Facts and Figures about Facebook Video

50 Mind Numbing Facts and Figures about Facebook Video

Entrepreneurs and developers eager to watch new techniques for the development business. Facebook has launched the Facebook videos feature for the entrepreneurs to advertise their business through Facebook video ads.

Facebook making more revenue from the Facebook videos where publishers post their videos in between the videos like video ads. The Best SEO technique for the industries to promote their brands through Facebook videos.

  1. More than 1.58 billion monthly users are active on the Facebook platform.
  2. According to the research reports it is revealed that nearly 48 percent pages on Facebook don’t upload videos in June out of 1000 pages.
  3. Nearly 90 percent people are accessing Facebook via mobile phones
  4. One in 13 people are using Facebook
  5. More than one million video links are shared within 20 minutes
  6. 530 video active pages are uploaded
  7. More than 5700 native video content was uploaded
  8. 8.1 billion video views daily
  9. More than 100 million hours of video was watched per day
  10. More than 500 million users are watching video content on Facebook
  11. 87 percent social media users from US are watching video on Facebook
  12. 10 million comments are posted on video posts in 20 minutes
  13. Average user on Facebook was creating at least 90 pieces of content every month
  14. More than 70 translations are available on Facebook site
  15. 70 percent users on Facebook are from outside of US
  16. More than 20 million applications are downloaded from the Facebook every day
  17. Every two videos were posted for 14 percent pages
  18. Every three videos posted on 11 percent pages
  19. The top twelve brands on Facebook were posting at least 100 videos each
  20. Facebook announced the monetisation plan for its video creators just like YouTube platform does.
  21. 38k average number of video views are reported
  22. The video view on Facebook referred as the view of three seconds and more
  23. The autoplay video views are also counted
  24. The average view duration on Facebook is 18.3 seconds
  25. Average length of the video is 55.4 seconds
  26. New float button was recently introduced by Facebook
  27. The floating button allows users to click and watch the video from anywhere
  28. Autoplay video views had dominated the click to play
  29. 78 percent video views on Facebook are from autoplay videos
  30. 21 percent viewers are from click to play
  31. 54 percent views are under 30 seconds
  32. 68 percent views are under autoplay and click to play
  33. 42 percent pages are used for paid ads for promotions
  34. 7.4 percent video views are through Facebook advertising
  35. 43 percent organic views are completed
  36. 31 percent are accounted under the paid views
  37. 93 percent engagement was from clicks
  38. 4.8 percent are from likes
  39. 1 percent are shares and 0.8 percent are comments
  40. The platform was now valued more than 85$ billion
  41. The significant part of revenue is from advertising and virtual products
  42. 25 percent internet users aged between 16 to 64 are visiting more than once in a day on Facebook
  43. An average users has more than 246 friends
  44. 6.7 million users are noticed from Netherlands daily
  45. 75 percent adults online were considering themselves as an active user of Facebook excluding China
  46. 57 percent people in Finland are using the Facebook platform
  47. 80 percent people are from Norway are using the Facebook and half of them are most interested in video content
  48. More than 2.6 million websites are get integrated with Facebook
  49. Developers and entrepreneurs from 189 countries are building their platform on Facebook
  50. More than 760 million photos are uploaded to Facebook during New Year.


Facebook video is standard for all people who use Facebook app, but now Facebook introduced a new feature for entrepreneurs to promote their brands. In this article, we have listed 50 mind-blowing fact and figures about Facebook Video.

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