Music on YouTube

How YouTube Has Changed The Music Industry

Does Music Industry completely rely on YouTube?

How are the Musicians exploring their presence in public through YouTube?

Do you think that YouTube is the only source of Music Industry in gaining the long-lasting reputation?

The Rise of YouTube in the Music Industry

Once upon a time television is the only platform to find the music and it’s very rear to get the user interested music video with high quality. But back from few years, the waiting of audience at the traditional approach has vanished with the arrival of the giant entertainment platform YouTube.

Moreover, it has become basic career platform for all the musicians. YouTube is the brand ambassador for finding the most talented artists.

The main strategy of YouTube to gain the music demand is adding the high-quality user-generated music videos.

It helps to increase the number views by going viral on all other social media sites along with YouTube.

The music video content that is composed of eye-catching dance and the entertaining concepts are playing a role to gain the popularity on YouTube. Alongside quality, the viewer engagement through promotion is the most important aspects.

Music on YouTube

The number of ways that YouTube has transformed the Music

Self-made Celebrity:

Without the involvement of the third party paid promotions and traditional advertising strategies, the musicians with the stubborn talent can build their fame as the most haunted celebrity in society. It can happen only through YouTube. Moreover, the artists need not invest a single penny.

Huge Fan Base:

The most obvious and interesting fact about YouTube for Music is that it helps to clutch the millions of fans through subscriptions for the particular YouTube Music channel.

The evolution of popularity can be obtained only through the involvement of fans to spread mouth of the word.

For example, if we take ‘Justin Bieber’ who is most popular within a short span for his style of music albums. He has 37,905,435+ subscribers, and such a huge fan following on YouTube will reveal the popularity of Bieber throughout the world.

Musicians are the great Influencers:

Most of the well-reputed brands are approaching the YouTube musicians as the powerful influencers to drive sales for their brands through their fans.


The most popular YouTube Music channels that have millions of views and subscribers will let them participate in the YouTube Monetization strategy. This allows them to raise the channel income through the launch of the video ads in their music videos.

Revealing the hidden Talent:

The hidden musicians are disclosed on YouTube that helps to add the public image through their talent in an instant.

Official Artist Channels on YouTube

YouTube launched an official Artist channel which combines all your content from different YouTube channels into one place. It automatically schedules your Music library into two racks which includes everything like music files, videos, and Albums.

Well Organised Content:

This Artist channel automatically arranges your songs into one section and your music videos in the new playlist. You are not eligible to change or edit this playlist for Better fan engagement.

Promotional Content:

You can choose and highlight the videos from the Promotional shelve and in Featured content.

Recognizable in Search:

If your Fans search for music on your YouTube Channel, at that time user has directed automatically to the new official channel. You can check on Watch Card which located on the right side of the screen.

Fan Engagement:

You can directly reach your fans and audience through this official and verified YouTube channel.

The Official Artist channel is new well Organised layout that’s owned and Operated by any Artist. Feature Video, Artist-Curated Content, Official Music, Albums, Customisable sessions and Channel Layout are some of the sections of a New Official Artist YouTube Channel.

How to Make Money on YouTube with Music videos?

The attention of the huge fan base at your YouTube music channel will help to add the bucks to your pocket. It is possible by YouTube Monetization.

Plug-in to the digital music revolution:

The video ads, additional revenue sources, and subscriptions will expand your music business that has been contributed by YouTube.

In the previous days, the artists have approached too many rotational ways to get their album sales.

But now YouTube helps to make ease of it through the activity of casual listeners and fans that drives huge profit for the stuff they produced.

The hyperactivity of consuming music albums on YouTube will let to have the huge revenue.

Monetization of YouTube Music Channel:

Enrolling the YouTube Partner Program:

It allows the creators to earn the income by placing the video ads in their music videos. YouTube will pull the matched ads to your music channel and place at your music videos that are being watched by your fans. Then collects money from the advertisers and transfer payment to your AdWords account.

Affiliated with Distributor:

The third-party distributors are allowed to immerse your music album on YouTube. Then they can collect money for your music videos.

Signed with Record Label:

The licensing agreement of record label with YouTube will allow you to get the income from the YouTube Red and Ads.

Benefits of using YouTube as the Artist and Audience

  • Anyone who is most talented musicians can become the celebrity on YouTube by going viral on it.
  • The audience can enjoy the 24×7 music hours on YouTube with no conditions.
  • The artists can get the real feedback from the genuine audience for their performance in the creation of the music album.
  • The newbies can find their way in public to get a huge reputation.
  • No other third parties needed to blow the trumpet. The artists can make own promotion to reach the audiences.
  • The musicians can build their music business by approaching the big brands as the influencer.
  • With the millions of fan base can make easy sales of their music albums.
  • The artists can place the brand’s video ads in the original music video content that helps to gain the ad revenue.
  • The audience can get in touch with their favourite music stars frequently by making comments.
  • The audience can watch the plenty of music videos of their beloved stars as playlists.

Types of YouTube Video Content that comes under Promotional activity

Depending on the promotional event the nature of the video content may vary. The basic set of video requires the following video content.

Lyrics video:

Lyrical videos are growing their popularity as a tool for engaging the audience, and we can add a process to fulfill the Official video.


Art tracks are one type of videos, it consists of artwork for signals and Album. There are few requirements need to monetizing the videos on YouTube.

Short-form Promotional Video:

The Length of the short form videos in between 30-60 seconds. These short-form videos are used for Movie Trailers, Music Album intros, Short clips from music tracks.

Music Videos:

Music videos create momentum for fans and audience; these are the final output from one band or an album. At Starting stages, YouTube meant for only Videos, and now it’s icon for music.

Behind the Scenes:

Behind the Scenes footage is additional footage that not included in the Original track. But this footage maintains the deeper relationship with the audience.

The content is not explicitly from music Albums that it may be real life activities keep your lines clear for effective communication. Use this type of content only if the content is accessible otherwise, don’t use this kind of videos content.

The music videos are becoming Universally standard for all social media. Music videos are now trending and constant currency for better communication.

Promotional Strategies for Music on YouTube

YouTube has several Artist -inspiration products which can help the Artist to find and connect with your fans with your music across the World. The two pillar introduced to every Artist by YouTube is YouTube Analytics and Music Insights.

The Promotional Tour is best to plan the Tour and connect with Fans. The Following Techniques will help to get the broader audience through YouTube.

Music Insights:

The Music Insights tool leverage the Artists to find what type of content and who are listening to your tracks by city-by-city. Insights data help the Artist in decision making to plan for their Tour.

Music Insights is wholly based on the Industry wise metadata and count from videos views. It plays vital role to discover the Fans Globally and Locally.

YouTube Analytics:

YouTube Analytics gives you the complete data of your YouTube channel based on the category. It will help the Artist to know the Audience engagement and decision making to plan and to prepare the details of the next tour.

Plan Where To Go On Tour:

In YouTube Analytics, Demographic reports show the countrywide View and watch time for your uploaded music videos.

Whereas, the Music Insights show the local fan following by city and stats display based on local channel data. That is fans uploaded data, publisher-specific channels, and labels.

You can plan your Tour based on the Music Insights and YouTube Analytics data to customize the plans.

Espouse What Track To Play:

Pick the video watch time option from the YouTube analytics that displays top watched video content and how much time people spend on specific track by location wise. These two YouTube features help to get a better sense of choosing the soundtrack what to play on Tour.

Recognise where you have most Existed Fans:

The Comments and subscribers from YouTube Analytics indicate where you have super fans. To find the highly invested fans, look at analytics and lip the video which has a high number of likes, views, and comments. Accordingly, plan your Events or Tour to be Live Streamed for greater excitement.

Go Where Your Fans Exists:

Plan your Tour with the help of there Two pillars of YouTube where you can meet most excited fans. Go where you have a highly engaging audience and loyal Fan following.

The Best YouTube Music Campaigns

The new campaigns from the YouTube determine how people are listening to their favorite music.

YouTube Music – Alex’s Theme:

Alex a small town boy who changed himself and secretly created the Albums. This campaign reveals that background and what happens in life are not at all factors to love Music. Music is just a roadmap to what lies inside you.

YouTube Music – Afsa’s Theme:

Afsa who knows every single line of Blackalicious’ Alphabet Aerobics. She is a school girl who can sing every line of Blackalicious while walking on the school corridor without losing her breath till the end of the song.

YouTube Statistics For Music Industry

More than 3 billion View for Entertainment and Music Videos on YouTube only in India.

Among 3 billion Video Views, 2.4 billion View for only kids Entertainment Video Content.

95% of the videos watched on YouTube was Music Videos in 2018.

Many YouTube channels are earning six digit figures from YouTube, and it’s increasing 50% every year.

The Music on YouTube use Trueview ads, and the content increased by 500% after posting the new videos.

The most searched words on YouTube was Music, and it’s slowing moving on to music videos.

More than half of the YouTube Video Views come from the mobile devices.

Currently “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee has the highest number of views on YouTube Music.

Dispactio has more than 4.7 billion video views on YouTube.

Previously Gangnam Style took place on most watched videos, and it took five months time to hit 1 billion views.

Dispactio took 97 days to hit 1 Billion Views on YouTube, and it’s trending now.


YouTube is mean for Video and later on, people find YouTube is best for Music. Here, we described how YouTube has changed the Music Industry and how Musicians get benefited involving Music on YouTube for their Campaigns.

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