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50 Interesting Video Content Types That Will Amplify Your Traffic

Videos should be used in every stage of the sales funnel. Use great videos in the funnel and at different places and this makes it easier for the consumer to move down the path of the sales funnel. Here are few different types of video content types that can be used to increase traffic.

1. Brand videos can be created with visual, storytelling and sound and help to get the brand across.

2. Vlogs are easy to make and offer great engagement value.

3. Talking head is a type of video which is the most standard type of video and is the most popular one.

4. People love to learn new things and education videos thus are popular and offer real value to the consumers.

5. Event videos that cover the proceeding of an event video help extend the reach.

6. Interview videos are also the most popular videos and are easy to be creating with tools like Google hangouts and Skype.

7. Product review videos are the most useful videos for the viewers.

8. Try creating tutorial videos to show the viewers the efficient way of doing or using something.

9. To increase traffic marketers are now using the live streaming format of video.

10. User-generated content is another popular type of video content that attracts more traffic.

11. 360 degrees videos are new and novel concept to capture the attention.

12. Narrated PowerPoint is another popular format as it is very simple format.

13. Business culture videos show the human side of the business and help connect on emotional level with the audience.

14. Another popular video is the one that offers tips to the viewers. And these are also good for the SEO.

15. FAQ videos help in generation leads.

16. Product demonstration videos are also most engaging types of videos.

17. Add a personal touch to your videos and these personalized videos make audience feel special and also are good for increasing traffic.

18. Screencast videos or recorded demo type of videos are popular among the video marketers.

19. Get the double appreciation of the customers who made a purchase with Thank You videos.

20. Another simple and easy to make video that marketers use is the photo montage video which can be created with online support.

21. Bad karaoke is another type of video.

22. Marketers also create video that offer no more than text and a voice over for sales purpose.

23. Mashups can be tried to increase traffic.

24. Product launch videos can help get more traffic and gain the attention of the viewers.

25. Prank video content is also loved by people and gets more hits.

26. Sales can be increased with video testimonials, as proved many times, because consumers trust when the people who already used the product talk about it.

27. Reaction videos are one of the popular options.

28. Fan videos are another popular video content type.

29. Product information videos are other popular types of videos that help in the sales of a product.

30. made the video game walkthroughs popular and this format can be used to generate more traffic.

31. Recorded webinars should not be overlooked but can be used as a means of attracting more traffic.

32. Time lapse videos are popular both with the creator and the audience because they are easy to produce and give amazing results.

33. Animation was once very expensive but it is now within reach for most marketers with many video creation sites online. Animated videos also drive more traffic.

34. Unboxing videos are those that show a box being opened by someone who is excited about the contents. This is hugely popular type of video.

35. Another traditional but effective way to get more traffic is to use Video email.

36. Expert interviews will be loved by consumers who want to learn something new.

37. Music videos are most popular type and millennial watch this type of content more.

38. Videos starring babies are watched at least twice in a row by the consumers.

39. Adventure videos are favorites for many viewers.

40. Action videos also impress the audience and increase traffic.

41. Nature videos can become viral easily.

42. Dance videos are most popular online and many of these videos are most watched by people.

43. Travel destination presentation videos can be created and used by companies in the travel business.

44. How-to videos explain how a product is used or how to make something better.

45. Slideshow videos can be used to show the list of products, the benefits etc.

46. Instagram videos are used most by brands to inspire engagement.

47. Welcome videos help acquaint with the customers.

48. Behind the doors videos also help to connect with the consumers on personal level.

49. Tips and tricks videos are short and help the customers get most out of the products.

50. Teaser Videos give the hint to the audience about the product, sale etc.

There are so many video formats that can be used to increase the traffic. Marketers can try all the types of these videos and they will not run out of ideas. Try finding what video type appeals to the consumers most.

10 Video Content Types YouTube Platform Love

There is more than 50% increase in the amount of time videos are being consumed on YouTube. There is steady growth in the number of people watching different Video Content Types on YouTube. Here are the most popular types of videos that people love to watch on YouTube.

  1. How-To videos are the most watched content on YouTube, it is released. More than seventy percent increase is there in the number of people who are searching for how to videos.
  2. Product Review Videos are the most popular type of videos. These videos affect the purchasing decisions of the people. Most people watch the product review videos when they plan to buy a product to learn more about the product.
  3. Vlog or video blogging is another popular type of video on YouTube. Vlogs capture the attention of the audience. We can find Vloggers who have millions of subscribers.
  4. Gaming videos are other favorite types of YouTube videos. Most of the popular YouTubers in the world are the gamers.
  5. People love to watch videos with humorous content. Some of the best YouTube videos in the world are the comedy videos.
  6. Hugely popular YouTube video type is the unboxing videos. People get exciting watching someone opening and showing the contents of the box.
  7. Audience search for videos that provide them with information. Educational videos are most popular with students.
  8. Another engaging type of YouTube videos are the question and answer videos.
  9. Prank videos go viral very easily on YouTube.
  10. Best and favorite genre of videos is another popular type of videos.

YouTube is the most popular video platform, and many brands and content creators are using it to get maximum exposure and to reach the target audience. Make a note of the popular types of videos and use them to get maximum benefits from YouTube platform.

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