100+ Steps to Build an Engaged Discord Community for Your Brand

Many brands and businesses are using Discord as a way to engage with their customer base. Here is our step-by-step guide on how to build an engaged community for your brand on Discord.

A lot of people are now joining the Discord bandwagon. It’s free, easy to use, and you can create a highly engaged community with just two simple steps. There is no point in making an active Discord server if there are no members to interact with. To build your own engaged community on Discord, keep reading for 100+ Steps to Build an Engaged Community!

One of the most important aspects to consider when building a brand in your community. A strong and engaged discord community can help you improve customer service, increase sales, and develop a loyal fanbase. This blog post will go over 100+ steps for building an engaged community for brands.

Excellent steps to Build an engaged Discord Community for Brand

  • Make a Discord channel for your brand
  • Advertise the discord channel to your customers, partners, and influencers
  • Create a clear set of rules for the community that are posted in the chat room
  • Give people who join your discord channel special perks or rewards to make them feel special
  • Be consistent with posting content on the chatroom
  • Add the bot to your server and set up commands for it
  • Invite people from different social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc.
  • Start conversations with members of the community every day by asking questions or posting polls about what they want to see more of on your page
  • Reply to all messages promptly
  • Find other people to invite into your community (either friend, family, or others)
  • Invite them to the server and get them set up with their profile avatar
  • Add channels for different topics of interest- this could be anything from “general chat” to “off-topic banter.”
  • Promote the Discord server through social media posts and word of mouth
  • Promote your new group on social media and other platforms
  • Add bots to make the chat more interesting
  • Advertise your discord server in-person at events or through local print ads
  • Get moderators for the chat room
  • Add moderators to your server
  • Set up channels for different topics or groups of people in your community
  • Post news, updates, and announcements on the channel’s feed, so members know what is happening with your brand
  • Start conversations by asking questions about people’s interests or problems they are facing related to the topic you are discussing
  • Create channels for different types of content, including chat and voice
  • Join other related servers to grow your community
  • Promote it on social media, forums, and blogs
  • Find the perfect name for your community and share it with others on social media to get feedback
  • Invite people you know personally to join your server, including friends, family members, or co-workers
  • Encourage them to invite their friends as well so that the group grows organically over time
  • Share content about your brand in the chat room and respond to any questions they might have
  • Encourage them to use the chat and engage with other members
  • Create channels for different topics or interests, such as games, music, cooking, etc
  • Share content from your company in the appropriate channels
  • Share the invitation on social media, forums, and other websites
  • Encourage visitors to join your Discord community by providing incentives like exclusive content, rewards points, or special discounts
  • Make sure you have a clear purpose for your Discord server- is it just for people who want to chat? Or is it also a place where members can collaborate?
  • Post regular updates about your brand’s activities on the home feed of the Discord chatroom
  • Use bots to automate some tasks for you, like setting reminders, sending notifications when new members join, and more
  • Give out rewards for those who help with moderation duties
  • Create a Discord server for your brand
  • Make sure you have channels dedicated to different topics like customer service, feedback, and announcements
  • Encourage users to interact with each other by posting questions or starting discussions in the chatroom
  • Add an interactive bot that can be used as a resource for customers
  • Find other channels that are related to your brand and ask for their permission to join them
  • Share content about your brand, including promotional material like giveaways or discounts, as well as interesting articles you find on the internet
  • Be polite and respectful of others in the chat
  • Add channels for different topics, like “General Discussion” and “Suggestions.”
  • Give out roles to members of the community so they can have special permissions on specific channels- e.g., Moderators, Members, etc
  • Set up bots that will help with moderation or fun activities in chatrooms
  • Find and join other communities that are similar to your brand’s interests
  • Search for people in the community who would be interested in joining yours
  • Send out invitations to those you find, and wait for them to accept before proceeding with the next step
  • Once they’ve accepted your invitation, send them a message welcoming them into the community and provide links to any information they’ll need as well as how they can contribute if they want (e.g., by posting content)
  • Monitor activity on the server
  • Find a unique name for your community
  • Create channels for different topics or events, such as general chat, game nights, or customer support
  • Use bots to help manage the community’s needs- bots can create polls, share images from popular websites like Reddit and Imgur, send reminders about upcoming events/polls/etc., post announcements in different channels depending on what you need them to say (e.g., “Hello! We are hosting our first game night tomorrow at 8 pm EST!”)
  • Participate in conversations with members of your community
  • Start with a clear goal for your Discord community
  • Establish rules and guidelines for the group
  • Add moderators who can help maintain order and enforce these rules
  • Be active on Discord, responding to messages from members as quickly as possible
  • Pick a Discord server that is not too big and not too small
  • Find other people who are interested in what you’re selling and ask them if they would like to be part of the community (invite them)
  • Make sure at least one person is monitoring the chat 24/7, so members feel safe discussing their thoughts with each other
  • Add the bot to your server and link it to a channel
  • Make sure you have at least one moderator for every 500 members
  • Create channels for different topics, such as announcements or events
  • Host live streamers on your channel if you are interested in gaming with others
  • Encourage people to share their thoughts through polls, discussions, and giveaways
  • Create a bot that can answer questions or provide information about your brand
  • Create channels for different topics and make them visible on the home page of your server
  • Use bots to automate tasks like creating polls, hosting games, and giving out prizes
  • Set up alerts so you know when someone posts something on one of the channels.


We hope you found this article useful in your quest to find out how to build an engaged community on Discord for your brand! If you’re interested in learning more about what we can do for you, please get in touch with us. Our team of experts will be happy to help answer any questions and provide the exact type of marketing consulting that best suits your needs.

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