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TikTok Usage and Revenue Growth Statistics that Prove Why Brands Should Start Using It

TikTok is top social media mobile app with a large user community around the short video content. Several businesses started TikTok Usage for their business which is valuable in reaching more customers and brand awareness. TikTok became the most downloaded app in 2020 with over 2 billion app store downloads. Fitness, hobbies, music, travel, photography, and dance are various kinds of short videos grinding in TikTok, and there is a scope to adapt and create different types of content for TikTok. By keeping this in mind here, we have listed some of the essential TikTok statistics to measure your Brands growth.

TikTok Usage and Revenue Growth Statistics:

More than 32.5% of U.S. Users are Aged between 10-19

Over 500% Increase notified in TikTok In-app Spending

More than 2.6 Billion app Installations for TikTok till now

The TikTok app reports users spent more than 850 Minutes per month

TikTok has become the Most Downloaded App in Google Play and App Stores

More than 23% of US Internet users use TikTok to watch videos

TikTok is the Highly Popular App in Many Asian Countries

9 Out of 10 TikTok users use this app multiple times a day

TikTok and Douyin both become popular short video app since it launches

TikTok is the Most Popular Overall App Downloaded Globally in 2020

TikTok was found in more than 154 Countries

TikTok gained over 200 Million Users in India When it was Banned in 2020

TikTok ranked in 7th place when it compared to Video Players in Germany

63% of people in TikTok Liked Someone Else’s Video

TikTok supports and launched in 39 Languages

TikTok notifies as $110 Million estimated monthly users

TikTok used as a more Balanced app in japan

Over 89 Million TikTok app Downloads occurred in the US in 2020

Nearly 18% Engagement Rate noticed for U.S. Influencers

Most of the TikTok users in India are Predominantly Male

More than 1.1 Billion Active Users for TikTok Worldwide

More Than 90% of Android Devices supports the TikTok app

TikTok gained the Highest Social Media Engagement Rates Per Post

TikTok became the 2nd Most Popular iPhone App Downloaded in 2020

TikTok gain more than 1 Million Videos Views per Day in the First Year

Over 74% of TikTok’s Users were active in December month 2019

Over 68% of the TikTok users watch someone Else’s Videos

Nearly 80% of revenue to TikTok comes from China

More than 55% of the video uploaded in this pandemic

Over 54% of the video on TikTok notices users’ comments

More than 600 Million daily active users for TikTok in China

43% of the users in TikTok Uploaded the “Duet” Videos

Marketers spend over $50M on the TikTok platform

TikTok tool 200 Days to Develop fully

TikTok ranked as 102 positions in Alexa Ranking

Indian Ban the Cost 15 Million new users temporarily

Over 69% of U.S. Teenagers use TikTok regularly

63% of the hike in follower this pandemic

58% of U.S. users in TikTok Users are Women, and 42% are Men

App purchase price lies in Between $800M and $1B

29% of U.S. Teens choose TikTok as one of the best social media platforms

TikTok owned Bytedance valued at $180 Billion.

Over 73 Million fans recorded for the fans of Douyin

Over 2.1 Billion Views notifies for #ThinBlueLine in TikTok

TikTok gained over 60.9 Million Downloads only in January 2021

TikTok gained over 109.8 Million fans till now

Nearly 100 Million App Installed for TikTok in India in 2020

37% of the US TikTok Household reports an Income of over $100,000

All the TikTok’s Users are again with the App itself

The Most Popular Category on TikTok is Entertainment by Hashtag Views


TikTok offers the most engaging videos to other users on their home feed, making it popular among all social media platforms. Most of the users become and step into the world of influencer marketing by gaining millions of followers in a short span. Creators build their app in an attractive way which provides each user a chance to become a good content creator. We are concluding this guide by rounding off the TikTok Usage and Revenue statistics of 2021 for great business opportunities for marketers to target markets Globally.

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