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50 Questions To Ask Before Starting A New YouTube Channel

YouTube channel creation is simple and easy. It is not a complex activity to discuss. However, YouTube platform is like an ocean in which there are some millions of videos across the platform. Seeking identity among the millions of videos is not that simple to achieve. It requires great strategies and different techniques to survive on YouTube with proper identity.

Hence, it is very important to ask questions before starting a new YouTube Channel. Here are some 50 important and essential questions; you need to ask yourself before creating a New YouTube Channel.

Questions To Ask Before starting a New YouTube Channel

1. Why do you need a YouTube channel? You need to answer yourself about why you need YouTube channel and what is the importance of being on YouTube. Getting  answer to this question is imperative while you enter into YouTube channel creation.

2. Which niche are you going to choose? You need to choose your category. Means, which category you are interested in and what is your interest.

3. Who is your audience? You need to know about your targeted audience because you are not creating content for yourself but your audience.

4. What is your logo? The logo is the main element that denotes your content and channel on YouTube. So, make sure it is attractive and catchy.

5. How to design your cover page? Cover page design must be attractive because people will come to your channel to know more about you. So, it must be attractive.

6. How to write a description? Channel description is very important to make others let you know what exactly you are doing on YouTube and why you do?

7. How to optimize description? Optimization is essential as the competition was already at peaks. So need to know about this term.

8. Who are your competitors? Everyone must know about their competitors first once he or she decide their niche. So that you can know what type of strategies they are following.

9. What type of content are you going to publish? Know about which type of content you are going to share with your audience.. make a list.

10. How often you plan to upload your content? Plan your content ahead before creating your YouTube channel. It helps you to maintain consistency.

11. How are you going to start your videos? Know about all the essential equipment you require for your YouTube video shoot. Get the software; get the editors and all tools before.

12. Who is your audience? Know your audience and make sure you are preparing content for them.

13. How much time do you want to spend in making videos? Plan your timings and keep a regular schedule before.

14. How patient are you to create videos? Patience is paramount because you can’t a superstar overnight.

15. How to measure your effort? You need to know how to analyze what you have done.

16. Do you need any strategy? Exactly, you need the best strategy that fit with your objective, niche, and goals.

17. Do you know SEO? SEO helps you awake in search results. People can find you better.

18. What is SEO? You need to know about this term and its fundamental. Of course, you do not need to master the things. Just know few important things.

19. DO you need Keywords? Keywords are the targeting elements, and they are part of SEO.

20. What are keywords? Keywords are the search terms that are used by the people who are searching for something in the search bar.

21. Do you know Thumbnail? Know about the term thumbnail.

22. What are thumbnails? They are the first impression on the viewer. So know about the perfect requirement.

23. How to collaborate with other YouTube channels? Know about collaboration first and its requirement.

24. How to apply SEO techniques? It is not must, but it can be an added advantage if you know SEO better.

25. How to promote your videos? Know about different promotion strategies.

26. How to advertise your video on YouTube? Know about different YouTube Ad types.

27. How to build community? It requires good research and patience to study the videos that are successful.

28. What are copyright strikes? Must to know!!

29. Do you know the copyright regulations on YouTube?

30. How to engage viewers? With unique and fresh content.

31. How to get more subscriptions? Need better strategic implementation.

32. How to get more views?

33. What is watch time?

34. How to increase watch time of your videos?

35. How to share your videos?

36. How to create unique content? Research and get more ideas.

37. How to create user generated content?

38. Do you know the impact of SEO on YouTube video success?

39. Do you have any idea about annotations?

40. What are closed captions? The best way to reach people of all languages.

41. Do you know the importance of closed captions for videos?

42. What type of ads do you know on YouTube?

43. Which type of ads do you choose for your video promotion?

44. What is cross platforms promotion? Promote your videos on social media platforms.

45. What is the benefit of cross-platform promotion? More audience!!

46. What are the ways to improve your strategy? More research and better implementation

47. How to research on new strategies? Watching videos that are most successful in your niche.

48. How to implement right strategy to become number one?

49. How to become a YouTube star? Make yourself unique to the audience. Let them engage with your content.

50. How to become an influencer? The best way to get better revenue source but require good following with your honest efforts to build the loyal audience to your channel.

Finally, if have answers to all these questions, you can go confidently for creating a good YouTube channel and make your success carpet. Remember, getting answers to each question is not enough to become a YouTube superstar. It requires better implementation of strategies.

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