Hashtags For Instagram Video Marketing

How To find Right Hashtags For Instagram Video Marketing

Do you remember Hashtags first hit social media in 2007? Finding the right hashtags for Instagram Video Marketing is given here.

Yes, it’s been a long time since Hashtags hit social media, and now, it has become a staple in social media marketing.

Are you trying to be a master to secure the likes of Instagram?

It’s a little bit typical to understand the hashtag strategies of Instagram, and hashtag strategies matter in every aspect of Instagram marketing.

Instagram has changed its way of interacting with people with hashtags on posts as consumers and brands. Instagram hashtags have the power to engage with the audience for viral posts and brand awareness.

Types Of Hashtags For Instagram Video Marketing

Instagram hashtags take your business to the next level. We should implement the hashtags at the right place and time to see extraordinary results in Instagram marketing. Generally, people use two types of Hashtags: Branded and Community.

There are several Instagram hashtags for brands to use; the type of hashtag depends on the campaign, proposal, and engagement goals.

Branded Hashtags

According to research, 70% of the hashtags on Instagram are branded or use brand names, and more than 70% of the people search with brand names on the Instagram platform.

Branded hashtags contain a brand name or products or a particular Instagram campaign. Branded hashtags are unique to your brands and your business. It helps you to showcase and collect user-generated data.

For example, if I choose the Fashion industry, include your designer or collection name as hashtags. Include brand names on your Instagram bio so people can quickly get your brands with this collection.


It would be best not to use the spammy tags in your marketing. Try to avoid the overuse of hashtags in a post. Sometimes, bots take these included in an automatic posting.

Community Hashtags

Community hashtags look into more natural hashtags used to build an excellent community for business. These hashtags drive deep into the business to educate the audience about your business.

Community hashtags are not as popular as branded hashtags but are best to build a community for brands.

For example, if your business is specialized in your location, you can add the location name before the company.


How To Find the Right Hashtags On Instagram

Instagram has an authoritative campaign in Instagram strategy. Researchers have proven that posts with one hashtag have 12.6% more engagement than posts without hashtags.

These little tags show a significant change in content marketing to reach a wider audience, and it attracts new followers to the business.

Instagram has over 500 million daily active users, so the Instagram landscape is changing daily. The Instagram hashtag makes your work more accessible once you start working on hashtags.

Most influencers post content relevant to your brands using Instagram Analytics tools to analyze and find the right hashtags.

Finding a new hashtag on every Post is tricky if you are new to the Instagram hashtag strategy. Use low-competition hashtags to promote your business.

Choose a hashtag that has less competition and is relevant to your business. Including the most popular hashtags in your Post is easy, but it creates more competition for your posts. When Instagram users begin to follow hashtags, they appear on relevant hashtags.

Use the Right Hashtags For Your Business

Before working on Instagram hashtags, you should understand what type of Hashtags should be included in Instagram posts and how to use them.

Ninety-five billion posts are produced on Instagram daily; without hashtags, sharing on Instagram is useless. Instagram hashtags showcase Instagram posts in front of the audience and lead your business to the next level.

Hashtags make your content more searchable and appealing to the targeted audience. Popular Instagram hashtags increase your post views.

The number of hashtags appears as top trending posts on Instagram, with millions of updates backlinked to this—Popular hashtags on Instagram help to make your content in front of customers.

Nowadays, Instagram introduced Hashtags people to follow two or three hashtags, which will lead to new followers

#love #Instagood #photooftheday are a few famous Instagram hashtag examples.


Specific hashtags on Instagram connect with your targeted audience. To see more impact on Instagram video marketing, we should use some particular hashtags to attract a targeted audience.

# Instagramarketing and #weddingphotography are the best examples of this type of hashtag.


Branded hashtags enhance your brand reputation. We should use the organization’s name as a hashtag to create our brand identity.

You can also use brand-specific hashtags for your business promotions. When introducing a branded hashtag, remember the hashtag should be a simple, short, and straightforward word.

How many Hashtags should we use per Post?

There are a lot of controversies going on Instagram on how many hashtags should be included in an Instagram post or Instagram stories.

Generally, Instagram allows users to add up to 30 right hashtags on each Post instead of adding too many hashtags.

Research the hashtags and add 30 for your Post to generate good results.

Track the Instagram analytics using Instagram analytics tools to get high-priority hashtags.

Track the engagement, likes, interactions, and followers for every hashtag to find out the most successful hashtags.

You can use up to 10 right hashtags for your Instagram stories. Don’t use too many hashtags that will overwhelm your viewers.


If you are new to the hashtags strategy and don’t know how to utilize hashtags on Instagram, here is the ultimate guide to finding the right hashtags for Instagram video marketing.

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