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Getting Started with Facebook In-Stream Video Ads using Audience Network

The Facebook platform constantly experiments with new features that benefit its users, marketers, and publishers. The new in-stream video ad feature is today’s recent buzz about the Facebook platform. Facebook In-Stream Video Ads helps users, marketers, and publishers reach a vast audience using the in-stream video ads on the Facebook platform.

Facebook In-Stream Video Ads

The in-stream video ads offer an excellent opportunity for advertisers to reach a vast audience across the Facebook platform for their business promotion. The advertisers can deliver five to fifteen-second mid-roll video ads within the live and non-live video sessions on the Facebook platform.

The in-stream targeting will be based on the audience and the viewers of the same video content, and you will get different video ads based on the audience’s interests. These ads can be available separately to the ads manager and the Facebook power editor. They are known for video views and are utilized by the news feed combination for brand awareness and engagement.

Advertisers can make their choice for in-stream video ads for their new as well as for their current video campaigns in which you can evaluate the performance of the video ads individually.

The targeting options also support the in-stream video ads; Advertisers can utilize them based on brand safety controls or regulations to avoid delivery within similar categories.

Advertising with Facebook In-Stream Video Ads

If you run video ads on Facebook, you can add the in-stream video ads to your campaigns by utilizing the placements or by checking the in-stream box for the ad interface and using the ads API.

Suppose you are planning to create new ads. In that case, you can go for the automatic placements of ad units, and you are allowed to edit the deployment units and select the in-stream video in the ad manager and the power editor. The video ad placements must be between five to fifteen seconds, along with the sound included.

Facebook Audience Network

Facebook audience network is the new way to extend the ad campaigns by advertisers beyond the platform in their mobile apps.

The Facebook ads work well as they are more relevant, personalized, and straightforward to measure the metrics on both mobile and desktop. The audience network has many powerful features that are helpful for advertisers to reach a massive audience base.

The audience network ensures the best App-based experience by providing marketers with good targeting options available for Facebook ads, including the custom audience, core audience, and measurement tools useful for the Facebook ads.

It helps marketers to reach their potential audience with a single click. Marketers usually run newsfeed ads on Facebook by utilizing the audience network. The audience network is available for the ad interfaces as well as for the API. The Facebook system will optimize ads and deliver once the campaign runs in the audience network.

The advertisements in the audience network allow greater feasibility of driving better results for your business marketing and help reach the marketing goals’ primary objectives. Suppose marketers can drive sound installations and app downloads and boost engagement across the Facebook platform.

It also helps the marketers to deliver the best ads in the audience networks with three different ad formats, namely Banner, native, and interstitial ads.

The native format ads fit well in the App supporting ads, and the tests have revealed an excellent performance of these ads. It doesn’t need to focus on specific formats, and uploading the original ads to the audience network using the same images in the ads is unnecessary.

The Facebook SDK works with the mobile measuring partner, where marketers can measure app engagement, conversion rates, and demographics-related information. The Facebook and audience network campaigns can go individual, and results can be shown comprehensively.

We can expect the audience network to drive the best app installations and engagement, and Facebook includes additional marketing objectives for future improvements. So, we can expect more ad types in this audience network system.

Step-by-Step Guide to Monetizing Facebook Videos using Audience Network

Facebook audience network ads are the new way for monetization and promotion. Adding the Facebook audience network banners in your App is very simple, like on other ad networks. The Facebook Audience Network allows you to monetize the iOS and Android apps using ad targeting. Here is the step-by-step guide for Facebook video monetization using the Facebook audience network.

The main thing you need to do before going with the ads on the Facebook audience network is to log in to your Facebook account. It must not be duplicated or fake to start with duplicate artwork and monetization. You also need a good knowledge of appropriate programming languages for mobile websites.

Let us start with the steps required for Facebook In-Stream Video Ads

Configure Facebook In-Stream Video Ads

Set up your App on the Facebook platform by clicking the ‘Configure Facebook App’ button. It helps you create the app enabled with the audience network and allows the same in your existing Facebook app. It takes you to the audience network sections, where you can find the app dashboard to continue the configuration process.

Ad placements configuration

You can configure the ad placements using the unique placement ID, where you can create and configure the ad placement. You can also make many new arrangements with various ad units.

Audience network ads

Integrate with the audience network SDK in your App or mobile website and start showing your ads. You can review the implementation guide on the Facebook help page for Android, iOS, and portable web implementation.

Review Submission

Your App will be on the live Google Play and iOS App Store after the integration testing, and you can submit your request for reconsideration. Once approved, you can start showing the ads in real-time.

Payout information

To start making enough revenue from the audience network, you must fill in the bank information displayed in the payout tab. If this is not your first App, you must select the list of the companies you are acting as an admin. Once Facebook receives the information, your App will reach $100 of ad revenue and become eligible for payment.

Finally, you can generate real income from the Facebook In-Stream Video Ads from the Facebook audience network.

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