How to shoot and film 360-degree Virtual Reality content: Ultimate guide to 360-degree video

Shooting and filming is a time-consuming and cost-effective way to create 360-degree virtual reality content. Many businesses use 3D video, 360-degree video, and Virtual Reality content interchangeably. Facebook has launched its support for 360-degree videos on its timeline, so anyone with the proper camera can shoot and upload a 360-degree video. Capturing immersive 360-degree videos is not complicated, but a few things need to be considered to shoot and film 360-degree virtual reality content. Let’s jump into it.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of 360-degree videos by now. These are videos filmed in all directions simultaneously, allowing the viewer to pan around and explore the scene with their cursor. They can be viewed on YouTube and other platforms using a special VR headset like Google Cardboard or even just on a mobile device.

Did you know that you can shoot and film 360-degree virtual reality content with your smartphone? It’s true! In this blog post, we will show you how to do it. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced filmmaker, keep reading for easy tips on creating 360-degree videos using your smartphone.

Ultimate guide to 360-degree video

Spice Up Your Shoots:

Make sure to spice up your shoot by creating a fun and trendy environment.

Good camera:

Select a good camera for high-quality footage that supports virtual reality and full 360-degree viewing.

Use unipod:

Make sure to use the Unipod instead of a tripod. These are trending now for filming 360-degree footage.

Use natural light:

Please take advantage of the natural light when it is available.

Point to the Front Lens:

Always point the front lens when you start shooting. Use various lenses for different types of footage.

Invisible selfie stick:

Use an invisible selfie stick for shooting adventure shooting or when you were only taking your video.

Keep the focus on Object:

Focus on keeping the object in one camera instead of using multiple cameras.

No Framing, No Problem:

Try to focus on covering the full-frame. If not, no problem.

Maximize viewing quality:

Make sure to maximize the viewing quality on 360-degree video supporting platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

Accept the imperfections:

As a beginner, try to accept the imperfections as part of your filming journey.

Stabilize the camera:

Keep your camera stable to avoid shaky videos.

Hide the microphone:

Hide the microphone if you are not using it right now. Please make use of it only when you go for dubbing or adding voice.

Post Production:

Try to focus more time on post-production work still get the perfect footage.

Fast memory Card:

Use a fast memory card for saving all your data; keep one spare card if necessary.

Get the Right Equipment:

First, list out all the equipment you need to shoot and buy the necessary things.

Resolution is not mandatory in 360:

Buy an excellent 360-degree camera, no need to worry about the resolution issues.

Go hands-Free:

Go with the hands-free pocket trick and follow the tips and tricks for filming.

Involve the audience:

Involve your loyal audience in your footage.

Hide the seams:

Hide some footage if not needed in your video. Keep it for behind the sense footage.

Keep your distance:

Maintain proper distance from the camera to make a good quality video.

Battery and SD Card:

Be prepared with enough battery and SD card; if necessary, keep backup for the battery.

Choose best Tripod:

Search and buy the best tripod for 360 cameras for shake-free footage.

Exaggerate perspective:

Focus on filming from all angles for shooting to showcase the variations.

Live-monitor Footage:

Always monitor your footage in live for high quality and useful content.


If possible, maintain a storyboard before the shoot starts.

Consider the Audio:

Consider the Audio capture carefully to avoid unwanted, disturbing voices.

Overshoot, if Possible:

Try to overshoot for perfect footage; make sure to be perfect without any disturbances.

Bring Clean lenses:

Maintain a soft cloth to clean the lenses often.

Spend Plenty of Time:

Spend a lot of your time on shoot location, do repeated rehearsals.

Choose your scene carefully:

Carefully choose the scenes if it is possible to shoot in 360 degrees.

Same Settings:

Make sure to have all the settings are the same till the completion of your shoot.

Camera Location:

Carefully consider the camera location that it does not break or wet with water.

Keep Device same height:

Try to keep your device at the same height so that that object can look picture perfect.

Insert Logo:

Make sure to insert the logo in your footage to bring a professional look.

Shoot Video instead of Photo:

Video content is trending in the market, so know the right time to shoot a video instead of a photo.

Keep all videos in the Same Timeline:

Try to keep all videos in the same timeline for easy video editing.

Keep a light:

Consider the proper lighting even though if you are using both the camera lenses.

Sacrifice video quality:

Be prepared to sacrifice the video quality if it not up to the mark when you are sharing on other accounts. It takes a lot of time to reshoot.

Narrate the Social points:

Consider the right script to direct the viewer to unique focal points of interest.

Don’t turn the camera:

Do not turn off the camera once the shoot is finished, which may lead to a content loss.

Keep Object in the Foreground:

Always keep the main object in the foreground, but it should not be too close.

Think like a Viewer:

Start the scene with the audience-oriented that should quickly grab the audience’s attention.

Be aware of lighting:

Be aware of weather conditions and lighting changes so that it should not disturb your schedule.


As long as you take a well-prepared approach to shoot 360-degree footage, ensure that be ready with all of the key elements before the day of shooting. The primary things to consider and shoot the unique footage of that everything goes smoothly. Follow the above tips as a piece of helpful advice, then your shoot will be exciting to produce good content to exceed your expectations.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to shoot and film 360-degree virtual reality content, we’re here for you.

We can help with all aspects of this process, from shooting the video or photos using special cameras, stitching them together into a coherent experience, and then delivering it in an immersive way that’s perfect for your target audience.

Contact us today if you want more information on our VR Content Consulting services!

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