Virtual Reality 360 Cameras

Best 360 Cameras for Video Marketing through Virtual Reality Videos

Here is the list of best 360-degree cameras that are most helpful to capture the video at high quality. We are entering another level. Seeing customary recordings is over, and now you can watch tapes in 360 or virtual reality. 360° recordings or Virtual Reality recordings is a magnificent affair and gives you a great deal more data, and it gives you the sentiment being amidst the activity.

In any case, how would you make your particular 360-degree video? You can do this with a standard camcorder or a conventional photograph camera. At that point, go line all the pictures. This is something we did years back to make virtual visits for Real Estate. Today, as this is previously, you merely snatch your 360 cameras and shoot the footage. There are a few cameras available. The following is a rundown of 360-degree cameras, appreciate.

Video Marketing through Virtual Reality

Videos best tips to drive excellent views to a newly launched youtube channel

Peoples that succeed with Virtual Reality(VR) Marketing do two things exceptionally well: First, they recognise VR Marketing accounts that get the results.

Second, they put 100% of their assets into making the stories that resound with their group of onlookers. You’re presumably pondering: “How would I discover Virtual Reality Marketing procedures that work?”

Here’s the purpose why VR Marketing campaigns are so useful:

VR takes care of enormous issues advertisers have around engagement and mindfulness for the following reasons:

  • Immersive – clients wearing a headset are totally submerged in the content meaning less diversions and more consideration on the message.
  • Memorable – our brains are worked to recall occasions connected to areas, this implies VR encounters have a more drawn out follow in the group of onlookers’ memory.
  • Novel – with high media and open enthusiasm for VR early adopters can profit by great media presentation.
  • Impactful – the force of a VR experience is more noteworthy than customary media producing compelling feelings in its clients which are connected to genuine conduct change.

Samsung Gear 360 Virtual Reality Camera

All things considered, Samsung’s first camera went for making the 360-degree video is going to go marked down to make those desires work out as expected. The Gear 360 revealed by Samsung in February, keeping in mind numerous were awed with the gadget, lamentably points of interest on the worldwide cost and discharge were thin. That is beginning to change, so here’s all that you have to think about how to purchase a Gear 360.

While Samsung’s keeping calm outside of a Samsung representative telling Digital Trends in mail that Gear 360 will come “soon,” online retailer MobileFun has put the camera up for pre-arranging universally.

Ricoh Theta S Virtual Reality camera

The Ricoh Theta S is the third era of Ricoh’s 360-degree shooting camera, which we got on IFA 2015 – and it’s the first to offer not too lousy video capacities. The VR rage is mainly going all out right now. However, the centre is still for the most part on utilisation. Decisions for creating your own particular VR content are somewhat constrained, with a few items that reported years prior –, for example, the Geonaute 360 – neglecting to appear.


  • Dual f/2.0 lenses
  • 2 x 1/2.3-inch CMOS with 12 megapixels
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 360-degree photos at 5,376 x 2,688
  • Manufacturer: Ricoh
  • 360-degree video recording in MP4 format
  • Review Price: £299.00

360Fly 4K Virtual Reality Camera

The second-era 360fly 4K camera looks a considerable measure like its forerunner, despite everything it catches the immersive video with a 360-degree level and 240-degree vertical field of perspective, yet inside it’s an altogether different camera. The organisation has increased the picture sensor determination, so all-encompassing video presently caught in 4K (2,880 by 2,880 pixels) quality, a significant stride up from the pitiful 1080p offered by the past era model.

The additional determination implies that video is crisper and clearer. Shooting at 1080p with a standard field of perspective is fine, however, when you move to a 360-degree all-encompassing shot, it is detectable delicate. In any case, more honed footage isn’t the main advantage of moving to 4K.

    • Front-Facing Mode – This can be utilized when you needn’t bother with the 360-degree field view. Through this mode, 16:9 viewpoint proportion and 2560px by 1440px is attainable.
    • Time-Lapse Video Mode – This factor permits you to introduce a story in emotional design using the time slip recordings, where the different screen interims (from 1 to 60 seconds) can be utilized.
    • Motion and Audio Detection Mode – When this mode is empowered the camera consequently begin recording at whatever point there is any substance or development recognition.
    • Accelerometer activated record mode – This empowers the actuation of record mode when the camera is shaken.

The Bublcam VR Camera

The 360-degree-shooting Bublcam initially showed up on Kickstarter route back in November 2013, with the point of delivery in May the next year. However, specialised hitches saw the venture more than once deferred. In any case, But as of late reported that the camera, which shoots VR-accommodating round photographs and recordings, has now dispatched to a great many supporters and pre-request clients.

Nokia OZO

Nokia OZO, the Finnish organization’s 360-degree virtual reality camera, is presently accessible in Europe for €55,000 (£43,000).

The OZO can record 360-degree sound and video in full stereoscopic 3D for playback on virtual reality headsets. It’s eight synchronised cameras catch utterly circular footage while the same number of mouthpieces reproduces the heading that recorded sound began. The camera, which looks somewhat like a cutting edge (and extremely costly) hairdryer, can likewise be mounted to an automaton for catching airborne footage.


Two years back, an organization called Giroptic held a quite useful Kickstarter battle for the 360cam; the main customer prepared a camera that could shoot 360-degree photographs and recordings. In the time that it took the organization to transform that money into a genuine item, Giroptic was beaten to advertise by any semblance of Ricoh and Kodak. Presently, two years after the crowdfunding exertion acquired $1.4 million, the organization is, at last, sending the 360cam. Cameras are going out to supporters today, and the camera will be accessible for buy beginning May 24th.

Freedom360 GoPro Mount

The Original 360×180 degree mount for GoPro cameras: The Freedom 360 allows you to utilise your own particular six Hero3, 3+, four cameras (white, silver or dark) to record six video stream that can sew into a full round, equirectangular video. The first and imaginative geometry gives you the flexibility to hold the apparatus in any bearing, no nadir blind side to stress over. Catch everything around the device, without hindrances.


At 4.0 by 2.65 inches (HD) and 8.1 ounces, the V.360 is enormous and content contrasted and the vast majority of the customary activity cameras we’ve tried. The large, bright plastic container like area at the top makes the entire gadget look more like a cup than a camera. At the extremely top is a soul level, which shows how to scale the V.360 perched on a surface. A lens amidst the plastic segment is encompassed by an arrangement of mirrors, which reflect light originating from each point into the glass.


The 360fly is an activity camera. You wouldn’t know it since it looks less like a rectangular GoPro or barrel-molded activity camera and more like a larger than average golf ball. That is on account of it’s the other sort of activity camera—indeed, another sort of camera completely. The 360fly’s lens is circular and focuses straight up into the air. The camera can catch everything happening around all of you on the double, the single eye recording everything in its field of perspective.

Nikon Keymission 360

The KeyMission 360 from Nikon is a traditional and tough activity camera that elements second lenses and picture sensors to catch full 360° video and photographs in UHD 4K determination. It permits you to remember your undertakings from each edge and imparts new and exceptional points of view to family, companions, and fans. Worked to withstand the components, the camera is waterproof to profundities of 100′, shockproof from drops up to 6.6′, and impervious to clean and low temperatures. The camera likewise includes worked in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth availability and also electronic Vibration Reduction (VR) to decrease the impacts of shakes and butterflies from body and vehicle-mounted activity footage.

Allie cam

ALLie Cam by IC Real Tech, a worldwide trendsetter of the Internet of Things-empowered video advancements, will tap CES 2016 to divulge a few organization firsts, in particular, the Allie Go convenient 360×360 activity camcorder and Allie VR and Allie Cardboard VR headsets. In doing as such, the team altogether extends its 360 offerings, which right now comprise of the IC720 proficient observation and Allie Home checking/virtual reality cameras. The Allie Go is a high-resolution portable action camcorder that influences the organization’s 360×360 innovation to stream live to show gadgets using Wi-Fi. About the span of a baseball, Allie Go effortlessly mounts to the body or brandishing gear for use in real-life games, experiences, and excitement settings. The camera coordinates two receivers, an inherent speaker, stockpiling for recording and a rechargeable battery.

Sphericam v2

Sphericam v2 is a 360-degree camera offering 4K video catch in a little bundle and plans to convey immersive video mainly focused at VR headsets.

The Czech Republic-based group calls their geometric crystalline camera “no greater than a tennis ball,” pressing in 6 ideally put camera sensors into an anodised aluminium bundle. At a base subsidising level cost of $1399, the Sphericam 2’s Kickstarter venture lands solidly on the far end of the business sector.

Sphericam is now on its second 360-degree virtual reality camera. So you can be sure there’s a sure measure of experience and mastery behind this gadget: you get the 4K recording at 60fps. which implies around 85 minutes of recording in one go on the off chance that you stuff the Sphericam v2 with the greatest number of microSD cards (that is six in case you’re pondering).

Kodak SP360

The SP360 utilizes a 16 megapixel CMOS sensor (however offers 1:1 10MP stills as its most astounding determination yield) for recording MP4 1080p video at 30fps or 720p video at 60fps. The unit can likewise catch 10MP JPEGs at up to 10fps in burst shooting mode. The camera itself is intended to survive drops of 2 meters, alongside temperatures as low as – 10°C/14°F, and is likewise dustproof and water safe.

Orah 4i

Orah 4i system based in light of a couple of convenience factors as it basic picture adjustment and its program post-preparing capacity. which experiences the supplied ‘sewing box,’ a devoted smaller than expected PC intended to clean up the video for live streaming that then yields equirectangular video, or the same arrangement utilized by Facebook, Bitmovin, Youtube, Littlstar, Video, and others.

GoPro Odyssey

GoPro Odyssey, and it’s an array of 16 GoPro Hero4 Black camera. The outfit is capable of capturing 8K spherical video at 30 frames per second. It will be available for the price of around $15,000.

LG 360 Cam

Catch your general surroundings in all headings with the LG 360 CAM Spherical Camera. This camera utilises two 13MP sensors alongside two 200° wide-point lenses to catch photographs and 2K video at 360°. Three receivers record 5.1-channel encompass sound.

Media recorded with the 360 CAM can be shifted to YouTube360, Google Street View, and are additionally distinguishable on the LG 360 VR and additionally cell phones and different gadgets equipped for showing 360° content. It stores pictures and video on 4GB of inside memory, which can expand with a microSD card. The 1200mAh battery gives it a chance to keep running without a force source.

Vuze Camera

In spite of the fact that more significant than a Theta or Samsung’s round Gear 360, the Vuze is still sufficiently little to pocketable (contingent upon the extent of your pockets, at any rate). It has eight full HD cameras, two on every side, each with 120-degree even/180-degree vertical fields of perspective. That setup permits it to catch stereoscopic 360 recordings in the 4K determination at 30fps. A going with iOS/Android application is utilised for controlling the camera.

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