YouTubers Can Learn From YouTube Stars

Things Upcoming YouTubers Can Learn From YouTube Stars

People become stars on YouTube because of their hard work, passion, and there are no specific rules to follow become successful YouTube stars. However, upcoming YouTubers can learn some lessons from successful stars. YouTube helps them to understand what mistakes they must avoid and what tips they should follow.

Things Upcoming YouTubers Can Learn From YouTube Stars

Those who want to become successful vloggers on YouTube must follow these tips. Have the main channel and see that the content is unique. Add humor to the content, which is a sure way to get more hits and keep the viewers interested.

Do not copy the metadata of videos of popular YouTube stars. This will not help you to get a similar rank as the popular video, but the YouTube star may get annoyed.

Becoming a star on YouTube cannot happen just by putting the videos on the channel over and over. Try collaborating with the community, and this can be a great way of beginning for the upcoming YouTubers.

Do not blindly follow the YouTube stars. Remember, every star has his style and is unique. Try making your content to be unique and original. Your content should stand out in the crowd to get more and more views.

To increase views, add the channel hyperlink in the descriptions of social media accounts. This way, people can click the link and directly come to the page. If no hyperlink is present, the audience may not have the patience to copy, paste, and search for the page.

YouTube stars have more and more subscribers, and this is because all their videos contain the right call to action. Upcoming YouTubers should not forget to include a call to action button such as subscription button at the end of their videos.

YouTube stars were not successful overnight. Upcoming YouTubers also need to wait patiently for this to happen. Create unique content and distribute them in strategic way and this can help make success easier for them.

Top 5 YouTube Stars From India

YouTube platform is the largest video destination which turned the talented common people into stars on its platform. You may come up with various top YouTube stars names from several countries and more rarely Indians previously. But, the days have changed, Indians are also focused on the YouTube world and made their make with their creative talent and reached the top places on the platform with their content. Here are some lists of top five Indian YouTube stars.

Scherezade Shroff:

Scherezade Shroff aged 29 years is a Fashion and beauty content creator on the YouTube platform. she had published various makeup and hair styling tutorials.

She also worked as a model for various brands. She also owned a fashion blog named “Fashionalized” she belongs to the Mumbai city, India. Ger Youtbe channel has listed in the most popular channels on YouTube.

Sanjay Thumma:

Sanjay Thumma is one of the Famous Indian Chef who becomes popular as Vah-Chef with his Cooking channel on YouTube. He used to entertain the audience with his new recipes, and his explanation is the key point got his channel success.

He cooks easy recipes and explains them to the audience wonderfully and funnily. He becomes one of the top YouTubers from India. He belongs to Hyderabad, India.

Geeky Ranjit:

Ranjit is a Tech geeky who started a YouTube channel sharing various tech reviews with the YouTube audience. He becomes very popular on the YouTube platform.

He posts live tech questions and answers sessions every day at 7 pm. He earned nearly two million subscribers towards his channel.

Harpal Singh:

Harpal Singh Sokhi is one of the celebrities Chef in India. He worked with multiple chain restaurants and also launched his own chain restaurant with a name “The Funjabi Tadka” in the year 2013.

His cooking show made him as a YouTube star. The show name is “Turban Tadka. He is ever smiling and attracted some million of audience across the YouTube platform.

Dr.Vikram Yadav:

Vikram is a reputed Indian doctor who has enhanced the field of medicine. He started a YouTube channel and uploaded various helpful information on medical education which is very helpful for medicine aspirants as well as, he also uploaded various surgery-related videos and became very popular on YouTube platform.

Nisha Madhulika:

Nisha started her YouTube channel with the tag “Gahr Ka Khana” which become very popular on the YouTube platform and developed as one of the most viewed food channel on the YouTube.

Shruti Anand:

The Indian beauty channel which attracts every women watching the videos for the best tops for Indian skin makeup by Shruti Anand. Her channel has become most popular in beauty category on YouTube platform.

Kanan Gill:

Kanan hill become very popular with his great comedy reviews about various films. The channel has attracted many movie lovers and made him as most popular Indian YouTubers.

How a YouTube Star will Think ?

The upper hand YouTuber always thinks to prove himself by gathering and creating the unique stuff. The following phrases will give brief boundary of a successful YouTube star.

He always think to make coming videos to go viral.

Search for the concepts in different ways to clutch the audience forever.

Keep an eye to receive no controversy from the fans and competitor.

Always consider the preference of fans through comments and feedback to make videos on request of fans.

On the basis of current trends, he used to compose the videos.

He tries to become famous by collaborating with other popular stars to build the image of his channel.

He mostly gives preference for brand sponsorship of all time.

He makes a concentration finding the newly arrived equipment and techniques to maintain the quality of the content.

Put an attention towards the newly available social media platforms to disclose his creativity.

He chooses to mingle with the fans through live interaction and this makes unforgettable reflection the YouTube star in the minds of the audience.

Never take back step of comparing with the competitor videos.

He tries to attend for live events frequently in which the group can recognize his presence and that explores overall.

To get the focus of the viewers he invites celebrities by hosting interviews.

He looks for the best cameras which give branding to his videos.

The most common interest of the YouTube star is giving interviews to TV channels and Magazines to snatch the tiny bit of audience from everywhere.

How to Be a YouTube Superstar in 6 Simple Steps

YouTube is the platform for artists, individuals, creators, brands, marketers and all. It is the only platform that helps you to meet the massive audience at one place. At present every marketer, creator, an individual on YouTube are trying to become unique from the rest of the channels and videos.

It is not easy to stand from the millions of videos and to become a superstar in YouTube. But, nothing is impossible if you go in a right way at the right time. The steps you are taking to become a YouTube star must do in a focusing and smart way on the YouTube platform. Here are some six steps to becoming a YouTube star.

Step1: Build Good Channel

First things first, build a good channel and find your niche and go with the video uploads you have created. Be focused on what you are posting. It is must to have a good account standing to become a YouTube star. So, try to upload something interesting and trending on the web. Create with effective thumbnails, annotations, call to actions along with good description on your channels.

Step2: Optimize your Channel

Optimize your channel content on the search engines, as the optimisation can increase the visibility of the channel on the web. To become a star your channel must be viral first. So, go with good optimisation techniques.

Step3: Make frequent uploads by observing the trending and latest topics on the web

Be creative, don’t copy or imitate any others content on YouTube as it may lead to copyright conflicts on your account which may affect the standing of your account. So, be careful while creating content. Expose your talent and art from your mind. Talent will not fade away if it is expressed and displayed in a different way.

Step4: Interact with the Audience

Don’t avoid the audience. Just be connected with the audience and respond to their suggestions and comments in a positive way

Step5: Connect with the other YouTube Stars

Follow other YouTube stars and learn from their success mantra. Try to interact with them on the platforms and favourite their videos and develop good relationships with them.

Step6: Create, Promote

Create good campaigns and contests on the platform to engage the audience and promote your contest and the videos on other platforms too.

YouTubing professionally has become a viable career path thanks to Adsense. Where it once offered little to no pay, now YouTubers can earn a living, or at least a stable side income. The problem that this raises though is an acute one. Modern 1080p video files tend to be rather large and take up a lot of space on one’s hard drive. here are The Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage for Professional YouTubers.

Why Is This a Problem?

This poses a problem to YouTubers both large and small simply because the average hard drive isn’t large enough to accommodate the library of videos that one can build up over the long term. Of course, one could always delete their videos. However, this can be something of a risky proposition due to the ever-changing nature of YouTube’s community guidelines. One could very easily find themselves in a situation where all of their work is suddenly lost in the ether, making backups of your files essential.

Modern alternative methods of storage, chiefly USB sticks and external hard drives, can be prohibitively expensive for some, and are themselves prone to mechanical failures over time. There is, however, an alternative: cloud storage.

The Future of Work?

Some are considering cloud storage to be the future of their workflow. Services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, iDrive, and Microsoft One Drive enable users to store and access their files from any machine capable of connecting to the Internet. It even enables you to upload videos directly from your phone. Rather than uploading a video to your PC, editing it, uploading it, and then saving the finished product to an external storage device, it can all be shot, stored, edited, uploaded, and saved from the same place. Many of these services offer free storage, and options to purchase more as your needs change.

It May Have Downsides

None of this is to say that cloud computing ought to be the be all, end all of the storage. Information security should be taken into consideration when using these services, as a hack is not beyond the realms of possibility. There is also the potential for an error on the server side to cause your files to become corrupted. Despite the convenience of cloud storage, it is still advisable to have your files backed up on at least one external source to minimize the risk of data loss.


This will be more helpful to anyone who is newly started of YouTube channel and can get a victory in a limited span of time without putting much effort.

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