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100+ Ways To Monetize Video Content On Social Media

Nearly two-thirds of all Internet traffic now comes from video, and social media platforms are where most people go to watch content. This means that if you’re not using video to monetize your content, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. We’ll share over 100 ways to monetize your video content on social media. So what are you waiting for? Start creating videos today!

Creating video content is a great way to engage your audience and keep them coming back for more. But what do you do when it’s time to start monetizing your videos? Here are over 100 ways to get started!

Ways To Monetize Video Content On Social Media

  • Create a Patreon account
  • Encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel with their email address
  • Offer paid memberships for exclusive content or early access
  • Create a YouTube channel and upload videos
  • Use social media to promote your content, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Use Google Adsense or other advertising platforms to make money from the ads that run on your site
  • Make branded merchandise available for purchase through your online store or website
  • Create sponsored posts for brands
  • Promote your products or services
  • Ask viewers to sign up for a free trial of your service, then offer them a discount code that expires after the trial ends
  • Offer paid subscriptions to exclusive content on social media channels
  • Post videos of you talking about products, answering questions, or giving tips
  • Promote affiliate links in the video descriptions and on the video itself
  • Use hashtags related to your niche to Sell your product
  • Monetize your videos on YouTube with ads by becoming a YouTube partner
  • Monetize your videos on Facebook with sponsored posts or paid advertising
  • Monetize your videos on Instagram with sponsored posts or paid advertising
  • Create sponsored content where you promote a specific brand in exchange for compensation
  • Offer affiliate links to products and services from companies that are relevant to the video
  • Monetize videos with ad revenue
  • Use YouTube’s partner program to share ad revenue with the platform
  • Sell products on your channel and use affiliate links to earn commissions
  • Offer a membership for exclusive content or early access to new videos
  • Create sponsored content that aligns with your brand values
  • Monetize your videos on Facebook with Facebook Ads
  • Monetize your videos on Instagram by linking to a product or service in the description of the video
  • Ask viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel for $5/month, and offer them exclusive content in exchange
  • Offer a paid course or membership to access more videos
  • Allow viewers to purchase a product by clicking on the thumbnail of it in the video
  • Create sponsored content for advertisers and brands, such as makeup tutorials with specific products
  • Partner with other influencers
  • Ask for donation on your channel
  • Charge money for more exclusive content
  • Share and sell VR games, themes, backgrounds, and so on.
  • E-Book/Report – When you have more information to share with your customer, consider putting it in written format, though this does not mean that the e-book has to be written only for the audience
  • Create videos that get shared more
  • YouNow – Perform live on the app
  • TikTok – Produce catchy songs and allow people to purchase them
  • Create a TikTok account
  • Find popular videos and make your version of them
  • Use hashtags to find an audience for your content
  • Sell products in the video, or use sponsored ads
  • Monetize your videos with ads
  • Use TikTok’s sponsored content feature to get paid for posting about brands you like
  • Sell products on the app through direct links or by linking to an external website where they can be purchased
  • Create branded merch
  • Sell your TikTok account to a third party for profit
  • Use the app’s built-in monetization features to make money off of ads and sponsored content
  • Partner with brands to create sponsored videos
  • Add links to your social media profiles in the bio section of your profile
  • Ask followers for product reviews and post them on TikTok
  • Create branded content by collaborating with brands, influencers, or other users on TikTok
  • Sell products through a store on an app like Wish, which will be embedded into your video’s description
  • Make money from sponsorships or brand deals
  • Monetize your videos with TikTok’s partner program
  • Sell advertising space in your videos to companies and brands
  • Offer a subscription service for exclusive content, merchandise, or access to live chats
  • Sell products, such as clothing or makeup
  • Sell shoutouts
  • Offer paid video editing services to customers who want professional-looking videos
  • Post videos of yourself singing, dancing, or doing something else that people will want to watch and share (keep it PG!)
  • Promote your content by tagging other TikTok users in your posts and connecting with them on other social media platforms
  • Start collaborating with brands who are looking for influencers to advertise their products
  • Feature your products in videos
  • Create sponsored content for other brands or companies
  • Sell branded merchandise like t-shirts, pens, mugs, etc.
  • Offer paid services such as coaching sessions
  • Sell merchandise through the site
  • Make money from sponsorships and endorsements
  • Create an online course, ebook, or video series about something relevant to your audience’s interests
  • Get paid for posting sponsored content on social media
  • Sell products in your videos, including makeup tutorials and fashion advice
  • Offer a subscription service to get exclusive content from you every month or week
  • Ask viewers to follow you on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat
  • Host giveaways with prizes from sponsors
  • Sell products on Instagram using links to an online store or Shopify site
  • Monetize videos by linking out to affiliate offers and sponsored content
  • Put a watermark on your videostent
  • Invite people to join your community or fan club by following you on Instagram and liking your posts
  • Add links in your Instagram bio
  • Create sponsored posts with companies that are relevant to your content
  • Use hashtags to target the right people and increase engagement on your posts
  • Sell products related to what you’re talking about in the video (e.g., sell clothes for fashion vlogs)
  • Create a branded hashtag and give it away for free to followers
  • Sell merch on your Instagram page- shirts, hats, mugs, etc.
  • Add links to your social media accounts at the end of every video
  • Create a YouTube channel and link it in your Instagram bio
  • Add links to products you mention in videos on your Instagram page
  • Sell sponsored content with brands that align with your audience’s interests
  • Post videos that are long enough to be monetized (30 seconds)
  • Use the video’s caption to link back to your website or products
  • Add tags at the beginning of your video so people can find it more easily, e.g., #vlog, #travelblogger, etc.


If you are looking for ways to monetize your video content on social media, this blog post has you covered. We have outlined 100+ different monetizing videos with various platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. When deciding how best to distribute your video content, you must consider each platform’s unique attributes before making any final decisions about where to share your work. Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about our Video Monetization Consulting services!

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