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Why Video Influencer Marketing will be a successful strategy: Influencer Video Marketing Tips

Influencer Marketing is a sought of marketing technique used for every industry to promote their products and Services. In this digital era influencer video marketing is the practice where brands partnering with the top influencers on social media with large dedicated followers. Running the influencer’s marketing campaigns can help to advertise their products to make purchase decisions. Let’s get into the top influencer video marketing tips on how to integrate them into your brands.

Why Video Influencer Marketing Will Be A Successful Strategy

A study by research firm Contagious Media reveals how optimized video ads on Facebook drive 12% more impressions than non-optimized and optimized video ads to increase average cost per customer acquisition by 150%.

Another study revealed that video shows an 82% higher conversion rate than traditional text and image posts. It’s still early days, but who doesn’t want to create a legion of highly engaged followers?

Video influencer marketing is the perfect mix of marketing nous, authenticity and fun – just what your customers crave. And it could very well be the winning recipe for your business this year. Start with adding some videos to your social media streams.

There are many reasons why video influencer marketing is a successful strategy. The first of which would be the trust factor. One of the most influential factors in advertising is its credibility to the audience it is trying to persuade, and with social media being as fragmented as it is today, people often zero in on those who have positive reviews from someone they know well before even considering an unknown product or service on its own merits. Video content allows advertisers to not only rely on their profile photos and testimonials but demonstrates that what they’re trying to sell has been used by others.

A video influencer has a large following on social media such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. These platforms allow users to share their lives for others to watch. Videos of them doing various things like eating food or traveling are more engaging than still camera photos because they provide an opportunity for viewers to be entertained and follow the story unfolding before their eyes.

Video content is personal and resonates with more people. It’s also easier to tell if you’re interested in the product or service when you watch a video than it is to read about it on a blog post. Because of this, influencers have more impact on images and videos because they convey emotion better. Also, according to Forbes magazine, 91% of consumers said that watching an advertisement influenced their decision-making process offline and online.

Influencer marketing has been challenged for its effectiveness by marketers and agencies over the last few years. Many are unconvinced of its ability to boost brand recognition, while some argued that influencers are just paid actors who don’t care.

Videos are often more captivating and meaningful to audiences than still photos. They also create a sense of intimacy with the viewer, which is beneficial in creating loyalty towards certain brands.

Videos can motivate many viewers because they use one’s imagination and show consequences that might happen should an action be taken. Customers tend to make more intentional decisions when given video information about a product or service, rather than just text or still images about it. The benefit of this is that customers feel like they have been better informed and thus are reassured and satisfactorily inclined to buy the product or service. Finally, videos offer an excellent opportunity for engagement with consumers due to how effectively they provide feedback opportunities from their points of view.

Tips to Influencer Video Marketing

  • Make sure your video is engaging and interesting
  • Create a call to action at the end of your video for viewers to take any action, like subscribing or following you on social media
  • Use hashtags in your videos so that they can be found by other users who are searching for them
  • Share your videos on all of your social media channels
  • Find influencers in your niche
  • Reach out to them and offer a free product or service in exchange for an honest review
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback on what you can do better
  • Offer products at a discounted price, but not too cheap that it will affect the quality of the product
  • Make sure to give influencers something extra like swag bags with their logo on it
  • Make sure your video is engaging and entertaining
  • Create a video that will be shareable on social media
  • Use influencers to create videos for you, but make sure they’re credible and have a large following
  • Include links in the description of the video so viewers can take action
  • Reach out to them and ask if they would be interested in partnering with you
  • Give them a brief outline of what the video will entail, including length, topic, and how it will be used
  • Have an idea of what type of content you want from the influencer- for example, do you want a testimonial or demonstration?
  • Be prepared for some influencers to say no!
  • Make sure your video is short and sweet – no more than 2 minutes
  • Keep the production quality high, with great lighting
  • Use appropriate music that matches the mood of the video
  • Create a strong call to action at the end of your video
  • Create a list of influencers you’d like to work with
  • Find out what type of content they do and the platforms where they’re active
  • Reach out to them via email or social media, depending on their preference
  • Get in touch with them about your goals for the video collaboration and make sure it’s something that will be mutually beneficial
  • Set up a time for filming based on availability
  • Make sure the influencer’s personality is reflected in the content of their video
  • Find an influencer who has a similar audience to yours so that you can reach them more easily
  • Create concise videos- don’t waste time on production value if it doesn’t fit your goals for the video
  • Be authentic, honest, and transparent with your viewers
  • Use humor when appropriate or if you are feeling incredibly bold
  • Share advice on how to solve problems in their lives or businesses
  • Show off your personality by including personal anecdotes about yourself
  • Find influencers in your industry and create a list of them to contact
  • Contact the influencers on your list with an offer for their help
  • Offer to pay the influencer for their time, or provide them with free products in exchange for promotion of the product or service you’re marketing
  • Create a video that is interesting and engaging
  • Write down what you want your audience to take away from the video
  • Find influencers in your industry who are posting videos on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook and contact them for collaboration opportunities
  • Identify which social media platforms work best for your business’s marketing strategy- some may be better at attracting new customers while others might be better at retaining old customers

Effective Influencer Video Marketing Tips

Find Ideal Influencer:

Find the ideal influencers relevant to your products and services. Hiring macro-influencers help to drive more leads to your business.

Giveaways and Contests:

Get the right Influencers and collaborate with them for offers, Giveaways, and Contests. Attract more audience with your online contests.

Mention the Influencer:

Make sure to mention and tag the right partners, brands, and influencers in your Content. It gives a personalized touch to your content.

Identify your goals:

Identify your business goals to keep the focus on video marketing campaigns. Find the right influencer based on your company goals and targets.

Use campaign specific Hashtags:

Try to include the campaign-specific hashtags to tag your brands and Influencers. Include your Influencers in the Hashtag challenge for more exciting results.

Engaging influencers:

Consider the top influencers for creating more engagement. The followers of top influencers will inspire by communication and engagement.

Personalized Pitch:

Add some personalized touch to your video marketing campaigns. Personalized videos will drive more emotional attachment towards your audience.

Create User-Centric Content:

Think like an average user while generating audience needs, solutions for their queries, and helpful content. Build user-centric content for effective video marketing strategies.

Leverage UGC:

Gather the content from the user, where the influencers leverage the users generated content for potential revenue.

Brand Awareness:

Influencer video marketing will drive brand awareness and, most importantly, brings word of mouth publicity. Through influencer marketing, people can quickly identify the brands and make purchase decisions.

Offers a Favor:

Make sure to offer some giveaways and do a favor to the audience, don’t ask for a favor.

Long Term Strategy:

Including the right Influencers in your Long-Term video marketing Strategy bring unexpected results to the businesses. People can easily identify that influencers slimily your brands for the long term.

Experiment Without Fear:

Experiment with various types of marketing campaigns and use different methods. Take help from the influencers, and without fear, you can strait forwardly use the additional content.

Trust Your Influencers:

Trust your influencers and give value to their video marketing ideas. Introduce new video content for possible results.

Mutually Beneficial:

Brand and Influencers must maintain a mutual understanding between them. So that they both combinedly offer useful content for the audience.

Diversified Content Feed:

Maintain the diversified content feeds that should not match with other brands’ content. Offer diversified range for brand influencer marketing.

TikTok’s Popularity:

Take advantage of the TikTok influencers, use their popularity for creating compelling content.

New Technology:

Make use of new technologies for creating and marketing influencer video strategies. Offers new ideas to the Influencers to leverage the new technological content.

Increased Traffic:

Including the influencers in your marketing strategy will increase the website traffic and more sales.

Create an Influencer Campaign:

Make sure to create influencer marketing campaigns for brands. Including the influencer content in your video campaigns increase the traffic.

Better Brand Perception:

Have a better brand perception for your marketing. Create more user-centric content for brand engagement.

Influencer Marketing Partnerships:

Leverage a few examples of Influencer Marketing Partnership videos. Partner with influencers to bring brand awareness.

Keep handy Legal Documents:

Keep all your business, Legal Documents handy and in a readable format. It should be understandable by everyone.

Expert Interview:

Host the new Guests and Conduct expert interviews for unique content. Try to launcha Live show for expert interviews.

Facebook Videos and Stories:

Take advantage of the advance Facebook features like Facebook Stories, videos for influencer marketing.

Ask for a Piece of Advice:

Ask your influencer a piece of advice for marketing brands’ video content. Expert advice will drive massive sales and leads to businesses.

Rise of IGTV:

IGTV is one of the great features of Instagram. Recently IGTV videos are getting popular among all social media channels. Brands can easily connect with the influencers for effective influencer marketing.

Write an Honest Review:

Ask your Influencers to Write Honest Reviews about the products and services. Most people make purchase decisions on customer reviews.

Insert Calls-to-Action:

Insert the strong Call-to-Actions in your videos for effective influencer marketing and audience engagement.

Influencer Strategy:

Make sure to create the influencer strategy for potential ROI. Influencer strategies are helpful to bring brand awareness.

Support a Cause:

Collaborate with the other top Influencers to Support a Cause. Stand for the cause to increase brand awareness.

Set Campaign Objective:

Make sure to set your campaign’s primary objective for excellent results. Set more campaign goals and Objectives

Create Original Products:

Collaborate with your Influencers to create the Original Products, leverage original product reviews, and star ratings.

Include Unique Hashtags:

Get the right Influencers to promote your content with Unique Hashtags. Challenging Hashtags increase your brand awareness for influencer marketing.

Grow your Brands:

Build your Network with the Right Influencers to grow your brand strategy. Grow your brand strategy with influencer marketing strategies.

Promote Brand Story:

Leverage Influencers to promote your brand story with excellent video marketing strategies. Influencer brand’s strategy will increase the right engagement.

Import Data and Metrics:

Give importance to the data and metrics for enhanced sales. Video metrics give you the audience behavior.

Live Videos:

Live Videos are great engagement tools for directly communicating and offering valuable content. Live Videos brings new leads and sales.

Use Advanced Tools:

Take advantage of the advanced video marketing tools for making video marketing strategies. Advanced video editing tools enhance your video visibility.

Brand Advocated:

Your hired Influencers behave like Brand Advocates to protect your content and brand reputation.

Create Expertise videos:

Use experts in creating videos around your Brands. Expert making videos increase your brand popularity.

Create Unique and Engaging Content:

Unique and engaging content empowers the power of brands and influencer video marketing strategies.

Maximize Visibility:

Influencer content maximizes your brand’s visibility to grow audience reach. Compelling video thumbnails can enhance your video visibility and shares.

Build hype:

Offer influencers sneak peeks or an exclusive preview to build hype for your brands and small business owners.

Run Giveaways:

Run the giveaway contests to Increase brand visibility and audience engagement.


Influencer Marketing is a tremendous and ongoing process over the last few years. Marketers and Advertisers are looking to work with influencers as part of their video marketing strategy. Once you have come up with the initial marketing goals, you tweak your marketing strategy for the next influencer marketing campaigns. Hopefully, you enjoyed these influencer video marketing strategies more than just sharing online.

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