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Facebook Watch: Reasons Why Marketers and Influencers to pay attention to Facebook Watch

Facebook is making a substantial shift in the digital video landscape after YouTube. People are consuming the long-form episodic content that competes with media streaming companies like amazon prime, Netflix, and Hulu. Facebook Watch results have been promising for brands and marketers. In response to influencers’ rise, Facebook makes it easier to create and share content with the users. Well, here are a few reasons why Influencer and marketers pay attention to Facebook Watch.

Reasons to Use Facebook Watch

  • Facebook Watch is a new video platform
  • It overcomes the limitations of traditional TV
  • Brands can now target and communicate with anyone who engages with their content.
  • There are three ways to gain profits from Facebook Watch
  • Facebook Watch will likely be presented with a new way of social media connecting and monetizing to marketers and influencers
  • Create more engaging videos and content
  • Find ways to make contents shorter
  • Utilize Facebook Watch as an extension of social media so you can reach target audiences at the right time and location.
  • It is a live streaming platform.
  • Facebook attempts to grow video in a big way
  • It could be a popular new feature
  • It’ll be, for now, only the cream of the crop who get in early
  • Facebook users spend more time on it
  • Save money on advertising videos
  • Viewers find long-form content more engaging
  • It offers less distractions and better control over the entire viewing experience.
  • Facebook is getting serious about video
  • Only Pay the creators you want to watch
  • Create a community around your channel and promote it
  • Create videos that vary in length
  • Be ready for the change in rules
  • Facebook Watch is the new test ground
  • Create a Facebook Watch Show
  • Build community and engagement
  • Be relevant and be able to grow an audience
  • Facebook needs your videos
  • Develop content that fits the platform
  • Facebook intends to be a hub for video content
  • Marketers will have a Facebook Page and a Watch Page
  • Consumers creating content for Facebook Watch
  • Newsworthy events on Facebook Watch
  • Over the past month, Facebook Watch has reached more than 10 million people in the US.
  • A huge number of watch time hours have been recorded every day
  • There are up to 5 shows with over 100,000 views in a single day
  • More than 1 million subscribers are joining together each month
  • It is worth trying the new video format
  • Audiences on Facebook can offer valuable insights for advertisers
  • Advertisers are guaranteed a different format to engage with their target audiences
  • A new and improved way of delivering video content to people
  • You could use Watch to build up your followings
  • If you get featured in a Watch Tab, you can reach a broader audience
  • Easily promote your other Pages on Watch
  • They will use Watch to inform and entertain
  • It is the perfect platform for video marketers
  • Great way to share everything
  • Because of the potential reach
  • With zero cost reach
  • Because of the advertising opportunities
  • Because of the content formats
  • Algorithm change makes them hungry for video

Here are some reasons why marketers and influencers have to pay attention to Facebook Watch

  • It’s more intimate than TV
  • Facebook is smart enough to change the broadcasting model
  • Every bit of content will be archived forever or at least until the next 7 generations anyway
  • Your media will get saved onto users’ watch lists
  • It could mean a new revenue stream for talented creators

Why Marketers and Influencers should pay attention to Facebook Watch

  • It is a visual platform
  • Videos in-feed
  • Live video with exclusive content
  • World-class creators that brands will want to work with or sponsor. Also, top influencers.
  • Advertisers can bid for more market share

There are plenty of reasons for you to pay attention to Facebook Watch

  • It’s getting bigger
  • It’s the only platform that can get you millions of eyeballs in an instant
  • It’s easy to use
  • You can go live at any time and for any length, which means you can test, check things out and obtain feedback from your viewers.
  • Unlike Youtube, your videos are more likely to be watched in full

Facebook will soon start prioritizing live video on users’ News Feed

  • The new Watch feature will depend on live video
  • People like watching live videos
  • Live video is easier to monetize than normal videos

Reasons why marketers and influencers should pay attention to Facebook Watch?

  • More user-friendly for users
  • YouTube alternative
  • Great way to create value to brand followers
  • Audience for your content
  • Influencer platform
  • Special place for Facebook Creators

Facebook Watch is a medium you should be paying attention to

  • People are spending more and more time on Facebook
  • People are spending less and less time on Instagram, and Facebook doesn’t seem to mind
  • You can target specific Facebook Watch users (vs. Youtube)

Reasons Why Marketers and Influencers to pay attention to Facebook Watch

Facebook videos are personally transparent.

Facebook videos offer increased long-term engagement.

The high rate of audience engagement

Facebook Watch is awell-advanced feature.

Facebook Live videos content consuming more.

More users generated content trending.

Facebook video consumption works well on smartphones.

Possible wats to Editor’s picks

Offers endless integration opportunities

Easy associability to Facebook ads

Choose top picks to advertise.

Strengthens brand engagement

Search for User-generated content

Find huge watchlist

Offers Seamless opportunities for marketers

Potential for branded viral content

Facebook live enables excellent opportunities for businesses.

Facebook Live leads to huge engagement.

Facebook watch leverage the News and TV shows

Live stream the popular Gaming videos

Ad break video ads are essential for advertisers.

Leads huge audience-base for brands.

Simulcast is a great thing on Facebook.

Facebook displays native analytics.

Gives a breakthrough revenue from Ads

Leverage long time conversations

Can go for continuously 4 hours seamless live

Displays linked Groups on Facebook.

Great way to interact with the Audience

Advantages to influencers for product displays

Facebook video evaluation to brands

Grabs your Eyeballs towards video content

Possible Hyper personalization

Facebook Watch gains 1.25 billion views per month.

It’s free for everyone to market.

Easily digestible video marketing

Get more connections from friends’ networks.

Video remains trending on Facebook.

Creates a huge community among a Global audience

Discover Tab on watch provides more personalized content.

Facebook users connect with fellow fans through Facebook linked groups.

Original video content on Facebook drives more conversions.

Offers more monetization options through ad breaks

The advertisers will find more engagement over Facebook ads.


Facebook can be a great way to market your videos and target audience with video marketing. Facebook video marketing should be intimidating, but some things keep in mind why marketers and influencers looking forward to Facebook Watch is the biggest bang for the marketing buck. Hopefully, you get an idea of these Facebook video strategies that will help you feel more confident in video marketing.

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