Facebook Video Organic Reach

50 Ways to Dominate Facebook Video Organic Reach: The Ultimate Guide

A lot of changes came in Facebook marketing in the last few years. Posts by brands are not visible in the feeds of their followers. A maximum of only ten percent of the fans is watching the posts the feed. There are around 1500 posts on an average in the news feeds of the users. This declined the organic reach of pages on Facebook. Here are the most significant ways to have the Facebook Video Organic Reach.

How can the organic reach of the posts can be increased on Facebook?

First, let us see what is organic reach on Facebook? It is the number of people who see the organic content. There are some tips to increase the organic reach.

  1. Marketers must create content that engages the audience.
  2. Post the right content to the right audience and choose the right time to post it.
  3. Analyze the metrics and know what type of content the people want to see.
  4. Humanize the brand by letting the people see behind the scenes.
  5. Use Facebook Live Video to keep the audience engaged.
  6. Don’t just post the links on your Facebook page. Post varieties of content. Find the right formula that will bring back the people to your page.
  7. Keep testing the content. Understand the meaning of the metrics and make necessary changes.
  8. Change your Facebook marketing strategy as and when needed. Remember, the same content will not work every time.
  9. Use images on your Facebook business page. These proved to get three times more engagement.
  10. Communicate your brand message using visual marketing which is a powerful tool.
  11. Create images by putting the tips from your blog posts and place them on your official page.
  12. Use the easy apps available online to created branded images in no time.
  13. Fans who liked your page want you to make them feel special. They should feel that you are approachable.
  14. Pay attention to the comments and likes.
  15. Reply to the comments or at least like the comments to acknowledge their interest.
  16. Create evergreen content which is relevant to your niche and which adds value to the fans.
  17. Find the best timing to post the content. Content posted at the right time helps it to go viral easily.
  18. Make the decision about posting content by looking for the insights. Some brands prefer posting at non peak times because there is less competition.
  19. Test different times and see which is working for your page.
  20. People watch the pages of brands for valuable information.
  21. Share something interesting and up-to-date information.
  22. Give solutions to the problems of the fans and users.
  23. Share the content of others which you feel will be valuable to your fans or followers.
  24. Share your knowledge. This can be a great reason for people to engage with your content.
  25. Facebook organic reach can be increased with consistency in posting.
  26. Plan your content in advance so that your fans will not lose interest in your page.
  27. There are different kinds of content such as blog content, other people’s content, branded images, Facebook live video etc. choose the type of content and plan it in advance.
  28. Increase posting frequency to keep the fans engaged.
  29. Post the testimonial videos of your customers to set yourself up for success.
  30. Don’t simply automate everything from scheduling posting and product updates. Add human touch to the social platform page.
  31. See that you product or service promotion does not exceed twenty percent of you Facebook page updates.
  32. Create a group with the most engaged audience on Facebook page. Provide them with the exclusive information and other benefits.
  33. Use the organic posts target feature of Facebook.
  34. Don’t use clickbait headlines just to grab the attention. This might annoy the fans and followers who may click the unlike button.
  35. Use attractive and sensational titles only when the content is equally sensational.
  36. Use clean, informative and appropriate headlines and not the misleading ones.
  37. Hashtags are more popular on Twitter and Instagram and use them in Facebook pages also to make the content discovered and increase organic reach.
  38. Choose the hashtags that are popular and trending.
  39. Amplify your posts by using the tagging and mentioning functions on Facebook.
  40. Use the native videos in your posts to drive engagement.
  41. Native videos are a great way to reach people as these are directly uploaded and autoplay in newsfeeds.
  42. Request your employees to share the posts to their friends to increase some reach.
  43. Show the fans who is your brand, this builds trust and relationship.
  44. Show events of your brand live to your fans.
  45. Let people understand that their voices matter. Ask them questions and encourage them to continue conversation.
  46. Show them that you care for them. Ask them their opinion on different things such as your product or service.
  47. Respond to the acts of the loyal fans who are trying to connect with you. If you do not respond to their comments, they may stop commenting and visiting the page.
  48. Use highly shareable images in your posts, these can be informational images are high engagement videos.
  49. The more you reach our fans with the posts. The more traffic, engagement and sales.
  50. Test and implement any of the above tips and see the results.

Increasing Facebook organic reach is challenging and tricky. You will need to be savvy to appear more in the news feeds. The posts appear in the news feeds based on the frequency of publishing, the number of comments and shares, user interaction with the page etc.

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