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Digital Strategies To Improve Your School’s YouTube Marketing Efforts

As a school administrator, you know that keeping up with the latest Digital Strategies & trends is essential to providing your students with the best education possible. In today’s digital age, that means incorporating YouTube into your marketing strategy. By creating and uploading engaging videos, you can reach a wider audience and improve your school’s visibility online. Check out these five tips to get started!

In today’s digital age, it’s more important than ever for schools to have a strong online presence. One great way to improve your school’s online presence is by using YouTube to market your school. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some digital strategies that you can use to improve your school’s YouTube marketing efforts. Stay tuned!

Create a Successful school Video Marketing Strategy

Create a video at the opening of your child’s school year telling parents why they should select this school for their child.

Enhance your video by showcasing teachers, students, and other aspects of the class. Emphasize how diverse this school is and why you should choose it over similar schools.

Encourage people to share this video with their friends and family on social media to spread the word about your program.

Then create a resume generator to teach parents how attending this program will allow them to have advantages academically, socially, and economically when they graduate high school.

  1. Have your school’s website create an informational video that educates prospective families about the enrichment programs available at the school. The point of the video is to provide information in a fun, active way.
  2. The video should be compelling enough to warrant adding it to their family’s morning routine, over breakfast, for example – so they can learn more before deciding on enrollment.
  3. Advertise on Google and Facebook to reach out beyond your immediate region.
  4. Create an informative video easily accessible by people with various interests or needs (e.g., parents, prospective students). Give them statistics like “On average our graduates go onto Stanford University,” but also show glimpses into student life.”

Research other schools’ videos, see what they are doing to make their school stand out. Do not copy; the goal is differentiation, not imitation. If your school offers athletics or after-school activities that other schools don’t provide, put that into your video too. Boiling it down to 3 main points can help you keep its content focused and time length shorter (and thus more appealing).

Construct an end vision for the kind of student you would want at your school based on various things like ethnicity.

Video Marketing Ideas For School Marketers

  • Create an infographic about the benefits of video marketing
  • Interview a local business owner to learn how they use video marketing in their day-to-day operations
  • Record your students’ reactions when you show them videos on YouTube for the first time
  • Showcase your school’s best features with photos or videos that students take
  • Create a Facebook group for parents and students to share ideas
  • Post videos of the school’s achievements, such as sporting events or science projects
  • Write blog posts about new initiatives at your school
  • Use video marketing tools like Animoto to create short videos with photos and music
  • Make a video about the school’s academic achievements
  • Show students and teachers discussing what they like most about your school
  • Explain how your school is preparing students for their future careers
  • Interview alumni to find out which skills they learned in high school that helped them get into college or start their careers
  • Create a video about your school’s mission statement
  • Make a video of students talking about what they love about their school
  • Show the inside of the classrooms and talk to teachers
  • Interview students from different grades on their favorite subjects or activities at school
  • Use video marketing to promote your school’s achievements, such as new technology or changes in curriculum
  • Make short tutorials on how to do something significant for students at your school, like using the library database
  • Interview teachers about what they are doing in their classrooms
  • Create a video that explains the benefits of your school’s programs and why people should enroll.
  • Showcase what your school has to offer in a short, creative video clip
  • Interview current students about their experience at the school
  • Feature testimonials from successful alumni who went on to do great things after graduating from your institution
  • Show how to prep for the first day of school
  • Record students’ reactions to their new classrooms, teachers, and classmates
  • Document student projects throughout the year
  • Create an inspirational video with messages from alumni about why they chose your school
  • Create a video to introduce your school and share what you’re all about
  • Share videos of the kids at your school doing extraordinary things, like playing sports or talking about their favorite books
  • Showcase some of the work that goes on behind-the-scenes at your school, for example-how they make food in the cafeteria or how they recycle old textiles
  • Talk to students and teachers about why they love coming to your school every day
  • Create a YouTube channel to show off your school’s accomplishments
  • Upload videos on the school’s social media channels
  • Use video marketing in presentations and speeches
  • Make an intro video for each class or club with members speaking about their experiences and interests
  • Hold a contest where students can submit videos of themselves answering questions like “What is one thing you learned this year?”
  • Create a video that outlines the school’s history
  • Create a video of teachers and students talking about what they love about the school
  • Create a video highlighting all of the fantastic things your school has to offer, from clubs to sports teams
  • Create an informational video for prospective parents on how they can get involved at your school.

How Schools Can Use Video Marketing to Reach Millennials

Millennials are the largest living generation with 87 million, more significant than baby boomers or gen x adults.

They have a buying power of $600 billion, and they’re smarter than your average batch of kids – more innovative, more educated, and well-traveled.

Schools can create video content that speaks to students on their level, which is why introducing videos will help schools reach millennials by promoting “transparency.”

To keep up-to-date with technology! Millennials are always on their phone so present your message in the palm of their hands – millennial style! Schools can use video marketing to reach millennials through transparency.

How to Win at School Admissions using Marketing on YouTube

Create a YouTube account focusing on the school you want to get into.

Interns and pro-bono people will make a comment doing a “Q&A” or talking about what it’s like living at their school; call this comment an ‘expert.’

Send them links to your videos before asking them for an endorsement from them to create more interest in your video.

Add around 1 expert per video, but do not exceed three experts.

Don’t ask for endorsements from people who don’t know anything about the college/university or have never been there before!

Always consider whether they have any affiliation with the school, especially when older alumni.

Admissions videos are becoming more and more popular, given the rise of digital media platforms. But how do you stand out in the very crowded field of online admissions experts?

Take a look at marketing yourself as an authority with your style.

Experts often ask experts to lend their voice to non-educational situations, including business ads, commercials, lectures, and talks given afterward to performances or alongside performance artists addressing audiences outside school walls.

You can capitalize on this by making YouTube what you want it to be for your practice a social enterprise rather than just another marketplace.

Digital Strategies To Improve Your School’s YouTube Marketing Efforts

  • Make sure you have a clear call to action on each video, as well as the URL of the website where people can find more information about what you’re selling
  • Use relevant keywords in your title and description so that your videos pop up when someone searches those terms
  • Upload high-quality content with the good production value to attract viewers
  • Ask viewers to subscribe by providing them with an incentive such as free downloadable resources or exclusive access to new content
  • Share the best of your content on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Use video marketing tools to improve engagement with viewers
  • Create a YouTube channel for your school with the appropriate branding
  • Upload videos that are relevant to your school’s mission and students’ interests
  • Use keywords in video titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails
  • Engage with viewers by responding to comments or questions on YouTube
  • Utilize YouTube advertising with Google Adwords to reach new audiences
  • Post weekly updates of what’s happening at your school
  • Promote the video by posting it on social media, emailing parents and teachers, and sending an announcement to the local news station
  • Encourage students to share their work so they can be featured in videos as well
  • Use YouTube to share content with your students
  • Add a link to your school’s YouTube channel on your website and other social media platforms
  • Encourage teachers to create their videos for the classroom or as part of a lesson plan
  • Create playlists for specific courses, topics, or grade levels so that users can find videos more easily
  • Create a video that explains the benefits of attending your school
  • Encourage students to create videos about their experiences at your school and share them on social media
  • Add links to the videos in an email newsletter or post them as links on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


You’ve spent the past few months brainstorming, designing, and executing your new YouTube marketing strategy. Now that you have a substantial library of videos for students to view on their own time, it might be worth considering some digital strategies to improve your school’s YouTube marketing efforts even further. Contact us today so we can help you maximize the potential of this powerful resource. We offer free consultations, so nothing holds you back from getting started!

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