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Live Video: Top Tools for Broadcasting Live Video Online

The video is the most powerful tool for digital marketers. Consumption of video has increased with the increase in usage of mobile devices. Consumers are more engaged with video, and if the type of content is live video, then they are significantly influenced by it.

Studies proved that consumers love watching live videos than reading the blog posts. Live video can be efficiently used by brands to engage and influence the target audience.

Benefits of Live Streaming for Brands

More and more businesses irrespective of the type and size are including live videos into their marketing strategy. The live video offers several benefits to the companies. There are also benefits for consumers with live video. Though they cannot attend the event, they can tune to know the new developments in the events. Here are the primary benefits of live streaming.

  • Whatever the business chooses to host, be it the questions and answer session, forum, announcement or others, an audience can participate in them. It grows the number of viewers.
  • Live streaming also reduces cost as the travel, and other expenses cut.
  • Time and money can save with live streaming and more time can be spent to create high-quality content to promote the products.
  • Live videos allow direct interaction with the audience. Brands can add the human touch to them and connect more with the audience. Brand stories can create more efficiently. In the question and answer sessions, the viewer can participate directly.

Choosing the Right Platform

Various social media platforms now offer the live streaming facility. YouTube, Facebook are some of the popular. Choose the right platform after analysing things like where you can find your target audience.

Find what your audience is using more. If you are willing to prefer Twitter, or platforms like Periscope or Twitch choose them. Evaluate what features the platform is offering.

Choose an Instagram live video to build urgency as the video disappears after the follower watches it. Choose if the platform allows commenting, reactions and other viewer interaction.

Live Streaming of events

Brands can live stream the event they organize such as presentations, tours, demos or conferences. Audiences can feel included in the event when they watch it live, and this increases brand engagement.

If you cannot host an event, get involved in other events and share the live videos of how you are involved in it with the audience.

Live streaming for product launch

Brands can use live streaming for a new product launch or for announcing a product to their customers. Live video for new product launch will have a significant effect on the sales positively.

Live streaming video generates curiosity and compels the audience to buy the product. It also increases engagement and can increase garner more impressions and helps for the sales plans.

Live streaming for question and answer sessions

Live videos allow direct interaction with the audience. If a question and answer session hosted by the brand, they can make the audience more engaged and involved. Participants can ask questions and can get information related to the brand or a new product through the answers.

Replace Webinars with Live Video

Brands that are holding webinars can opt for live video broadcast as this is more genuine, authentic and provides the excellent experience for the audience. The feedback we get from these is instant.

The live video does not involve preparing scripts or PowerPoint presentations. During such sessions, have some team member to reply to the comments and questions of the audience.

Live Interviews

Live broadcast the interviews of top officials in the company or the satisfied customers. Choose the ones who are comfortable to face the camera and can engage the audience with their exciting talk. Also interview the other industry experts, partners and others.

Live Video and Influencer Marketing

Involve your influencers in a live video broadcast. Influencer marketing is one of the trends that helps the brands to connect with the consumer base. There is live video influencer with a good following who can create live video series for the brands.

Promote the live video broadcast

When holding live video broadcast, promote them in advance on social media platforms. Inform your audience about the scheduled time and ask them to tune in. If the event not advertised in advance, the audiences may not know about it.

A short video teaser can be created to promote the event. Upload the video to your Facebook, YouTube or Twitter so that people know when and where they can watch.

Managing Live Video Comments

During the live video broadcast, have someone to lead the comments. Audience love when they get immediate response for their questions and queries. Though this is the most significant challenge, it is worthwhile.

Get the people excited by asking questions, answering them, replying to comments and making jokes. Live Video Comments gives the feeling to the audience that they are not spectators but or part of the event.

Keep in mind that using live video does not do miracles for your brand. It takes time to build up the audience. During the live video broadcast, ask questions, with the audience and for those who joined late, re-introduce yourself and also tell them about the topic.

After the broadcast, brands can upload a part or whole of the video on the social networks. The video can be cut into sections and can be made into a series so that more people will watch it.

Live Video Tools,Apps & Platforms

Instagram Live Video:

Instagram Live Video app Broadcast live video to your Instagram Stories and allows you share link personally through your Android mobile phones.

Facebook Live Video and Collages:

The Facebook live video is an iOS-based app top Show your friends what you see in real time through iPhone.

Live Video On Tumblr:

Tumblr launched a new video streaming feature similarly equal to answer Periscope, Facebook Live, and Twitch.

Copper Chat:

Copper chat is a paid iPhone app for private one-on-one video calls and video chatting.


Crowcast, one of the best web app for video streaming Webinars provides highly efficient live streams that don’t suck. app specially designed for musicians for live video streaming the musical events through iPhone.

Glide 3:

Glide 3 is a fast live messaging app for Lightning fast live video messaging.


Watch live interactive videos from and with your friends and allows to hang out in a group video calling form your iPhone’s.

Crowdcast for Hangouts:

Crowdecast web application allows you to hang out with Google, get Analytics, live chat, voting polls and arranging group calls.

The easiest way to arrange live streaming a video from your phone. is an Android app download from PlayStore.


2UP is a video streaming app from Periscope for fun and arranging serious debates online.


Live streaming an event through Stream.Live to Watch the stream and add a comment on the live video from your mobiles.


Flurry is a FaceTime app meets live streaming the video meet friends and arranges face to face interaction.


Twitcasting live streams events so, just say No more Say hi to live streaming from your phone!


Kickflip brings a revolution in the mobile video broadcasting to any app (iOS / Android SDK).


Weloop is the fastest and easiest way stream and to share live video on mobile.


The newest way to Broadcast and enjoy with community live streaming the videos.

Mevo by Livestream:

The live event camera allows different angles and various features for live video streaming.

Periscope for Apple TV:

APPLE TV which allows to Explore the world through someone else’s eyes on your Big Screens like LED TV.

Splash Drone:

Splash Drone, one of the best drones for live streaming and it is Waterproof comes with waterproof camera gimbal that floats.


Nomad cast for Live Stream to your Facebook friends and Twitter followers through iPhone.


AMPLI.FI best way to meet a Live online music community, find musicians and Twitch for a tune from your iPhone.

Spin the Bottle:

Spin the Bottle engages with Live video speed dates people who are nearby to your browser from your iPhone app.


Look iOS app for live streaming as quotes Ask anyone to be your live camera from your iPhone.


Birdplane lives streaming mobile app for two way live video streaming and chatting.


Nom mobile app brings you worldwide food live shows f and Twitch for food lovers.


StreamLi offers On-demand live video streaming and location-based live streaming through mobiles.

VHS Camcorder:

VHS Camcorder Shoot different videos that look like old-school videotape recordings through an iOS mobile app.


A smart video was creating technology you can Experience the web inside a video.


Savvy live Video streaming application offers 1-on-1 teaching and learning through live video.

Periscope on Twitter for iOS:

Twitter allows live video streaming using Periscope Producers Stream live video inside your tweets used only on iPhones.

Instant Video on Facebook Messenger:

Instant video on Facebook messenger Seamlessly adds live video streaming when you and your friends are in active state.

Facebook Live API:

Facebook Live API for Build immersive and interactive live video experiences the API’s.


uZoom is a Marketplace for customized live video experiences and video streaming.

Periscope Producer:

Periscope Producer a new way to broadcast live video through Twitter on your Android devices.

BitTorrent Live for iOS:

BitTorrent’s app offers person to person live video is now available on iPhone.


How now itself shows, you can Learn anything from anywhere over live video chat or with live video streaming.

UStream Broadcasting SDK:

UStream Broadcasting app add live video technology allows you to pre-launch the events.


24Sessions specially designed for Business advice for entrepreneurs organizing live videos throughout the day.

Switcher Studio:

Switcher Studio iOS mobile app can Stream and record live video from every angle via mobiles.


Yevvo, web application Stream, live video streaming to a worldwide audience from your iPhone.


Live Streaming the video trending in the current generation, so let us start streaming any type of videos through different social media platforms. Planning to Live stream an event or a live video grab the Top Tools for Broadcasting Live Video Online from here.

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