YouTube for Healthcare Brands

YouTube for Healthcare Brands: Online Video Marketing for Healthcare Industry

Thinking about promoting your brand?

Are you belonging to healthcare category??

Confused about video marketing on YouTube for your healthcare brand??

Don’t worry!!

Follow this simple guide for beginners and dummies to get good knowledge.

Present Healthcare industry scenario

You may go through some ads and videos across the YouTube platform by reputed hospitals, clinics and other nutrition and fitness based content.

Yes, the healthcare industry is growing by utilizing the powerful video marketing to reach their audience and consumers.

Healthcare industry is vast as it had several branches and categories. But everything relates to health and wellness of the people.

So, at present, there is a huge competition in the healthcare industry and every brand is approaching with their own unique strategy to reach the people across the web.

How to market your healthcare brand on YouTube platform?

YouTube has some millions of active users, so there is a good chance to reach several people on a single platform.

Yes, along with advantage, there is also a big challenge to reach people. That big challenge is to reach the right audience and to get good engagement to the videos.

The challenge is to get identified among millions and to get good recognition to your brand to generate good leads.

The launch of testimonial videos, either YouTube or any social media platform, is the primary source to gain the reputation of health care in public. It happens due to the live characters like patients or who experienced your service can easily define your service or products. Also, the comments on the particular video that you can help the audiences find more about your products or services. Before watching any video, the audience will scroll to find the comments of that particular video. Hence, it is necessary to consider the comment section before creating the video content. The video is the trending category for the promotion of any business.

Best Practices for your Healthcare Video Marketing on YouTube Platform

Start with a welcome video

Create a good welcome video about your company or brand and the services provided. The video must be short and sweet that audience must not get bored with your video.

Use motion graphics and animated characters

Try using the motion pictures to tell a story about your services. Don’t over promote. Your way of promoting your services must be entertaining and useful to your audience.

Create health tips videos

User generated and user loved content plays a great role in your success, try to post the best health tips videos by attaching your logo on your videos. Try not to copy the things as it may reduce your rankings.

Make how to videos

Start how to videos on your services and their usage. Benefits etc. Also, create some useful content for your audience to engage them with your videos.

Drive traffic towards your website and social media using videos

Insert clickable links in your video to drive traffic to your website and boost the app downloads too. Useful content will definitely provide great value to your content.

Try Q&A videos

Create some question and answer type of videos and take suggestions from your audience. include the frequently asked queries in your video.

Hospital and product videos

Make a detailed product video and target the advantages of the product with your audience. if you relate to the clinics or a hospital, shoot the video testimonials and surgery related videos and upload on your channel.

Conduct contests and announce new offers and free health checkups

Make the video as your main platform and conduct interesting contests and offer your audience with free checkups and new offers.

How to promote your videos and go beyond?

The next step after the creation of your video content is to promote the video content in order to provide more value to your content.

Promotion in the sense it will not be reserved for only videos and it also applies for your concerned websites, blogs and wherever your services and brand exists.

So utilize the videos and insert the links of-of your website, blogs, and other social media platforms.

So that people can click on those links can be diverted your homepage as well as concerned page who want them to see.

Use keywords

Utilize best keywords by making the good research on keywords usage. Optimize the video metadata to boost your rankings.

Get connected with comments

Always be respond in a positive way to reach your audience. Also, do comment on other videos that are relevant to your field and connect with the new audience to drive them towards your videos.

Go live

Live streaming one of the most effective forms of promotion. You can make new releases announcements and get live comments as suggestions and critic reviews in real time.

But, it requires a separate strategy to promote before and after your live stream.

So there is a great scope to build strong audience base across the web.

Try paid promotion on YouTube

Use different YouTube video ads like skippable, unskippable, shoppable, banner and many other ads to boost your brand promotion.

You can also use annotations to your video.


Utilize YouTube SEO to get good rankings in search engine results by optimizing your video content across the search engine results.

There are several advantages for healthcare marketers on YouTube because people have good awareness on health and especially on fitness and food habits to follow daily.

So make a daily routine diet and fitness videos to stay at the top priority.

Finally, these are the general strategies and tips that can be followed to build the strong presence on the YouTube platform in the healthcare industry.

Video Marketing for Healthcare Brands

The healthcare industry had also jumped towards video marketing to attract new customers. They are going with various tactics to build trust in the people about the company because the healthcare industry depends upon the trust of the customers to grow. So, the companies are practicing the SEO and making their steps towards success with video marketing. Here are some tips to follow in video marketing for healthcare companies.

Make Clear and Informative Content

Define your objective of marketing and plan to create a better awareness of the audience. For example, if you want to create some resources on your services, then make sure the topics you are going with must be understandable by the audience, and it must be clear. The content which is not informative cannot able to grab the attention of the customers.

Don’t Lag with High Language Usage

It is not required to use high terminology as many people didn’t know about different types of terminology related to healthcare, your video must be in a single standard which can be understandable by the general public about what you are saying. So, explain them but don’t be lazy in language usage.

Go with Animated Videos Too

Don’t use too much graphical content but, plan it perfectly by knowing about your audience expectations in view. Many large healthcare institutions are posting the animated videos on the Youtube platform to grab the customers online as animated videos are attractive and easy to understand.

Get Connected with the People Emotionally

Emotions always work in video. It revealed that video which contains emotional content turned as viral videos on various platforms. But, it must be natural and should not appear to the audience as artificial. So, be creative and approach the audience.

Tutorial Videos

Make some tutorial videos about health and the maintenance of good health-related tutorials with some tips for people. Post regularly and stay connected by answering the questions of people patiently if they question in the comments section. Also, post some surgical videos that your institution offers. It makes the people know more about the surgeries too.

10 Tips for Successful Pharma Video Marketing

The most businesses adopting the digital platform for marketing their products and promoting their brands, it is also important for the pharma companies to make digital marketing a part of their marketing strategy. Videos are compelling, and these effectively deliver the message to the businesses. Video has become an integral part of any online business strategy. Here are few tips that help for the success of pharma video marketing.

1. Leveraging social media is an important aspect of digital marketing. Pharma companies can find a big number of patients and consumers in social media sites.

2. Videos help to say a lot in just a few words. Use this powerful medium to deliver the message by developing interesting content.

3. Do not ignore to add links to your videos that direct the people to the website or blog that provides more information about the service or the product.

4. Creating a video is for improving interaction with people, and it does not make sense to lose the opportunity to request them to take some call to action.

5. Pharma companies must consider the response they get from their audience as the feedback helps to provide the information of whether the campaign is a success or not.

6. Pharma marketers must maintain the consistency which is the key to success.

7. The effectiveness of video marketing strategy can improve personalizing it. Collect valuable insights and deliver what the audience wants.

8. With analytics measure, the level of engagement and audience interaction and assess the success of the marketing campaign.

9. Pharma brands use SEO optimization for their videos to make them viral.

10. Make the videos easy to share so that they reach a wider audience.

Video marketing is adopted by most popular pharma brands and this helps in interacting with the consumers and to keep the consumers engaged. Increased engagement helps in ROI increase and makes the digital marketing strategy a big success.

Importance of YouTube on the Healthcare Industry

Most businesses use online marketing today to grow and connect with customers. Social media sites such as YouTube are turning into productive platforms for generating leads. Healthcare industry is also using social media for generating leads. People are more active on social media sites making it the perfect choice for targeting the people. YouTube on Healthcare Industry is the key concept to discuss here.

People who are looking for medical information go to YouTube, and ninety percent of these people are in the early twenties. Studies proved that nineteen percent of the people who use smartphone got the apps related to diet, exercise, and weight installed on their phones.

More than fifty percent of the people look for practical advice on the internet for their health problems. It also proved that more than forty percent of people rely on social media to make decisions. It is observed that there is a lot of increase in the diversion of YouTube traffic to hospital sites.

YouTube Popularity in Medical Field

The role of video in medical education proved to be effective in improving the performance of the students. Students will pay more attention to the learning the subject when teaching is integrated with multimedia tools such as video.

YouTube is the most visited website for information even by the medical professionals and students. YouTube has become home to high-quality educational content.

Tips for using YouTube in Medical Education

  • Many educational institutes and organization made videos one of their tools for online learning. This format gained popularity even in medical education also both at the undergraduate level and postgraduate levels.
  • The use of online tools such as videos offer many advantages in medical education.
  • Online medical education eliminates the challenge of physical distance, and these are also economical regarding both the time and money.
  • YouTube videos for medical education can enhance learning, and these can be integrated easily into instructional methods.
  • The high quality of videos can be created, and by uploading them to YouTube, worldwide access is permitted for the users.
  • The medical education videos can reach global viewership.
  • Posting educational videos on YouTube results in getting large numbers of views and reach broader audiences.
  • YouTube can be used to upload videos of some procedures such as endoscopy so that students will easily understand them.
  • Videos with simple illustrations of procedures can be created which can make the channel popular with the students.
  • Topics such as symptoms and signs of health problems, treatments, etc. are used to create the medical education videos.

YouTube for Healthcare Marketing

YouTube is the most popular website and search engine. It offers the healthcare business exposure to potential patients and customers. YouTube is the perfect platform for sharing information about the healthcare products and promote them.

Healthcare brands can create videos in which doctors speak to the patients about the products. Doctors can educate patients about various diseases, health problems, symptoms and their treatments.

YouTube videos can be accessed freely by anyone from anywhere, and so the audience can connect with the healthcare providers with comfort and convenience.

Top Healthcare YouTube Channels

YouTube is one of the most popular search engines, and it allows people to share their videos with the world. Healthcare companies and businesses also use this platform to show latest developments and innovations.

There are many YouTube channels in belonging to the healthcare industry, and some of the popular channels include the GE Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, Philips Healthcare, American Heart Association and Novartis.

Other popular YouTube channels such as American Cancer society, Elekta, Siements, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and American Medical Association create videos to share personal medical stories, new inventions in medicines and many more.

World’s Most Amazing Medical Videos on YouTube

There are many YouTube channels that create medical videos. Some of the amazing medical videos you will find on YouTube are the cardiology videos which are short, sweet and well illustrated.

You can also find medical videos on topics like glycolysis and bacteriology. Great medical videos on various topics which are very helpful for the medical students can be accessed from Lecturio YouTube channel.

Strong Medicine is another channel where you will find great video lessons on chest X-rays interpreting, tests for pulmonary functions, etc.

YouTube Impact on Healthcare Industry Statistics

  • This is the generation that goes to social media sites such as YouTube to get answers to general health questions instead of going to a doctor.
  • More than forty percent of the consumers say that social media sites such as YouTube affects the way they deal with their health problems.
  • It is proved that people in the age of a group of 18 to 24 years use social media twice more than other age group people to find information about health-related issues. It is also revealed that the information shared on YouTube is trusted more by people in this group.
  • More than 54% of the patients find it comfortable to seek advice from social media sites such as YouTube to get their conditions treated.
  • Studies also revealed that 31% of the professionals belonging to the healthcare industry use YouTube for networking professionally.
  • YouTube also influences the decision taken by the patients about hospital or doctor, as said by 41% of people.

Significance of Virtual Reality Videos in Healthcare

Virtual reality mostly associated with the entertainment. But it can significantly improve the lives of patients also who have autism, pain, etc. Training medical students are one of the prime uses of Virtual Reality Videos in Healthcare and apart from that virtual organ models are helping surgeons to prepare for complicated surgeries.

Virtual reality is changing the face of medicine not only for doctors but also for the patients as well. VR can help phobia patients get over their fears with VR therapy.

Medical Education with 360 Videos

360-degree videos can be used to train people in healthcare to perform better at a task. Favorite medical schools are making 360-degree videos a part of their curriculum.

Complicated surgical procedures are shown to the students in 360-degree videos which are interactive. The students can practice and perfect them.

More and more training tools are being developed to create immersive video modules which the students can access using their mobile apps.

360-degree immersive videos are created that enable students to observe surgeries closely. The students can explore the human anatomy.

Human nervous system, muscles, and bones or cardiovascular systems can be investigated using VR.

Ways Medical VR Videos Changing Healthcare

Virtual reality is getting better. Most exciting applications are being created in healthcare. Doctors, as well as patients, are getting benefit from VR. Virtual reality videos can be potentially used as a therapeutic tool.

VR videos are being used to treat pain, stress, and anxiety. Healthcare video also is a cost-saving tool for medical healthcare training. The videos created can be accessed on mobile and desktop devices. This saves money, time and energy as the trainers can avoid going to the training sessions personally.

VR videos are also used to explain people understand the effects of smoking or alcohol. Showing adverse effects of tobacco and alcohol through VR is believed to discourage younger generations to stop these habits. Healthcare industry is changing rapidly.

Healthcare gets Innovative with VR Videos

Virtual reality videos in healthcare are predicated on generating billions of dollars in the coming few years. The two areas where VR videos are most utilized are the trainiHealthcare gets Innovative with VR Videosng and the rehabilitation.

VR videos enable the medical professionals anywhere in the world to see and use them for training purposes. Young doctors can be trained using the immersive 3D operative room simulations in real life situations.

This helps them gain experience and improve their skills to save lives. Eve professionals can fine-tune their skills using these videos. VR videos are developed that show colonoscopy, laparoscopy, robotic and also organ transplant surgeries.

VR videos were showing breathing control and meditation help patients to relax and control their breathing. This helps in lessening pain. Another innovative way VR is used in healthcare is for the drug addicts.

There are millions of people with drug use disorders. VR is being used to help individuals learn to deal with the temptation of drugs. Physical rehabilitation is getting more pleasant with VR.

Patients terrified of the treatment that they are getting can get help from VR videos understand what is ahead. They also can understand how to deal with their medical condition.

Uses of Virtual Reality Videos in Healthcare

Though entertainment and gaming are the two popular areas when it comes to usage of virtual reality, there are other areas such as medicine which is gradually adopting and applying this technology.

Virtual Reality is being used to help patients get relief from pain and stress. One example is the video of KindVR which helps Sickle Cell Disease patients remove focus from their pain.

Medical virtual reality is also being used for medical training. Students are allowed to perform hands-on procedures in a safe and controlled setting preventing any risk to the patients as the students might make mistakes.

Dentistry is another critical area where VR is playing an important role. The students can perform the range of virtual procedures and improve their skills and adjust their technique.  VR is also used to train paramedics to learn life-saving skills.

Another use of virtual reality in medicine is to educate patients about the need to stop smoking, alcohol intake and make positive changes to their lifestyle such as healthy eating and exercise.

Best Documentaries of Medical Virtual Reality

VR is being used for varying purposes in medicine. People are using VR to improve research and to reach broader audiences. Documentaries are being made in virtual reality in medicine, and one of such documentaries is ‘To Err is Human.’ This documentary focuses on preventable medical errors and issues. There are other documentaries available online.

Virtual reality in medicine can revolutionize the whole industry. Apart from training students, VR is also used as a tool for effectively treating mental disorders. It can increase modern medicine level all over the world.

This technology can help the medical specialists, surgeons, dentists, and physicians to learn the skills without risking human lives. Computer technology is advancing, and along with it, VR solutions are also continuing to progress.

Virtual reality is producing impactful experiences for the users. It is improving diagnostics, predicting outcomes and is also changing the way doctors are planning to provide care for the patients.

The numerous benefits and uses of virtual reality are taking the industry by storm. By using this technology, innovative advancements are being brought in healthcare.


YouTube is a platform that provides maximum exposure at little expense. That is why everyone in the healthcare industry is considering this platform for broadening their reach and get positive results.

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