Negative YouTube Video Comments

How To Respond Negative YouTube Video Comments

YouTube is one of the most popular search engines in the world. Millions of videos are watched every day across the Globe. People watch YouTube videos to entertain, clear their doubts, and gather information. We can find Some haters leave negative comments on your Video. At that time, we should know how to Respond to Negative YouTube Video Comments.

Because of the large audience, creating videos and uploading them to YouTube channels has become one of the best options to make money. Some YouTubers are earning good money with YouTube videos.

Vloggers must engage with the audience and build a community to develop their YouTube channels and get more video views. For this, they have to get feedback from the audience. The comments in the Video give insights into how people are responding to the videos.

These comments also help to improve future videos. However, the viewer’s words are always not positive. There is a high chance that the YouTubers also encounter negative comments and inevitably have to deal with them. Handling Negative YouTube Video Comments is difficult, but one must learn how to do this.

Arguing With Audience

When encountering a negative comment, vloggers should learn to ignore it. Even if they want to reply, they should never say anything hateful.

Ask for suggestions to improve future videos. This can create a positive feeling in the person’s mind, and he can genuinely give some advice.

A negative reply can damage the reputation, and if the person who made the negative comment only wants attention, he might even use vulgar language.

If this happens, ignore them or delete the comment.

Criticism And Negativity

  • Almost every YouTube experiences a troll attack.
  • Every YouTuber is bound to get hostile and hurtful comments.
  • Online trolls try to hurt people’s feelings and start a fight.
  • YouTubers should never fall for the bait. Ignore the comment.
  • If the person continues to nag, block the person and move on.
  • Negative comments can be constructive feedback sometimes, so learn to focus on such comments and use them to improve the channel.
  • Focus on the positive comments that appreciate the hard work.

Differentiate Between Legitimate and Illegitimate

If the YouTube videos are disliked for a legitimate reason, try fixing them. Acknowledge the mistake or criticism and try not to repeat it in the following videos. Do not simply delete the negative comments with legitimate reasons.

This can backfire, and the audience might feel that fixing the issue is not on your mind and you do not care about how your viewers think about the videos.

Identify Trolls

The Internet is a place full of trolls. These trolls target YouTube videos with lots of views. The only goal of the trolls is to hurt or make the vloggers angry.

They use offensive language. Trolls look for attention, and so they use every tactic to make you respond and get entertained by them.

On the other hand, not all the people who leave negative comments are rolls. It can be because of their poor communication skills. It is thus essential to differentiate and respond.

While dealing with trolls, do not use any emotional language. It is not advisable to respond to trolls, even when responding keeps them dry and factual. Maintain a calm and unaffected tone.

Stay Confident

Trolls will post the same comment on any YouTube video they watch. This is not limited to some YouTubers. Every one of them gets them.

These comments are not for the videos’ content or the YouTuber’s hard work. These only reflect the person who is writing them.

Staying confident and focusing on creating great content is essential. Pay attention to the positive aspects and spend valuable time interacting with the supporters.

Tips To Deal With Negative YouTube Video Comments

  • Do not respond to negative comments with no legitimate reasons. Silence is the best answer for trolls.
  • Please do not feed the negativity, as this is what they want. They get entertained by the responses.
  • Some people only want attention and do all sorts of things to get it. They find trolling as one of the better ways to ask for care. So, learn to ignore them completely.
  • Think of the positive feedback you are getting.
  • Set time to read comments to avoid wasting time arguing with trolls. Do not allow negative comments to affect your mood.
  • The most mature way to deal with negative comments on YouTube is to ignore them, even if you want to defend them.
  • If the comment is offensive, delete it and give the message that the channel is no tolerance zone.
  • Use YouTube comment moderation.
  • There are effective ways to respond to rude comments on YouTube. Do not pay more attention to them as there are supportive and positive comments also.
  • Delete the negative comments, block the commenter, or respond positively and try to obtain clarification. Please find the best way to use it in the current situation.

Disabling comments and likes should be the last option for the vloggers. However, this can end up with the video ranking lower, and people might stop sharing it.

This can badly hurt small YouTube channels and business channels. Thus, this should be only the last resort.

Getting negative feedback from the audience cannot be escaped. Learn something that helps to control the videos and the negative comments on YouTube.

10 Advanced Strategies for Getting More YouTube Video Feedback and Comments

Newton’s 3rd law of motion:

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Once you as a marketer publish your Video on YouTube, you are supposed to expect (and it is equally available) a response from the viewers. This response can be either positive or negative. Most of the answers can be in the form of feedback and comments. Other reactions will be like, share, subscribe, etc.

Now that you can publish your videos on your YouTube Channel, you expect the feedback/comments. Below are some strategies that can be used to achieve this objective.

1) Blogging is the best method to get feedback. Once you upload your Video, you can create a blog for yourself and embed the Video on the blog.

2) You may be required to post your Video on other social media (like FB, Twitter, etc.) besides your favorite channel, YouTube.

3) Your Video needs a professional touch besides the base point you want to discuss or tell your customers.

4) Video without proper audio is considered useless as a chocolate teapot. As such, please ensure that adequate audio is available for your Video.

5) Music adds additional flavor to your Video. However, please be careful that you post your music or have appropriate rights to post music created and owned by others.

6) Try to keep your Video with funny, informative material without controversial issues.

7) You need to employ the best equipment to get the best output in the form you post on the YouTube channel. Depending on the requirements of the content and subject to your budget, you need to go for appropriate hardware and software support for your Video.

8) Colour combination, as well as the resolution of the Video, also play a significant role in retaining the viewers until the end.

9) Practice makes a man perfect. Please ensure the required practice is done before posting the Video on the channel.

10) Lastly, “Call to Action” is the trump card to ensure viewers post their comments/feedback. This same button also helps in circulating your Video among your viewers’ social circle.

As you need feedback/comments about your Video for proper curation, you must ensure that appropriate tools are employed to get the required feedback.

10 Best Ways to Comment on YouTube Videos

A great comment is the biggest asset to the video creator and the commentator to get identity among the millions. Commenting on a particular video is also an art of expressing what you feel without violating the terms and conditions of the concerned platform. Here are some of the best ways to comment on YouTube videos.

1. Know about the terms and conditions clearly

Understand the terms and conditions of the platform in detail before commenting on any video. It would be best not to use the comment section for your website promotion, as it can be considered spam.

2. Don’t threaten the creator

Don’t make inappropriate comments on YouTube videos if you don’t like them. Just flag the Video if you don’t like it. You can also report the Video by clicking on the report button.

3. Know about the purpose

Know about really wanting to communicate with the creator for learning or appreciation. You can forward it in the best way.

4. Don’t be redundant

Don’t repeat the comments that someone has already posted. So before commenting, check the comments.

5. Use tags or mentions

Reply to someone with words or titles along with the channel name.

6. Don’t violate

Be respectful while you comment. Don’t go with violated language.

7. Add some helpful info

Try adding valuable information about what you know about that Video and how to improve it if it is dull.

8. Relevancy

Make relevant comments that match the criteria of Video and discussion. Don’t make useless and spammy comments.

9. Make it brief if necessary

Sometimes, you may like to share more with the explanation. Don’t step back; go with your flow and make it short, as YouTube offers an unlimited character count.

10. No Capital, please

Don’t use capital letters, as it might disturb the comment section.


Posting comments for a YouTube video is not an easy task. It has some restrictions and terms and conditions to follow. Everyone who is commenting simply for YouTube videos should follow these rules. All these ways are constructive while posting your comments on the YouTube platform.

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