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How to Use Video in Your Marketing Automation

The marketing Automation process includes software to manage, execute, and automate the marketing funnels using video. Video marketing automation platforms maintain a huge CRM to retrieve customer data, which leads to sales. Using video in marketing automation should increase the marketing efficiency, release the relevant content that drives business growth, and primely deliver a personalized experience to your customers. There are several options available out there regarding marketing automation using video. Follow the below tips to stay ahead of the competition.

How to Use Video in Your Marketing Automation

Master in Video Marketing:

Marketers must become master the art of video marketing. Stay up to date with the upcoming trends and strategies.

Classify your Leads:

Make sure to classify your leads depending upon the type of action and behavior of the audience.

Talk to your sales team:

Try to arrange and organize the meetings with the Sales team, discuss the sales strategies and marketing automation tools.

Identify the right profiles:

Make sure to identify the right account, which helps find the right audience.

Set Goals:

Focus on setting goals for your business. Track and manage success through automation tools.

Classify Video Content:

Classify your video content that may be promotional and for landing pages.

Talk to your C-Suite:

Make sure to Organize the meetings with your creative suite for producing more creative content.

Begin with Plan:

Get ready to create your content, then just begin the strategic plan to introduce your brands’ automation.

Give subscribers control:

Control your subscribers based on the action and automation tools.

Determine the goal:

Determine the goals for your marketing efforts by various platforms.

Activate campaigns:

Make sure to activate the video marketing campaigns at the right timings and track your goals through the campaigns management dashboard.

sales and marketing:

Align your sales and marketing performance and budget. Choose the right marketing platforms to automate your promotions.

Quirky Videos:

Try to create unusual and quirky videos that people could not try to change. It helps but increases your video watch time.

Video type:

Choose the right videos for marketing your products and services that should be optimized to any automation platforms.

Landing Page Videos:

Create a fantastic video for your landing page. Welcome Videos can help to grab more audience attention and drive more traffic to your websites.

Long-term goals:

Set long term goals for your business will lead organic traffic to your sites.

Improve customer engagement:

Consider customer engagement as one of the primary goals; increased audience engagement drives more leads.

Be straightforward:

Maintain the consistency in scheduling the content on marketing automation platforms for quick leads.

Email Content Strategy:

Plan out your most valuable video email content with unique strategies. Video Emails can enhance your product sales directly through the call to action. Try to video email marketing tips to upsell current customers.

Optimizes Campaign Performance:

Make sure to measure and optimize your video marketing campaign performance in marketing automation platforms. Keep on monitoring your campaigns for better results.

Personalized Marketing:

Personalize and target your audience through various automation platform by sending targeted emails and messages.

Find use cases in your Industry:

Identify and introduce the use of cases within your niche industry and outside the industry.

Advantage of GIFs:

Take advantage of GIF content in your marketing. GIFs can easily attract and clicked by more viewers.

Product Demonstration:

Demonstrate your complete products in a single video and use automation platforms for compelling video marketing.

The Call-to-action:

Introducing a strong call to action in your video content may lead to more ROI for your business.

Segment the customer base:

Try to segment your marketing content into various chunks and leverage it through different automation platforms by targeting the audience.

Customer story videos:

Leverage the Testimonial video and review videos, and sent it through the marketing platform for more leads.

Use Cinemograph’s:

Use the cinemagraphs for creating excellent videos suitable for your marketing. Unique video content drives more brand awareness.

Tutorial Videos:

Product Tutorials videos for eCommerce products increase the buying decisions. Introduce more Tutorials in your video hosting platforms as Blog Posts.

Video Emails:

Create a fantastic video and embedded the video links in your email campaigns. Schedule and send out the emails through marketing automation tools.

Screen Recordings:

Record your guest interviews, Webinars using different screen recording platforms, which is useful for marketing purposes. Edit and Share the Recorded footage with your audience.

Informational Product Videos:

Create amazing product videos with an useful information for the viewers. Share the videos through video marketing platforms.

Budget-friendly Platforms:

Make use of resources available at rough and low-cost. Get ready with the content to stand out top of marketing funnels.

Long-form content:

For a few complex products, create long video content for detailed descriptions. Unique and long-form content drive a targeted audience to your brands.

Sales Funnels:

Identify and track the right sales funnels where your leads are coming from. Gather the complete viewer’s information through analytics platforms.

Lead Generation Campaigns:

Start creating the campaigns that lead several leads for converting them to conversions. Identify the target audience and set goals where in the funnel your leads are.

Audience Reactions:

Make sure to test the audience’s reactions through various marketing automation tools. Find the right audience to go for remarketing your products.

Market Local Events:

Market your local event videos with the help of video emails. Share the Event links in a week before the Live starts to know how many people are interested in joining in your live events.

Come up with Script:

Be prepared with the right script; practice it again and again for shooting. Edit your shoot with the video editing tools to get the final output.

Set up powerful CTAs:

Set up a powerful CTAs for the video to leverage on landing pages. Clickable CTAs directly drive your audience to Website landing pages.

Video Hosting Platforms:

Choose the right video hosting platform to Host the video using your website or the right platform.

Twitter Pre-Roll Ads:

Take advantage of the pre-roll ads to reach the right and target audience on Twitter.

Social Media Networks:

Use social networks that support the video as a customer service channel. Incorporate the personalized videos into massagers to increase your sales process.


If you want your business to stay ahead of the competition, marketers need to build a robust video marketing strategy to support every Buyer’s journey phase. Video marketing has become an integral part of your video marketing campaign, and it’s time to take advantage of Marketing Automation to achieve excellent marketing results. Hopefully, you get an idea of marketing automation basics you might be interested in leverage for your business.

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