YouTube for Branding

How Universities can Use YouTube for Branding

Many times, it is the social media that helps to learn more about universities. Universities use social media sites such as YouTube as a tool for branding, recruiting and engaging students. Why should universities choose YouTube for Branding?

This is because the student demographic immersed in the social web. Access to internet and usage of smartphones more and more essential populations are embracing social media.

YouTube is one of the most significant platform in the world. Using YouTube helps in reaching the target demographic easily. With so many benefits, universities have no other choice but to make YouTube a part of their promotion strategy.

Large numbers of universities are using YouTube. From attracting the new students for admissions to informing existing students about what is happening on the campus, universities have recognised the impact of YouTube.

Why YouTube for Universities?

Large numbers of young people are using social media such as YouTube. YouTube is the place where student tries to find information. There are many reasons why universities should choose YouTube for Branding, and these include brand awareness, recruitment, and community creation.

Best Practices for universities to use YouTube

Using YouTube proves to be beneficial for some universities, and some may not get great success. Some best practices want to build efficient YouTube channel.

Before starting a YouTube channel, universities should think about the content they will be posting, the people they aim to engage and then establish a strategy.

Defining goals is also important. It is good to know what to accomplish with the social media.

There are many numbers of social media platforms. There is no need to have the presence on all the platforms. If there is a lot of campus videos to be posted, then choose YouTube.

Find where your target audience is. A university usually has many departments and unique content is watched by a unique audience. It is, therefore, good idea to support individual department.

The social media presence is an extension of the branding of the university. Keep the voice same across all the YouTube channels.

YouTube for Branding for Universities

For any university or for that matter any business who wants to build their brand online must create high quality and engaging content. It should be made shareable by the target audience and the followers.

When the content is good, it will be liked, shared, commented and viewed by the audience. This type of interaction helps to build brand awareness. Universities must offer high-quality content to increase brand awareness and to get higher rankings in search results. More organic search traffic might lead to more student enrollments.

Planning is necessary for any university to make the content viral across the internet. For this, they have to understand the target audience. A well-made content not only is shared by the students but can also be shared by professors, politicians, and professionals which in turn will help to place the content in front of potential students.

Types of Videos Universities can Create

The Video is playing a dominant role when it comes to sharing information. People prefer watching videos than to read a newsletter.

Most universities have educational videos, lectures and another type of videos on their YouTube Channel for Branding. Student-specific or course-specific information is hosted separately. The videos should be created to appeal and captivate the audience. These should be informative also.

Engage professionals or make one of the professors in the university to give lectures on different topics. Not only the issues in the course but also about new scientific developments, political conditions, etc. To attract prospective students, create videos that give them information on what facilities they can get at the university.

Show them how the life of the student will be on the campus. Create videos to show the sporting achievements. Videos that depict the journey of the university from the day it founded will make for great content.

Increase YouTube following by creating videos focusing on the current events in the country. Do not always discuss the university but also choose the topics of interest to diverse students. Encourage the followers to have the open and friendly conversation. This engages not only the students but also the wider audience.

Let the tone of the videos be unique and similar to all the videos. The channels must frequently be updated. Help the students to get clarifications on their doubts. Create videos on interesting topics. Offer helpful advice to the students. Updating the channels regularly will help keep the audience engaged.

YouTube indeed is the place to connect with prospective students directly. There are also others such as career advisors, teachers, and parents who can influence the decision making. So target these influencers also by sending them videos and videos link and encourage them to recommend the university.

Show behind the scenes videos at the events, live telecast the important events through YouTube. Engage professionals to manage the YouTube channel for the university. They can help identify the audience, create content that is suitable for different sections of people, engage them and help build the brand.

Universities are realising the power of YouTube and are allotting more resources and are expanding their social presence. Having good reputation is important to compete for students.

Branding activity and the effect of it will have an impact on student recruitment. Overall, YouTube gives an opportunity for universities to connect with students and establish YouTube for Branding.

How to Use Instagram Stories for Branding and Marketing

Instagram is one of the popular social platforms that have a large number of users. It is easy to use Instagram stories for branding and marketing, and this feature was added by Instagram to allow the users to create temporary videos or photos to form a gallery.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories were introduced to get the user’s post bunch of photos or videos. It is easy to create the Instagram stories.

How to create Instagram Stories

Here are the steps to create Instagram stories. Go to your home screen on Instagram and tap the plus button on the top left side. Tap the circle button at the bottom of the screen to either record the video or to take pictures. Edit the photos or videos by adding required text. You can also use the pen icon to add required effect. After completing the editing tap on done and save the story. The story can be shared by tapping on the check mark button.

How Brands can Leverage Instagram

Numbers of brands using Instagram are increasing. These brands can use Instagram stories in the following ways. Stories can be used to take the followers and a journey and tell the behind the scenes stories. Instagram Stories can follow by all the brands irrespective of size. Stories help the followers to pay more attention to the feeds and boost engagement. Instagram stories allow the brands to collaborate with other influencers and brands and share their content. Instagram stories can be used by brands to produce live video content also.

How to Use Instagram Stories for Marketing and Sales

An Instagram account must be different from the personal account. With more than five hundred million active users per month millions of photos and video uploads per day, this is the place for brands to market themselves and increase their sales. Instagram stories allow editing, uploading photos and videos and sent messages, upload advertisements, etc. and all these can view by the audience for twenty-four hours. Show behind the scenes to your followers or show them a day at your office or post questions and answers. Post tips and tricks for different brands. Offer discounts on Instagram stories. The discount will be available for twenty-four hours, and the customers will have to rush to avail of the discount. It is helpful to increase sales.

Best Practices for Creating Instagram Stories

Create Instagram stories and use the Mentions option to tag more than ten people to a post. Put links to the stories. However, this can be done only by verified Instagram users. The users can insert Boomerangs in the Instagram stories. Boomerang stories can be posted directly on Instagram stories. Tag individuals within the story, and these are very effective practices in increasing engagement. Make each follower feel special. Brands can create person-specific content and content that is valid for only limited time. Assess the success of the stories by measuring the opening rate, completion, and so on. Another indicator of the success of the story is the feedback of customers and subscribers.

Instagram stories are similar to Snapchat in many ways. However, there are some differences. On Snapchat stories, brands can upload polished photos, unlike the raw photos on Snapchat. It is the most preferred <href=”https:”” social-media-video-marketing-strategy=”” “=””>social network for brands who would like to target the Gen Z. Brands use Instagram stories to take viewers to exclusive events or behind the scenes. Instagram stories can be used to connect with the fans emotionally. Instagram offers a large audience to the posts.

10 Creative Ways Brands Are Using Instagram Stories

Digital marketing for any marketers is for building community and making the brand a part of the life of the audience. Instagram has millions of monthly users, and millions of photos and videos uploaded daily. The Instagram stories allow uploading photos, videos, editing them, send a direct message, etc. Here are Creative Ways Brands Are Using Instagram Stories.

1. Instagram stories are really about being transparent. This can be achieved by posting behind the scenes videos using Instagram stories. This creates a deeper connection between the brand and the audience.

2. Show them the persons behind your brand or show them how the products are made.

3. Show the audience a day in your office.

4. Instagram stories can be used to make the audience a part of the video marketing strategy. Ask the followers to like or share the posts.

5. Ask the followers what they want to see from you.

6. Use Instagram stories to post questions and answers. Offer limited discount using Instagram stories. Tell your followers that the discount will be exclusively available for them for only twenty-four days. Featuring the story in the brand feeds to ensure that number of followers will see it.

7. Let your followers know about the Q and A by posting a video or photo informing them.

8. People love to know tips and tricks from brands.

9. Use Instagram stories to tell the audience why your brand is special and tell them how using the product will solve their problems.

10. Step by step instructions for doing something can be posted.

The above are the simple ideas on how to use Instagram Stories. There would be other creative ways that can be included in the Instagram stories marketing strategy.

How to add Snapchat snaps to Instagram Stories

When coming to the promotion of a business online, the marketer has many options like Snapchat and Instagram to name a few apart from Facebook and LinkedIn.Each of the platforms offers their own unique opportunity for the marketer.

Snapchat was started its journey in 2011 and is available in 20 languages worldwide.Brief highlights about this platform:

May 2012 – 25 images/second were being sent.

November 2012 – shared over one billion posts (daily sharing @ 20 million photos).

December 2012 – addition of the ability to send video snaps.

October 2013 – Introduction of ‘My Story’ feature

October 2014 – addition of video chat.

May 2015 – users sending 2 billion videos per day.

2016 – 10 billion video daily views.

The above amply suggest the growing popularity of Snapchat.

Brief snippets about Instagram:

• It is a freeware available for all OS i.e., windows, apple, android.

• Available in 25 languages world-over.

• Coming from Facebook the platform has been in existence since 2010.

As a natural consequence, marketers would be interested in promoting his content on multiple channels as above i.e., Instagram & Snapchat as well.

Now here is the list of steps to upload Snapchat Snaps to Instagram Stories.

1) Create new snap in Snapchat.

2) Save the snap chat & exit out by tapping the ‘x’ in the upper left-hand corner.

3) Tap the Memories button at the bottom of the interface below the shutter.

4) Under “Snaps” tab, tab the snap saved in step 2 above.

5) Reveal the edit interface by swiping up on the screen.

6) Tap Export Snap by tapping the hamburger button in the upper left-hand corner.

7) Save image/video.

8) Move to Instagram.

9) Open the “Stories” interface.

10) View the videos saved in the last 24 hours & selected exported snap (step 7 above).

11) Add additional text, comments etc and Save.

Though it is a very simple process, there is no automatic updating of content across platforms. The marketer has to engage some talent to promote his content on multiple platforms i.e., Snapchat & Instagram.

The combination of both Snapchat and Instagram will be the fine way to boost the promotion strategies that explore the business branding. After analyzing this article you might know how the Snapchat and Instagram will be merged in a simple way.

Instagram Stories Advertising: The Ultimate Guide for Brands

Instagram has more than 300 million active users who share 2 million photographs every day. The platform had started a feature called stories. The Instagram stories feature similar to the snapchat feature.

The Instagram stories are not the main feeds, and they can be posted in a separate space instead of timelines. It prevents the spamming on your friend’s timeline. Advertisers targeted this feature to leverage the marketing outcome. Let us know how to advertise with the Instagram stories feature.

Instagram stories advertising

• Advertisers always target the new features that are trending across the web. The Instagram Adverts are very immersive, and they can appear in full-screen mode.

• These adverts can help your business to target the people by enhancing the targeting capabilities.

• They can target with the personal relevance of the people you are focused.

• These adverts are also leveraged the analytics with measurement tools that increase the confidence in businesses and for advertisers.

• You can display the adverts to the maximum number of targeted people in your audience. You can also have better control over your adverts.

Instagram Stories Ad specifications and video dimensions

• Images and videos must be in 9:16 ratio at 600 pixels and more in width.

• There will be no carousel type of ads where you can mix up image and video.

• The video length must not exceed 15 seconds, and there will not be any standalone type of content like text, titles descriptions, etc.

• The call to actions and links can be updated in the ads.

How to create adverts in Instagram stories?

• Go to the Ad Manager tab and click on’ Create an Ad.’

• Select the objective of reach, video views, etc

• Click on the ‘placements’ button present in the Ad set section.

• Select the ‘edit placements’ button and select the Instagram placement and simply click on ‘stories’ tab.

• Follow some simple steps to start building your ad campaign.

• Click on to the ‘review changes’ option to publish your changes.

Instagram Stories Ads Examples

The story of Fido

Fido, a wireless carrier in Canada launched their new roaming product and utilized the Instagram stories for their advertising. They started with a campaign naming as ‘ Travel hungry millennial.’

These ads have grabbed considerable attention from the people. The brand had researched the creative elements with different tools like intelligence tag technology and boosted their performance. The brand achieved 24 percent more video completion rate than they expected.

Faucet brand Moen

Moen is a brand in North America. The brand started showing its very best features of the product in a new light.

It utilized the content in motion tools for the creation of ad that was specially designed for the Instagram stories.

They are successfully grabbed more than 45 percent impressions by creating engaging content in a quick and efficient way.

How to create Instagram story Ads

The basics of Instagram story

• The stories are appearing at the top of the feed and users can tap to watch the last 24 hours of 10 seconds video clips that are posted.

• Stories appear in full-screen mode.

• There is an option to rewind and forward the stories.

• You can just swipe on to the next story in advance.

• There is no option to like a story but the users can comment or can tap to send a message.

Story Creation

• Click on the home screen and tap on the plus symbol button that was present on the top left.

• It opens the storied camera to take a picture. You can hold the circle to switch the video.

• There is also an option to adjust the flash settings at the bottom left and can switch the camera to the front facing.

• By swiping down, you can upload the photo or video from the camera, and it must be taken within 24 hours.

Editing story

• After capturing the photo or video, you can simply tap on to the pen icon that is present at the top right.

• There are three different options for the pen and users can choose different color options.

• You can also add the emoji or text to your story by tapping the ‘Aa’ button.

• You can also have options to move and resizing the text with full effects.

• The stories also have filters which are different from Instagram.

• There are some filters for the stories, and it is different from the filters that are present in Instagram.

• After finishing the editing with filters, text or drawings, you can click on the check mark symbol to post. The story will get visible for the 24 hours.

Instagram Carousel Ads

• The Instagram’s carousel Ads are mix up images. You can showcase 3 to 5 images in a single advert that directs to location-based targeting.

Sponsored Instagram stories

• The Instagram stories ads switch between the stories that are available for 24 hours to watch. The stories play continuously, and ads will appear between them from two different users you have followed.

• They can be integrated with the platform and labeled as sponsored.

Instagram API, Analytics, Insights, metrics, and performance

• You can measure the performance of your Instagram stories ads and stories with the ‘total view’ and ‘total replies.’

• There are two different metrics ‘open rate’ and completion rate.

• The open rate can be calculated by taking the number of viewers of an individual story by followers in total in your account.

• The completion rate is calculated by taking the number of viewers of the last post in your story by the number of viewers of the first post.

Businesses can target the Instagram stories to reach their customers across the platform. They can increase the fan base and expand their potential in reaching the right audience. So, get started with the stories and follow the above guide.

How to Create and Launch an Instagram Stories Ad

Instagram Stories is the most commanding word that holds the entire social media by ruling the video marketing. Instagram Stories Ad can be used either to make the thoughtful and creative stories of each moment that we spend either personal or business-oriented.

As it is the most exciting and new concept, every user shows much interest to use this Instagram stories.

Hence we can find millions of users with continuous traffic. It could be the best way to link the ads to the stories in between.

Everything is fine but how to create and launch the Instagram Stories Ads. Don’t be tensioned we’ve generated everything at your fingertips through this article.

Instagram Stories Ad:

Most of the business organizations are choosing Instagram stories to promote their services or products.

Before that the video ad you upload should be eye-catching of the audience then only they could watch the video otherwise they prefer to skip the ad immediately.

The image or video of your ad should project the shadow of your intention to deliver that ad.

Instagram Stories Ads Specs:

When we want to upload the video ads or image ads in Instagram stories then it requires certain specifications to best fit. Just look below

The format of the vertical ad is 9:16 with full-screen support.

For video ads:

The maximum play length of the video ad should be 15 seconds.

The supported resolution is up to 1080×1920 and the least resolution we can choose is 600×1067.

It can be fitted to a maximum file size of 4GB.

The video file type should be in the format of .mp4 and .mov.

H.264 and VP8 codecs will be supported by the video and AAC, Vorbis by the audio.

For Image Ads:

The file size of the image should be 30MB.

The image slide will be displayed up to 5 seconds.

The image file format should be in the form of .jpg or .png type.

How to Advertise on Instagram Stories:

Using unique content:

As the stories appear in the center of the Instagram profile of audience then you should seize their eye at your story ad. That means it could be in creative form with the comparison of others stuff.

Shape the predictions of the audience:

Go on releasing the videos related to specific events that are organized to explore your product. That must be on the list of audience expectations.

Offering vouchers or gifts:

You should offer some gifts like paid top-ups or discount in traveling tickets after watching and sharing this video to a target of members. Then this will automatically lead the audience without much struggle.

Instagram Stories Ads Examples:

Advertising through Instagram stories has become the top most trend especially for business people either it may be small scale or large scale. Most of the companies are using Instagram stories ads to promote their products or services through the medium of video.

Some of them are NIKE, ASOS and Airbnb.


Nike has used the Instagram Stories ads to promote the brand of the Jordan Jumpman by revealing Michigan.

This video got 800,000 views on Instagram stories within 24 hours and other social media got 66,000 views for the same video.


As we all know about the ASOS has used the Instagram stories ads to advertise its products which can be used to spread the word of ASOS at each individual.


This one of best travel online market and provides hospitality for travelers to everyone. It launched ads in Instagram stories to explore its products in providing facilities.

How to Create Instagram Stories Ads:

First of all, you must need to generate the Instagram stories ads by using the Facebook adverts manager, marketing API or power editor.

After that you will be asked to select your marketing objective then you should pick up the option of Reach.

The icon Reach will notify you to assign the campaign name then hit continue.

Then move to placements option where you can find edit placements and now go to Instagram below it click the stories.

Now you need to select the format either single image or single video to upload your ad.

After uploading the video ad you will have the option to preview your ad before sharing with the audience.

This video ad in Instagram Stories can be successfully launched.

Note: To do all these you should link up the Instagram account to the Facebook page.

Stories Insights Instagram:

As we can find 150 million users of Instagram stories and by that craze, the business organizations are giving much preference to create ads in Instagram stories.

The business tool of Instagram is considering insights like creating a business profile, especially for business category.

Where we can find the complete details of replies, reach, exits and impressions related to the stories ads.

After analyzing these insights we can easily make assumptions of the audience interest towards a particular ad in Instagram stories.

Advantages of Instagram Stories Ad:

The products or services will easily hit our selling target by reaching the huge audience.

We can easily identify which video concept got more views and who viewed Instagram Stories Ad.

If the Instagram Stories Ad is very distinct from others then the audience might show the interest to share with their friends.

Depending on their interest you can upload the relevant video ads that best suits to audience requirements.

Here we have clearly defined details of creating and launching of Instagram stories including benefits from pin to pin. This might be helpful to launch a perfect video campaign by using Instagram stories.

Getting Started Guide to Live Video on Instagram Stories

Instagram was rolling out a new feature by updating its algorithm to curate the best live video stories on its platform. Previously, the Instagram platform used to generate live video stories that are going right at a particular time. But the curated algorithm allows the live video stories algorithmically. Another new feature is direct video message which works similar to the Snapchat platform that means the video will get disappeared after watching the content twice.

Instagram stories

Stories are one of the best features on Instagram, which allows the users to share some posts at high frequency. The images on Instagram were picture-perfect, but the stories allow a different type of image that may not be as perfect. The platform has made the stories the best solution for the over-posting on its platform. So, it is good for users as they no need to worry about the crowding of their newsfeed with continuous posts.

How to build the Instagram story?

• Tap on to the plus symbol that appears on the upper left corner to get started.

• Take your snap by just tapping on the round button. If you want to capture the video, then you can press down and can capture the video up to ten seconds. You can also turn on the flash by clicking the icon that looks like a thunderbolt.

• Select among the three pen type options to make a photo doodle, and you can also add an emoji using your keyboard.

• The users can also use the simple colors by swiping the right side for the color filter. You can also use different colors by holding one of the colors to pull on the screen.

• After doing all these steps, just tap on the checkmark icon to share your story.

• Your story will appear at the top of your friend’s feeds and it is also can see on your profile picture.

• After it went live, you can save your work by tapping on the three dots that are available at the bottom right corner which saves your photo.

• Users can also check out who has viewed your story by just swiping up to view the video or photo.

Instagram live video stories

The new feature is available on both Android as well as iOS platform users. The new live video functionality provides the users with an ability to send as well as receive the photos and videos both in groups as well as like direct video messages. The new feature resembles the features of Periscope and Snapchat applications. The Live video helps the users to get connected with the followers. The live story automatically disappears from Instagram.

How to go live video streaming on Instagram to start Live video stories?

You can start the broadcasting of your live video, swipe on to the camera button, and tap on to the start live video option. A special notification will be sent to your followers when you are live streaming. The users can also track the number of viewers watching their live video story in the top right corner. The comments can be seen at the bottom of the screen.

During the Live session, you can tap and hold the comment to pin the live video story so that everyone can see or You can also hide the comments by selecting the turn off comments.

The keyword filters can be set up before live streaming to avoid abusive language. You can like the other live videos on their profile photo in the Stories tab. The new tab on Instagram had refreshed with a new “top Live” section.

Therefore, Instagram made its next step in live video streaming with new features which had raised excitement in the marketers as well as the users.

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