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The Role of Emotions in Video Marketing That Makes Video Content Go Viral

More than 85% of people likely to make a purchase decision after viewing a video from the business. Video is a hugely important marketing tool. The research shows that your video content needs to strike the right emotional chord if your campaigns want to be pushed across the web. One of the primary reasons video marketing is successful it connects people emotionally far more efficiently than other video types. The common emotions associated with viral videos are overwhelmingly positive. Let’s dive into it to know the Role of Emotions in Video Marketing.

Emotions in Video Marketing:

‍Emotional video marketing content triggers emotional responses such as positive or negative to spread the message across the audience. If you apply the message correctly, Emotions drive a set of actions that every markers and brand hope to achieve. Emotions are generally starting from 30-second videos to 5 minutes, distributed on targeted digital marketing channels for brand exposure to drive more actions. They are

  • boosting lead generation
  • increasing brand awareness
  • improving customer education
  • increasing website traffic
  • driving more online engagement

Therefore, emotional video content is no longer optional to video marketing because your competitors are already leveraging this type of content and resulting from their marketing efforts. Inspirational videos can meet the marketing goals of brands form capturing customer testimonials.

Why Certain Emotional Video Combinations Make People Share:

Your marketing video has to trigger emotions so that people say that they feel compelled in viral spreading. These are the number of emotions that contribute to a video spreading on the internet. According to the study, Happiness, Surprise, Delight, Joy, Excitement, Hope, Amusement, Pleasure, interest, and affection are the top ten emotions most likely to become viral.

Connect with your target audience emotionally, and businesses need to think outside the box. Make sure to forget about listing the benefits of a product and services. Just focus on showcasing to them how your products are helpful. Let’s have a look at some examples of businesses that achieved emotional engagement through video marketing.

Adobe – Click, Baby, Click:

This is an adobe marketing cloud advertisement from 2013, and video is a perfect example for increasing the clicks on a fictional company’s website. It has been proven that humorous content is enough to make viewers more engaged and consider similar businesses.

What Does Emotional Video Content Mean for Marketers?

These are the certain emotional video combinations that encourage people to share and are meant for marketers.

  • Marketers need to think in terms of creating the emotional content and incorporate the emotional aspect of their messaging.
  • Video marketing is all about engaging with human emotions than anything else.
  • If your content touches human emotions, that content goes viral.
  • Your marketing automation and content creators must understand the human mind.
  • Emotional content will positively impact the audience’s feel obliged to share on their social networks.
  • The audience engagement comes from tugging at human emotions only achieved through the edge and risky marketing approaches.

How to be effective with your emotional storytelling:

Keeping an audience’s attention long time in your brands is challenging to the business. They require great stories to connect and engage that tie back to your offer. Make sure to use the best testimonials, stories, and case studies for your business presentations. Here is the specific criteria to consider to create effective and emotional storytelling.

Showcase the Spread of Results:

Try to provide the testimonies and examples of clients that have tried strategies for an extended period until they found you online. Elaborate to the customers how tremendous momentum they received right away after starting to work with your team.

Prove your character and Create Trust:

Businesses want people to like and trust their brands. They would like to help their audience personally and be a part of the transformation to show results. Your storytelling videos should showcase the personal experience and emotionally connect with the client.

Provide the Social Proof:

The positive influencer reviews you receive will create social proof among the potential target clients. Celebrities or influencers can increase social proof with your audience. Knowing the stories from the authority figure can show your business the power and influence.

Why You Need Emotion in Your Video Marketing:

The emotional response triggered by a video ad has a more considerable influence on the consumer’s purchaser’s intent on a product than the advertisement’s content.

For example, the FRMI imagery brains reveal that when promoting and accessing certain brands, most of the consumers rely on the emotions carried out in video, not the information provided

Tips for driving emotion in your video marketing content:

  • Following the Positivity rules for video content triggers a happy emotion among the consumer is more likely to get shared across.
  • Emotional content impacts business success when you come up with the right content and create good content to approach potential customers by sharing your companies’ human side.
  • Experts believe that people share exciting and engaging content to show it is fantastic and have good taste. Sharing surprising content can help to sustain the brand reputation in the online community.
  • Emotional appeal can evoke various kinds of emotions that may be positive or negative. Everyone loves a good giggle that makes people laugh by viewing your video and share it with their close ones.


Every marketer’s dream is millions of people should see their content and get benefited from your brands. Businesses need to ensure that emotional video content should leverage in their online marketing. Emotional engagement is vital for brands to grow their reach and effectively engage with their audience. Hopefully, you get an idea of how dynamic content shows the impact of video marketing.

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