audience.

i) Constantly update the content suiting the requirements of the viewers.

j) Have required quantum of patience till you get the required level of traffic.

k) Monitor the visits using the inbuilt features of YouTube.

l) Constant follow up with prospective customers.

m) Convert the visits (to the site) to purchase decision.

The digital marketer has to ensure that the proper content as published on his site is having required traffic as well as constant efforts to convert the visits to purchase decision.

10 Ways To Supercharge Your B2B Video Marketing

Video marketing has several different ways to implement and carry like from featured product videos to the explainer videos for various purposes. When it comes to video marketing for B2B companies, the lead generation for the companies is like a mystery, and there is a need to explore the different ways of video marketing that are effective and result oriented for the B2B companies. Here are some ten ways to supercharge your B2B video marketing.

1. Build social relations

The majority of the B2B marketers are using social media as a broadcasting tool, but it is not at all a good way to go. Start focusing the social media on influencing the people with definitive prospects for your video marketing. Utilize the LinkedIn and other professional networks to build a strong identity of your network which helps you to build the trust with the relations.

2. Webinars

In most of the lead generation environments, the most important thing is to educate the people with the events like seminars, webinars etc. it ca turn as a powerful trust building asset if you done it in a right way with video.

3. Go with different videos for different topics

It is better to go with the different types of videos for different niches you are dealing with. Try creating the videos that targeting the awareness in the people about your product. Try customer support and other information related video content that is useful to the people.

4. Utilize the video as a marketing tool

Improve the efficiency of creating the video content for marketing your product. Don’t do over promote the things for your marketing.

5. Go with live streaming

Try a live streaming session about your company products and build interaction with the audience in real time. Get suggestions and comments from the people which can helps you to know about the positive and negative side things.

6. Be informative

Your B2B video must be informative and have to focus on the subject as main. It is very important to deliver the information to the people what exactly you expect to deliver.

7. Follow good story telling in your video

Your video must not be very boring to the audience. So make it interactive, bright and colourful which can attract the audience attention.

8. Quality

Maintain good quality video and many companies just focus on the picture quality rather than the audio quality. But, audio is also an important factor if you want your video to be successful in marketing. So check your audio quality and move further.

9. Relevant

Don’t skip your relevancy while marketing your product using the video. Stay with your topics and what you want to convey to the audience with your video. So, don’t go to other topics in your video by keeping it relevant.

10. Insider and brand differentiation videos

Go with the videos that can differentiate your brand with others. Keep an eye on your content to avoid misleading the audience. Your video must market your products in the way audience like to watch.

All these above ways are very useful to supercharge your B2B video marketing online.

10 Ways To Produce B2B Marketing Videos On Budget

Marketers already know about the power of video marketing today. The video is the best media that can target the users much better than any other form of media for advertising or marketing. When it comes to marketing with videos in B2B companies, the small B2B companies are stepping back to the lack of great budgets. They are missing the strategy that there are some ways to go with the B2B Marketing Videos. Here are some important ways that can help your B2B Company for video marketing.

1. Do in-house

Shoot your video in-house than hiring a videographer. It is also the newest trend in content marketing today.

2. Leverage what you already have

Utilize the available resources with you. Don’t search for something that is not required for your video making process.

3. Keywords

Focus on best keywords at exact locations in your content. Make an instructional video for your marketing and deliver the same to your audience. You can gain good exposure across search engines as Google rank your video content.

4. Shoot on iPhone or any other

It is not must to shoot your video with professional expensive cameras. There are many successful videos that an e-shot on iPhone itself. So cut down the budget for expensive cameras.

5. Use the free software’s

Utilize the free video editing software’s that are available online. Try avid video editing and adobe premiere etc for your video editing.

6. Make your own story

Hiring a writer for your video storyboard may add expenses to your plan. So discuss with the team of your marketers and write your own script and finalize it.

7. Go organic

Try organic advertising on different platforms with your videos. Many companies are succeeded with the organic approach in video marketing.

8. Add a call to actions

Don’t forget to add a call to actions to your video. Plan it before the video creation.

9. Limit the paid advertising

If you are serious about reaching an audience with paid ads rather than organic. Then develop a strategy which ca cut your unnecessary expenses by revealing what is your target.

10. Invest time

Time is more valuable than money when comes to B2B video promotion.

10 Effective Strategies for Using YouTube for B2B Marketing

Irrespective of the size of the business, more and more marketers are using YouTube for business marketing. According to studies, B2B marketers are using YouTube videos as part of their business strategies. YouTube is one of the best platforms to give exposure and interaction to the businesses. Here are few strategies to use YouTube for B2B Marketing promotion.

  1. The content you post should be of great quality. Be it written content or videos; you should gather resources that help to create good quality content.
  2. Make use of the tools offered by YouTube.
  3. Apart from the quality of the video, the content of the video is also playing a key role in attracting the viewers. Thus make your YouTube videos interesting and entertaining.
  4. Creating good quality videos are important as well as getting noticed. Videos do not automatically go viral, but you need to add perfect keywords and phrases that the customers use for searching.
  5. Use the same keywords that you used in the title in your video tags also, and these words should be related to the video. Find the terms that are trending using Google Trends.
  6. For any B2B marketing, the aim of using YouTube is to create brand awareness and increase sales. Use calls to action in the videos along with annotations to divert the viewers to your product page or official website.
  7. Use YouTube analytics to measure the performance of the videos.
  8. Identify the areas that need to be improved.
  9. To reach more target viewers create a channel banner and add your website links and social media page links.
  10. To take advantage of YouTube platform, the companies must create a channel trailer in which the viewers can get to know the type of content that the videos will have.

Group your videos.   You can have different playlists for videos, for example, one playlist for videos that describe the products, one playlist of videos that contain customer reviews, etc. Make your company logo as the channel icon.

All these above ways are best to develop the budget-friendly B2B videos and get successful in reaching your targeted audience online.

Guide To B2B Business Video Content Strategy

B2B companies need good marketing and advertising services. Video content is the best way to reach targeted customers across the web. But, it requires good strategy and strategic implementation. Here is the best guide to the B2B business video content strategy.

Plan to execute

Plan your video content strategy basing on your business requirements and targets. The business video strategy must have a clear goal or objective. That means your content must target the present market. Point out each and every strategy basing on your objective and note it clearly to execute.

Choose the best channel

After planning your strategy, you need the best place to implement your strategy accordingly with your plan. So choose the right distribution channel where your customers are available. You can choose YouTube, Facebook and many other channels where your audience are connected with.

Encourage people

Don’t push the people to watch your content. Just encourage them by making your content more interesting and engaging to the audience.

Create useful content

Don’t over promote your B2B Company for your own promotion. Approach the audience with special featured content which can raise interest in the audience minds.

Stay connected

Always stay connected with the audience like by responding their comments in a positive way and ask them for suggestions on your videos etc which made them get connected with your content.

Video Content Marketing Strategy for B2B Business


The majority of the customers purchase products after going through the product demo videos. So create good demo videos for your customers and let them know about your product in detail.

Optimize your video

Plan for better optimization of the videos as your video rankings definitely reflects on your overall performance across the web.


Plan your B2B business strategy by targeting the local audience as the location-based targeting which helps you to reach the business.

Live video

Live video has become the trending buzz across the web. So, prepare yourself to start live video for your product demo or unboxing of your new products.

Display videos

Plan good display video ads which can maximize your business reach at low rates. Plan your strategy accordingly to deliver the brand message within the ads.

Native advertising

Unlike cross-platform advertising and embedding of the video content, it is better to plan a native video advertising strategy. Native video helps the business to get good identity across the social platforms. So upload the content directly to the specific platform which can boost the engagement level.

Publish content relevantly

Publish content that is relevant to your company’s products and service offer. Don’t grab the customers with the fake titles and fake content which is irrelevant to your company may lead to bad impact.

Social media strategy

Plan good social media plan for the promotion B2B business. Don’t go for multiple platforms at a time if you are a startup company. Focus on a single platform and gain good popularity with best video content that is interactive to the audience.

User Generated content

User Generated Content is the most valuable content for the businesses as it can drive better engagement with the targeted audience. try to create instructions, how to, demo, review, unboxing and promotional video content to your audience.

YouTube video strategy

Plan smartly with YouTube video ads capability of delivering your message to your audience and choose your ad type smartly which must fit on your requirements and targets.

Finally, follow all these simple ideas to boost your B2B Video marketing strategy.

What is B2B Video Marketing Strategy?

Video content is becoming an important tactic for all B2B Video Marketing online. It is proved that any marketing strategy will give positive results if the video is included in it.

B2B Video Marketing

B2B marketing videos can be informative, entertaining, force the viewers to take some action, and let the audience feel the video is genuine etc. These are all the characteristics of the b2B video. How video marketing helps for B2B marketers. It helps in brand building, product demonstration, attract prospects and there are many more advantages with B2B video marketing.

B2B Video Marketing Best Practices

To get impressive results from B2B video marketing, everything has to be done right. Here are few tips to consider when creating a B2B video for marketing purpose. Understand what kind of content the audience wants to watch online. Create branded content that is unique. Decide what you want to achieve the video content. Find ways to use the B2B marketing video in a future project. Measure the success of the video campaign. Check whether it is reaching the right people and if the content can engage the audience.

How to Create B2B Video Marketing Campaigns

Video marketing is important in overall business to business marketing strategy. Create videos targeting the defined audience. To get maximum from B2B marketing video, commit to the budget, and spend time promoting it also. Guide your B2B customer problems in the video. Ensure that the video content is relevant. The B2B marketing video should end with a call to action. Compel the audience to take one of the strong calls to action. Lead generation is the aim of B2B marketing videos and so guides the audience into taking action. B2B marketing videos can be done by adding annotations to the video with website link.

B2B Video Marketing Statistics

Online video marketing has become an exciting way to promote products for marketers. For more than eighty percent of the B2B marketers, lead generation is the most important goal for the videos. According to studies, fifty-four percent of the b2B companies are going to spend more on their SEO. It also said that the b2B companies are planning to increase their event budgets in the coming days. The video marketing budget of many marketing teams is also increasing in the coming days. Every two out of three businesses are opting for increasing their B2B video marketing budget.

The video is being used by every business online, and before you begin to shoot videos for marketing, there are few things that you should know about the B2B marketing trends.

• Video need not be just a tool to provide the audience with facts and figures. It should create an experience.

• B2B video marketing can be boring. Add a little bit of humor to the videos so that it engages more viewers.

• Another key area for a B2B marketing video is to provide a solution to a problem that the audience is facing. This is not only for B2B marketing but also for all forms of marketing.

• Another popular trend of B2B marketing is to make videos that connect with the viewer on an emotional level.

• Ensure that the content and video quality is at the top level.

It is said that ninety-two percent of the B2B customers are watching online videos. Most businesses search online videos to research services or products for their businesses. Therefore it is important to make the B2B marketing videos unique, that tells the story of the company, and that helps build the brand reputation.

B2B Video Marketing Statistics 2020

  • Video marketing is the only source for 71% of B2B marketers.
  • B2B marketers stated that video is the top 3 most useful content type to find sales.
  • 52% of mobile traffic comes only through video content.
  • Video ads in the United States delivered to 1 in 10 mobile devices.
  • Every day, 55% of people used to watch the video.
  • 80% of conversions are being increased through the use of video content.
  • 157% of organic traffic from the search engine is being driven by video content.
  • 70% of B2B marketers say that video is the more effective medium.
  • 76.5% of marketers are finding better results with video marketing.
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