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Become A YouTube Rockstar And Dominate By Doing These Things

Would you love to use YouTube to get a name for yourself, build a following and share valuable content? Maybe you want to build your brand/business. Maybe you simply want to become one of the most highly sought after influencers online! There are some things you can do online to make sure you dominate YouTube. Here are some suggestions you can use to help you:

Try Making Shorter Videos

You can’t avoid longer videos sometimes, but if you can make shorter videos, you’ll give your channel a boost. People are less likely to want to sit through long videos and will nearly always try and skip to the good part. If there’s a lot of information in your video, you might want to include which points discuss what in your description, so they can get straight to what they want. Keeping your videos short and sweet will no doubt help them become super popular!

Make Sure Your Lighting Is On Point

Nobody wants to watch a video with bad lighting, so you need to make sure your lighting is on point. You don’t need to shell out for professional lighting right away though. A well-positioned household lamp can work just as well if you’re smart! If you’re serious about YouTube, it’s a good idea to invest in lighting eventually.

Always Edit Your Videos

You don’t want your audience to have to sit through you rambling on about something with no significance, stuttering over your words, or getting interrupted by your cat for 10 minutes. Make sure you always edit your videos so it’s just full of good stuff. Trim the fat and keep things moving!

Include A Little Background Music

A little background music can work wonders depending on what your video is about and what you’re showing. This can all be down to personal preference, so pick something you like and go with it. Just make sure it doesn’t overpower your video or ruin your speaking voice if you’re talking in the video. It should be in the background, not the main feature of the video.


Research Your Keywords

Researching your keywords will help you to rank better and improve your SEO. Don’t just use random words or guess what your keywords might be. Doing actual research is always the best way to make sure you’re ranking and that people find you.

Brand Your Videos And Channel

Branding your videos and your channel is a powerful way for people to remember you. You don’t need to create a super long introduction. Just make sure you show your logo at the start of the video, and consider using a free banner maker to make your channel look good. Making sure you have consistent branding across all of your channels is the best way to build a strong brand.

If you want to drive people back to your website or blog, then put a link to it in the description box. It’ll also be useful for people if you link to products you show and talk . You could also use the description box to answer FAQs and save time.

Come Up With A Good Title

A good title can take just minutes to come up with. Using words that create urgency is a good idea, but try to avoid creating click-bait. This can be really annoying and put people off subscribing to you! It can get you a lot of views initially, but chances are, you won’t build a great reputation. If you’re really stuck on a title, consider using a title generator to help you. If you can use keywords in your title, that will amp up the SEO too!

Picture Picture

Make Playlists

Make sure you take the time to make playlists out of your videos. This will mean visitors can view your videos in a way that makes sense. For instance, if you do a bunch of how-to tutorials for the same thing, it will make sense to make a playlist out of parts 1,2, and 3. This can also encourage people to binge-watch your channel!

Promote Your Video With Social Media

Promoting your videos with other social media channels is a must. Make sure you share it on Facebook and Twitter. You can even talk about it on Instagram. This can drive so much more traffic to your video. Putting the link to your most recent video in your bio is another good tactic. Everybody who ever went viral shared their content on social media!

Post Consistently

Posting consistently is important. People love great content, so don’t let the desire to post a lot mean you aren’t posting high-quality stuff. A couple of videos a week should be enough to keep your audience on the edge of their seats. Don’t start posting 4-5 times a week right away, as you could end up running out of ideas and losing your passion for it pretty quickly. It’s best to spread those ideas out and give your audience a steady stream of great information, rather than posting sporadically. Some YouTubers even like to film a lot of content in advance and then schedule it, so they don’t have to do the same thing for every video. It ensures they go out at the right times too.

Use A Call To Action

Finally, make sure you always use a call to action in your video. The most popular is ‘subscribe to my channel.’ You can say this at the end of your video, or you can edit the video so that it says it on the screen. Something else you can say is ‘give me a thumbs up if you liked this video.’ It sounds simple enough, but telling people what you want them to will make them more likely to do it. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Ready to become a YouTube rockstar? Use these tips, and you might be one sooner than you think!

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