Facebook Auto-Play Video Ads for Branding

Facebook Auto-Play Video Ads for Branding

Facebook auto-play video ads are the best way to get high conversion rates on Facebook platform. The auto-play unit on Facebook can push the ads towards the audience and increases the audience’s reach towards the product or brand. These ads help the advertisers to create awareness among the audience about their products and services.

Auto-play video ads for Product launch

Product launching plays a vital role in marketing practices that can be performed well using the autoplay video ads o the Facebook platform. By creating the different user groups with tracking can help the marketers to diversify the users and can maximize user engagement. The average user frequency towards the auto-play unit ads is very high. More than 96 percent impressions are recorded as maximum during the product launch using the autoplay video ads on Facebook platform.

The native video ad on Facebook is the most efficient way to drive the mobile user’s engagement and also targets the same user with various tactics, which helps the marketers to widen up their reach. The Facebook auto-play video ads can drive better branding as they can attract consumers and raise their interest to know more about the ads. While launching a product, marketers can target the relevant users on the platform using the autoplay video ads in their news feeds. The autoplay video ads raise the curiosity of the viewers to know more about the product, and there is a chance of high engagement with the viewers.

How Facebook is Getting Billions of Views

Video become the main agenda in a majority of the video marketing plans today as it was generating stunning results in the marketing world. Everyone was almost attracted to the videos and now busy searching and creating ways to present the videos in different ways on various platforms. YouTube is the video giant and the most prominent competitor to all the rest of the platforms on the web. So, the platforms are trying to overcome the YouTube platform and created their video feature to become number one on the internet. In this process, they are pulling the feet of new individual video creator’s ad, cutting their wings with free-booting. Especially the Facebook platform was mainly stealing some billions of video views from the YouTube platform.

The Algorithm on the Facebook platform preferred to YouTube links. The Facebook platform was cheating by using the autoplay video feature as their magic wand to generate the video views from the stolen videos. The auto-play videos play automatically without sound, and the Facebook platform calculates the video view if the video viewed for just three seconds. Sometimes the viewer is not a viewer and still counted as a view with the auto-play feature. The auto-play feature can be revealed by experimenting with an old video post and compared by posting the same on the Facebook platform. Facebook is has been building the video matching system. Finally, the platform was generating some billions of views from the stolen videos and with its feature.

How to Stop Video Autoplay in Facebook & Twitter

Autoplay videos become most common on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. These videos play without sound automatically in the news feed, which may sometimes disturb or interrupt you with the content. There are several offending videos uploaded onto the Facebook and Twitter platform. These Autoplay videos are very beneficial to marketers. But, when it comes to the social media user point of view, some users didn’t like the autoplay feature because some videos are very terrible to view them on one’s news feed on social platforms. The users can disable the autoplay video ads on Facebook and Twitter as follows.

Disabling the Autoplay videos on your Facebook Feed

  • To enable the autoplay videos on your Facebook feed on Desktop, go to the Settings section.
  • Choose video settings
  • Opt for “Off” button to stop Autoplay videos
  • If you are using the iOS mobile applications then you have to tap on the menu button that is an available bottom and go to the settings.
  • Tap onto the videos and pics
  • Tap the Autoplay and choose never play videos automatically in the options
  • If you are using the Android version then open the menu and go to help and settings by scrolling down
  • Tap on to the app settings
  • Off the autoplay videos

Disabling Autoplay Video Feature on Twitter Feed

  • Click on to your profile icon on the page.
  • Go to settings and scroll down.
  • Go to the content section and disable the autoplay on Twitter.
  • If you are using the mobile app, then choose “Never play video automatically” in video settings within the app.

This Type of technology advanced features are most useful only in one way of getting better results. But when it become hazards thing of annoying the public, then they might misuse this auto-play concept which could be the most dangerous one to all users.


follow the steps as mentioned above, which are simple and helps in stopping the auto-play ads of Facebook and Twitter. If you are not interested in watching video ads that are not liked by you, then you get relief to quit off from those auto-play ads. This could be hard for the advertisers whose intention is to use the auto-play concept on social media sites, but the user-friendly environment is the best way to create brand awareness.

20 Amazing Facts about Facebook Video Autoplay

Facebook also started interactions like adding video ads at the end of the video, but now it has been changed to in between videos. Nowadays explainer videos popularity has been raised.

Expliner video can reveals the entire content of that video description in first few seconds. Some videos will play automatic while scrolling the news feeds. The Facebook Video Autoplay get more popular in video marketing.

  1. Facebook platform had overlooked the YouTube with its interactions with videos during the end of the year 2014
  2. More than 8 2 percent interactions were received by the Facebook platform in 2014
  3. Facebook h ad also improved the video analytic tool by introducing a dedicated “Videos” tab which allows marketers to track views.
  4. Autoplay video ads on Facebook was introduced in the year 2013
  5. The autoplay videos play silently and can play full screen on clicking
  6. Facebook had improved its Algorithm for newsfeed to track the right content for its users
  7. The users cannot opt for the video ads and there is no force on user to watch the ads.
  8. The auto play video ad include in the personal accounts and verified pages on the Facebook platform
  9. The autoplay videos ads didn’t consume much mobile data plan
  10. The data is consumed if and only if the video is played with a sound.
  11. Less data will be consume d if the user just scrolled to the past autoplay videos
  12. If the user was using the Wi-Fi connectivity then the videos can be played through Wi-Fi only otherwise it will not play
  13. According to the survey reports, it was revealed that more than 90 percent people are watching the autoplay videos in U S
  14. Users are watching at l east one video per day on Facebook platform
  15. A study revealed that more than 6000 native video ads are uploaded on to the Facebook platform in one month
  16. More than 34 percent of the active video pages have uploaded with only one video each
  17. More than 28 percent pages are posted four videos per page
  18. Brands will be on the top place if they have posted more than two videos on Facebook. They can be top on 35 percent of pages on Facebook
  19. 100 videos are posted by 12 brands at an average
  20. More than 58 percent views are recorded for the autoplay videos on Facebook


Facebook video auto play videos show more impact on video ads. when anybody using Facebook Video auto play on their ads this generates more revenue. Here are some facts about Facebook video auto play.

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