Essential Elements For Creating The Best Facebook Video

Essential Elements for Creating the Best Facebook Video

Facebook is everywhere and in every which way has come in as a rival to YouTube. It has used its social networking platform to introduce videos that are viewed every day by millions of users. It has capitalized the online space just like YouTube has done over the past year or two and has set itself at a position where it can not only play videos but also suggest relative videos to the one that you’re watching.

Watching a YouTube video can do just that. You end up with just a piece of information in your head. But when compared to watching it over Facebook YouTube cannot so easily share the video with your friends, even on the Google+ list.

But how does one get the hang of what Facebook video can do and how it can influence a user to a particular business? The answer is in the text below.

  • Your videos will play automatically in News Feed, Native videos start playing immediately as people scroll through their Feed.
  • Your videos will have view counts, Public videos from people and Pages will now show view counts to help people discover them.
  • Focus on quality from the first frame, Since videos auto-play silently in Feed, you should lead with imagery that will catch a person’s eye from the very beginning.
  • Premier exclusive video content, Post exclusive video content to your Page to reward them with something that they can’t get anywhere else.
  • Use a call to action to invite people to visit a destination of your choice after viewing your video on Facebook, such as a website, where they can learn more, watch more, or purchase something.
  • Tag the Pages of people that appear in your video or that you want to make aware of your video to drive up organic distribution.
  • For each video you post to your Page, you can view metrics like video views, unique video views, the average duration people viewed your video and audience retention. These metrics are designed to help you learn what’s resonating with people and tune the length and content for your video audience.


The above is the guide for essential requirements and essential elements of Facebook Video. Facebook Video has some special qualities to become viral on other Social media. This is a simple guide for Essential Elements for Creating the Best Facebook Video.

How to Download Facebook Videos on iPhone

More and more video content is being accessed on smartphones these days. Data consumption is the problem to watch videos on Facebook and YouTube when commuting to work etc.

There are ways in which YouTube can download watched offline. There are no ways Facebook videos can download.

There are some apps to download Facebook videos on iPhone, but there are very few that are helpful. So what are how Facebook videos can download on iOS devices?

An app called MyMedia will be helpful to download Facebook videos.

  1. Go to the apps store and download and install the app.
  2. This app allows managing the media files on iPhone.
  3. Open the Facebook app and play the video of your choice.
  4. Copy the link to the clipboard of the iOS. Open MyMedia app and open website.
  5. Paste the video URL link here and tap on the button. HD or SD slow down options will appear to choose from.
  6. Choose one option and click on download. Give a name to the video file.
  7. MyMedia app downloads the Facebook files without any watermarks or without any limits to iPhone.
  8. Video Downloader is another app to save Facebook videos on iPhone.
  9. Download the app from App Store. Open the app and choose the category in which you want to download the video.
  10. Another useful app for Facebook video saving on iPhone is the Video Downloader Plus app present on an app store.
  11. Download the app and then open the Facebook account. From the list of your like videos, you can choose the video you want to download by tapping on it.
  12. Download the files and share it with friends on any other social media.

Mind Numbing Facebook Video Facts, Figures

Facebook video is the best alternative for the advertisers to promote their brands. People are spending 3 times longer time to watch live videos. The craze of live video is challenging the businessperson to target the social media websites. Facebook video revels the advertiser growth in the video marketing field. The list of Facebook Video Facts are given here.

  1. Out of every 10 people, one was on Facebook platform
  2. Nearly some 31 million business are having the Fan page on Facebook platform
  3. Nearly 20 million business had optimized their business pages for the mobile format
  4. Nearly 1.6 million business are spending on online advertising on Facebook platform
  5. 400 million people are using Facebook through mobile.
  6. Nearly 800 million people are using Facebook daily
  7. 1.34 million people are logging on to the Facebook at least once in a month.
  8. Nearly some 64% of users on Facebook are engaging on the Facebook platform
  9. Facebook users are spending 40 minutes average time on the Facebook platform
  10. 13b messages are sent every day from Facebook globally
  11. More than 250 million people are using the Facebook messenger every month
  12. 3 billion dollars were spent on Facebook advertising every month.
  13. The engagement on Facebook platform during the world cup is nearly 1 billion
  14. The Facebook video watching have greatly increased
  15. The majority of the Facebook revenue is noticed from the countries US and Canada
  16. According to the second quarter reports in 2014, the Facebook platform have earned nearly 2 billion dollars
  17. More than 82% of the top most applications are on the iOS and android
  18. Nearly more than 725 internet using people in USA were on the Facebook platform
  19. 800 million photos were uploaded onto the Facebook till now
  20. The value of the Facebook is 85 billion dollars

here we have given best 30 mind numbering facts about Facebook video. Facebook video has given best opportunities fro the video ad agencies to promote their brands bin between video ads.

Questions for Facebook – Issues with Facebook Video?

Here are some Questions for Facebook, check it and make use of this information and solve your Issues with Facebook Video questions also.

1. Buffering of videos taking interest out of us

While playing the Facebook videos, they are getting stuck for some time and then playing again. What is the solution for this?

2. High-speed internet connections were also not able to solve the buffering problem with videos.

So, what are the requirements we need to with for uninterrupted play?

3. We don’t have any control over the player and felt impatient many times

The controlling buttons on the player were sometimes disappeared and left us in a dilemma. What have we to do?

4. Switching to High definition was letting us wait more than five minutes and playing from the start again

How can we watch in High definition, if it was always going start over again and again?

5.Controls are out of our control during video watch

The controls of player were disappearing when you want to watch the next video. So, how can we view next one?

6.Managing copyrights was too complicated for us? Can you please suggest us?

7. You have provided excellent copyrights but, still, we are losing views as it took a day to approve.

Can you suggest us how a creator can overcome this problem of losing view count?

8. There is no encouragement and support for an average Facebook user as access was allowed to big Facebook users

How can a regular user get help and support in this aspect?

9.You are targeting on the giant brands and leaving the rest of the creators

How can Individual creators be benefited if you are looking for your revenues?

10. If the platform was targeting only big brands and allowing complete access to them, then how can startup companies and individual creators use the videos and the platform?

Can anyone from Facebook Video Team answer these Questions?

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Video Covers

No one will be there without knowing about the viral communication using Social Media Facebook Video Covers. This is the sovereign of the social media platforms that no one can beat.

Do you want to find something new about the advanced feature of Facebook?

Of course every day it’s coming up with the ultimate features with unbeatable success.

Facebook Video Covers

Facebook has stepped ahead to disclose the video feature “Facebook Video Covers” which gives much exciting for the hardcore fans of it.

This gives a lot of fun for the Facebook users to upload the videos with ultimate visual effects.

This is more advantageous for the expansion of the brand. The video content is more attractable than the textual content.

The brands can make use of it to attract the audiences to stay for a longer time by watching the video.

Facebook Video Covers Best Practices

As we discussed this is most useful for the business brands to communicate with the audiences to turn them into customers.

  • The resolution of the cover video should be 1080p.
  • The length of the video can be 20 to 90 seconds.
  • This cover video feature can be accessed on Facebook pages.
  • Focus on the centralization of the video while uploading i.e. make sure get all the required content to be displayed at the audience as the cover video.
  • Choose the options like mute or unmute to play your video at your audiences.

Creative Ways to Use Facebook Video Covers

  1. Explore your brand through outstanding story telling.
  2. Reveal the upcoming products or services.
  3. Disclose the latest offers of your tools or services.
  4. Make use of effective thumbnail and captions.
  5. Define the advantages of your products or services.
  6. Reveal your customers on cover video.
  7. Describe your page is about.

It is really exciting topic to discuss the Facebook cover video which is the most important feature, especially for brands. This can deliberately clutch the huge engagement for the page you create or created for the promotion of products or services.

10 Steps to Master Facebook Video

Measuring of the video engagement metrics provides us with a detailed analytics about the Facebook strategy performance with video content. It gives the ability to compare the performance of the video posts on the platform. Here are the ten ways to Master Facebook Video analytics.

Master Facebook Video Steps

1. VVR

The views to impressions can be measured by the number or percentage of users who viewed the post that spent before the video more than three second’s time. You have to calculate the ratio of the views on the total to the impressions in total. Both are available in the Facebook insights.

2. The 30 seconds view rate

This can be measured with the number of thirty seconds views by the total views which help in understanding the viewers that are engaged with your video on Facebook.

3. Keep altogether

Define your video engagement rate by comparing altogether with your video metrics in order to build the performance metrics.

4. Compare your paid traffic Vs organic traffic

Get clear understanding by comparing with the paid and organic traffic you received on the Facebook platform.

5. Audience retention graph

The graphical representation provided by the Facebook about your users’ engagement with your posts can be viewed at one shot with the audience retention graph.

6. Refine the top performance

Know about which video content is more engaging to your audience by the obtained analytic data.

7. Reveal the secret with metrics

Plan ahead with the abstract you have got from the analytics comparison and metrics. So prepare your content accordingly so as to boost your traffic.

8. Calculate your average engagement

The average engagement rates are not at all simple as you must calculate your overall metrics and obtain the average engagement metrics from it.

9. Shares, comments and Likes

These are the main engagement metrics on Facebook helps you to build the audience towards your content.

10. 95% view rate

Obtain the metrics about the audience who views more than 95 percent of view rates and target them.

All these above ways are helpful to master your Facebook video analytics and design your next strategic plan.

How Michelle Phan Uses Facebook Video to Cross-Promote YouTube Content

Michelle Phan, The ferocious 28-year-old mogul had a modest start with her family-living on food stamps at one point and now has a company with a $150 million annual sales run-rate. She has 1 million subscribers who receive her Glam Bags little sacks of makeup samples for $10 a month.

The makeup business is famous for its high margins. In 2007, Phan was a waitress, and couldn’t even get a job at a beauty counter because she didn’t have sales experience. She was undeterred.

YouTube was the biggest thing in the then college community, and it just made so much sense for her to have a platform. Phan began doing makeup tutorials. And people loved those makeup tutorials. Eyeliner technique turned into far more sophisticated lessons, like how to look like Lady Gaga in “Bad Romance.”


Michelle Phan was one of the earliest YouTube adopters to share beauty tutorials. Over the past seven years, she has uploaded more than 300 videos that have positioned her as a how-to influencer, with more than 7.7 million subscribers and almost 1 billion video views.

Michelle started uploading tutorial videos in May 2007. “Seductive Smokey Eyes Tutorial,” her first video to surpass 100K views, was only her tenth upload.

This video proved to be a turning point, and by the fall of 2008, the channel was averaging 600K views per month and she was focusing on uploading more consistently. However, this post is about how she used Facebook video to cross-promote YouTube content. Her method was simple.



Whenever she released a YouTube video, she also created a specially made trailer to promote it on Facebook video. This allowed her to get the best of both worlds, in this case, networks.

Over the past seven years, Michelle Phan has become one of YouTube’€™s most popular beauty influencers. She offers easy and inspirational makeup tutorials while simultaneously pushing the how-to format into new realms.

Her early success motivated her to commit to the platform with regular uploads, and she quickly learned effective strategies to introduce her videos to the widest audience possible.

The dedication, passion and attention she provides for her vast and growing audience is what keeps them coming back and supporting each new video.

Getting Started with Facebook Video Rights Manager

The Facebook platform had launched the new rights manager to protect the copyrighted content on its platform. It is just like a YouTube content ID system as an administrative tool for the pages which allows them to upload the video clippings with complete protection. The platform is going to monitor the copies of videos that are posted on a Facebook platform and generates the report on any violations of content and notify to the original publisher.

The right manager maintains the reference library of the video content to monitor and protect the material which includes live video streams and specifies the permissions in using or utilizing the video by setting the match rules. The rights manager also recognizes the new matches against the policy.

Claiming infringement

Before claiming one must send a message to the person who had posted the content and can resolve without contacting the platform or you can submit a report to the Facebook platform by filling a form.

Report submission

The online form is the fastest and straightforward way to submit the claim of infringement of the copyrights. You must submit the information related to your contact, organization etc. You must also describe the copyrighted work and the content along with the declaration.

Facebook is handling the repeated infringement on its platform

The intellectual property had reported the copyright ownership which is essential to the Facebook platform as to take action against the people that are saying for the copyright infringement. The platforms policy is to disable the accounts and pages of the people who had repeatedly involved in the violation.

Information to the user whose content was removed due to copyrights claim

The Facebook platform provides the report number along with the right holder’s name and email address that is provided by the reporting party along with the description of the removed content and the rights holders’ copyrighted work along with the removed content.

Counter notifications of DMCA process

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act applies to the content that was reported and removes the infringed copyrights. The counter notification can send users a warning of copyright infringement. After the platform receives the effective DMCA can forward to the reporting party which if does not notify the platform can be filed an action in seeking a court order within 10-14 business days and the restored content cannot count against the user of the account was reviewed to be potentially violated the policies.

10 Ways to Increase Facebook Video Organic Reach up to 200%

Facebook marketing has changed a lot over the few years. Here are some ten different ways to increase the Facebook video organic traffic. Here we go.

Right content for right audience

Yes, this is the first step you have to check before you stand for the increase in the organic reach. Know what type of content that your audience is interesting in. prepare ad post the relevant content to your audience in a different way to keep them engaged with your content.

Analyze Facebook insights

Test your content on Facebook and know everything from the Facebook insights report. Know about each and every page and learn to make the best data-driven decisions.

Visual marketing

Visual marketing is very powerful and it works well with the Facebook platform. So prepare some branded related videos and pull the tips from your blog and post it with some images. Also describe the video on the Facebook and let the audience engaged in the conversation.


The most common mistake that every marketer was still doing is a lack of engagement with the audience. Just posting on Facebook and left for other work can’t work anymore. The audience needs better response for their views. So stay engaged with the audience in their conversations.

Recycle the content

Don’t just kept preparing the new one all the time. Think about repurposing the content in a different way to stay connected with the audience.

Be a strategic planner in post timings

Plan the posting timings in your strategy. At least post twice a day for the best results. The weekends have great engagement levels than other days. The best times are 9AM, 1PM and 3PM and the best days Weekends, Thursday and Friday.

Be an interesting page to the visitors

Add value to your page by adding the interesting and useful content to the people.

Make a plan for your content posting

Make a right plan by organizing your content into image content, text content, video content etc. before you post. Advance planning really helps you to maintain the timing and strategy.

Increase your posting frequency

Try to post more than you post still now. Try increasing your number of posts comparatively to increase the engagement but don’t compromise on relevancy and quality.

Post the content that is already proved successful

Post the content which is already gone successfully. Use the same them and create something new relating to that.

The above all strategies helps you to reach the maximum reach organically on Facebook.

20 Facebook Video Facts and Insights

Facebook is the only social media app that helps in providing the vast traffic for marketing sites through video. Facebook grabs the attention of the viewers Globally. There are more interesting facts that you should know about Facebook as a user.

  1. According to recent reports it was declared that Facebook platform had earned more than 80 percent of the video interactions.
  2. Facebook has improved the analytics by featuring the ‘Videos ‘ tab in the insights
  3. The insights on Facebook help the marketers to track the viewers.
  4. YouTube has 40 minutes of viewing time on mobile at an average.
  5. The algorithm on Facebook has changed to track the user’s target
  6. Facebook video uploads rate on Facebook pages are very low in June
  7. Only one video was uploaded on the top active video pages on Facebook platform
  8. Nearly 34 percent pages are active with video content on Facebook platform.
  9. Nearly 530 video active pages are noticed on Facebook platform.
  10. Nearly 970 million daily active users are noticed at an average in the year 2015
  11. Mobile active Facebook video viewers were also increased in 2015 in June with 29.9 percent raise.
  12. Monthly active user rate is also increasing on Facebook platform year to year with 13 percent raise.
  13. Around 83 percent active users are from US and Canada.
  14. 76.5% advertising revenue was recorded in the second quarter on Facebook platform
  15. 1.35 million pieces of content was sharing on Facebook platform daily
  16. More than 55 percent people are under the age of 65 years are now actively using Facebook in the US.
  17. The posts that published during 10-11 pm EST has more interaction and favourable time on Facebook to post
  18. The posts with images have 160 percent interactions on Facebook comparing to average post
  19. 88.9% video posts have shared on Facebook
  20. Facebook is going to introduce monetization got its native video and still under process.

This could reveal the the roles and responsibilities of a Facebook to attain the peak position among all other social media sites. Choosing of this platform will be more useful for the startups.

15 Mind-Blowing Stats about Facebook Video

Facebook video, which is relatively young in comparison to YouTube which launched in 2005, is now delivering 4 billion daily viewers. That’s up from 3 billion views every day, which announced in January 2015. Facebook could upload a video for some years but didn’t get serious about it until 2014 when it adjusted its algorithms to weight video more heavily. By contrast, YouTube reached the 4 billion video views daily mark in 2012, about eight months after it had reached the 3 billion score and seven years after it launched.

Facebook video is big and it’s getting bigger. For the first time, YouTube needs to worry about losing its position as the king of online video. Here are some statistics for you to consider.

Stats about Facebook Video

  1. Take, for example, this video shared by Vox on Facebook. The page itself has 225,000 likes, but the video received over 1.1 million views since when it was shared on April 10.
  2. Users sharing video on retail and brand sites chose Facebook 46 percent of the time, with email accounting for 40 percent and Twitter capturing 14 percent of shares.
  3. 1 billion video views a day
  4. People around the world are posting 75% more videos to Facebook than they did a year ago.
  5. The number of videos showing up in people’s news feeds has increased by 360% compared to last year.
  6. It seems that as Facebook transformed itself into a mobile-first company over the past few years, it is now being converted into a video-first property.
  7. Video views on Facebook grew by 50% between May 2014 and July 2014
  8. Between June 2014 and September 2014 people collectively averaged 1 billion video views on Facebook each day.
  9. More than 65% of those views are happening on smartphones and tablets
  10. People are posting 94% more videos to the social network.
  11. Brands posted 20,000 more videos on Facebook than they did on YouTube in December 2014.
  12. Starting in January, however, content marketers increasingly began uploading videos to Facebook directly, with a 50% increase from January through May.
  13. In January 2014, Facebook was getting just over half of all video interactions.
  14. In December, Facebook videos received more than 80% of video all interactions
  15. For video, that network is now Facebook. And it looks like that fact is here to stay.

Facebook video is the one of best advertising tool in social media.According to statistics Facebook video views increasing everyday. The above are the mind blowing statistics about Facebook Video advertising.

Secret Features Available On Facebook Video

Facebook was born with the intention to connect people so that long last friends always keep in touch. While billions of users watch and use Facebook all the time, there are some features to Facebook that remain alien to the rest of the world. The site’s rich history includes dozens of unusual use cases, several redesigns, and countless new features. After 11 years of tweaks, you’ve probably gotten comfortable with the standard Facebook toolset posts, ads, events, and so on. But if we move past the classic line-up, you’ll find that there are many overlooked and, in some cases, hidden Facebook Video features that you might not know about that could benefit your overall strategy.

  • Available within Ads Manager, Audience Insights differs from Page Insights in that it looks at trends about your current or potential customers, whereas the latter only looks at the interactions with your Page. Although some demographic information is available on Page Insights, this is an important, separate tool designed to help you dive deeper and learn more about your target audiences.
  • Bookmark your favorite apps, pages, and groups from the home page. It’s the list of the News Feed, just below your profile picture.
  • One day it was there, and the next, it was gone. For the longest time, Facebook offered a ” Remove from events” link at the bottom of every event page, so that you could delete the event from your invites without rudely declining. Now, that option is hidden. To remove an event without declining, find your name on the guest list (left), hover over it, and click the x. Click Okay to confirm. The organizer won’t be notified of your action.
  • The four boxes below your cover photo can customize to your liking. Click the arrow on the number (on the right) to expand all your apps. Then, hover over a box, click the pencil, and you’ll see an option to swap the box with something else, or remove it entirely.
  • Friends. They mean well, but sometimes cross the line when tagging you in a post or photo you’d rather not make public to your friend list. Thankfully, Facebook gives you the option to approve tagged posts before they go live on your Timeline and in the News Feed for all your friends and family to see. Go to Account, Privacy Settings and select Edit settings next to ” How tags work.” Then hit Edit next to Profile Review and you’ll be prompted to turn on the settings. Now, every time someone tags you in a status, photo, or place, you’ll receive a notification and will be asked to approve the tag.

Video become the most powerful word across the web, and every platform was completely busy in focusing on Video development on their platforms. Everyone’s target was the video giant YouTube. Yes, more than 85 percent marketers were choosing the YouTube platform as their main marketing destination because the YouTube videos have higher rankings in search results and also helps the marketers to gain more exposure and better sales leads for eCommerce industries. YouTube videos makes everyone to go towards YouTube for the video marketing.

Facebook introduced a new feature now it’s been trending, for now, Facebook video in Newsfeed page. Facebook video is not as popular as the YouTube videos but for branding their business in the Facebook video get trending. It gives the best result for eCommerce websites, fashion boutique and food video channels.

The Facebook Video should be clear, and eye cache should explain everything in the minimum of 10 seconds. then only people get excited to know what is going to be next.

But, today, the completion was substantially on raise as the social media platforms like Facebook was entered into video marketing and turned as a big competitor to YouTube platform with its new video services and quality maintenance. But, still, it was unable to beat the Video giant.

There are many factors behind the Facebook video services, features which are still lagging. That is the reason why it was always unable to cross the YouTube platform in the video. Here are some best ideas for the Facebook platform regarding the trending videos feature on its platform.

Provide the users with a Dedicated Video Screen

The users are not feeling comfortable with the Facebook video as there is no such dedicated video screen to browse the favourite videos.

Design a video Based Genre

Provide the users with video based genres which help them to have better search for the video content on the platform.

Location Based Trends

Provide the users with the videos based on the location which is not there in YouTube platform. Location-based trending videos can help the business as well as the users too. It also helps the platform to develop more business too.

Develop better Filters for Trending Videos

Provide zoner wise videos for the users along with the best filters which can display the trending videos basing on the last hour to three months in a line. Allow the users to access the trending videos for last hour, 24 hours, one week and three months etc. This will helps the users to make their search easy.


Now a days no where in the world people who does not know about Facebook. People who got smart phones they definitely having Facebook account. In this article we have explained how to create Facebook Video for your business. we have clearly given an idea for Facebook Video features and trending things in Facebook.

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