Build a Community on YouTube

How to Build a Community on YouTube

The goal of any video on YouTube is to generate engagement. Most of the YouTubers including brands think about YouTube videos regarding views, clicks, and ROI. They should also concentrate on building community. YouTube helps in achieving the objectives of the video more quickly. The more the viewers engaged with the videos, the more visible they become and the more ad revenue they generate.Here is the guide to build Community on YouTube.

Many YouTubers have large communities. These communities watch all the videos posted by the YouTuber. It is a challenge to create a YouTube community.

Importance of YouTube community

The importance of creating a YouTube community is, that it brings more viewers, the popularity of the channel will grow. The success of a YouTuber is when he makes his followers feel special. The best way to build brand loyalty is to create a community with people who regularly watch the videos. The sense of community and connection makes the people loyal to the particular YouTube channel.

When people watch YouTube, they are fully engaged in it. And it becomes easier to build a sense of connection. Experts advise that vloggers must directly speak into the camera if possible to make the audience feel that they are straight speaking to them. Take advantage of the ‘lean’ in concept to generate connection levels with your audience.

For the YouTube communities, the connection point is the creator or host of the YouTube videos. The most influential people for teenage viewers are the YouTube stars. This show to what level a successful YouTuber can make the videos to boost engagement and increase influence.

What is the impact of YouTube communities?

YouTube communities are essential to building an audience.

YouTube community can play the role of social media promoters.

They share the content with social networks, and this will help the channel to grow awareness.

The creators can get the information of what is working and what is not with their content, and they can even get some ideas for content creation.

How to boost community aspect of the YouTube channel?

  • Give an apt name for the YouTube community. The name might be something related to the topic of the video and the channel. It can also be a catchphrase that the YouTuber uses. The title should be catchy and loved by the audience.
  • Giving a cute nickname to the audience can make them feel that they are involved in a group.
  • Make sure that the community knows how important they are to the channel. Call them by its name. In the intros of the video, mention the name of the community and request them to comment, like and share the videos.
  • Apart from including the name of the community in intros and outros, there are more to do to engage with the audience and build up an authentic community. Ask the community to give their feedback on the videos, ask them to share their ideas for the future videos. Encourage them to ask questions. Respond to them to make them feel involved and connected to the channel.
  • Respond to negative as well as positive comments on your videos. If you see questions or tips related to your niche anywhere on YouTube, respond to them. Be polite and professional when responding to comments.
  • Now and then, ask the community, what they want to see in the channel. Include the suggested topics and ideas in your videos so that the audience will feel that the YouTuber has vested interest in them.
  • Create community pages on social media sites also. The viewers of your community on social sites can share the videos with their friends who can increase the views, and the YouTuber will have more chances to interact with the community.
  • In the social media community pages, allow your audience to access exclusive content. Social media community gives them a specific reason to follow them on the social network.
  • Exclusive content for social media audience can be of different types such as behind the scenes, news, upcoming events, etc. which should be private and the audience will not be able to get the content anywhere else.
  • Respond the first comments immediately after uploading the video. These are the loyal audience who will watch every video uploaded and care to leave their opinions in the comments.

Online videos are popular because the audience can interact with the channel unlike with television. Creators also can communicate with their audience which plays an essential role in the success of the YouTube channel. Speaking to them, listening to what they say about and actively engaging with them will pay off in the long run.

Dealing with hundreds of thousands of people on a social network like YouTube is a challenge for YouTuber. It is imperative that the YouTuber do not pay much importance to adverse comment.

There might be hundreds of positive comments, but a single negative one can ruin the day. It is thus crucial that YouTubers should listen to the negative comments but do not take them too seriously.

YouTube Reels

Many people love and excited to share their day with the digital World of Friends and Family through Social Media in the form of Stories.

What everyone does? Share their stories on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook Stories.

Are you excited to express your feelings through the World’s largest video sharing Network?

Here it is! YouTube Reels as Stories, Reels can express themselves without posting the full video.

At first, Snapchat introduced short stories feature like Snapchat Stories, followed by Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories and now YouTube Reels. YouTube is trying hard to retain their Visitors on their websites. This time YouTube aim the video creator stay tuned to Reels.

Reels are available for the users in beta-test mode, launched before people can learn and improve the product features before starting the YouTube Creators.

YouTube Reels

Key Features of YouTube Reels

YouTube designed the YouTube Reels entirely different from Stories. Reels does not appear on the main screen like NewsFeed. Reels section will appear on a separate new Tab on the YouTube channel.

Reels consists of a quick 30 seconds mobile video. The creators can shoot and add to the video some YouTube y-stickers, filters, text, music before publishing on Reels.

Reels will not have an expiry date, and it will stay permanently on dedicated creator’s tab main list videos. It will appear on the home page if you are engaging with them even often.

You can create the number of Reels and combine as along video to upload as a YouTube videos. The viewers can thumb up or thumb down and give comments to the community tab.

According to the YouTube Creators Blog, the YouTube community features are rolled out for those channels which have more than 10,000 subscribers.

In the community section, the video creators can share their images, polls, Gif and more content to attract the viewers other than long videos.

In Reels, creators can arrange or organized projects other than Small video clips. If any of the users frequently engaging or watching the reels on creator’s tab, that means YouTube take it as a signal more like towards Reels and see more often.


Community management on YouTube is essential because the creator can get the work evaluated continuously. Getting affected by negative response can impact the ability to create high-quality content. Listen to what the negative comments are saying and try to improve the overall quality of the channel.YouTube will not say anything about when the Reels will arrive, how long it will take to launch full version, it is still in the beta form. YouTube has optimised for new a Community they can receive posts, eligibility criteria for the community are subscribers count.

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