Online Video Glossary

100 Online Video Glossary – Every Video Marketer Should Know

100 Online Video Glossary – Terms that Every Video Marketer Should Know. Getting familiar with the terms often used related to online video will help navigate the market. Here is the glossary that describes the terminology of online video.

Online Video Glossary

1. .avi is audio video interleave

2. .flv is Flash video file format

3. .mov is video publishing file format

4. .wmv is windows media video

5. 1080i highest standard resolution

6. 720p is mode high definition 720 horizontal lines

7. Asynchronous video delivery is no live video transmission

8. Autoplay is the video that plays automatically

9. Buffering video is video player storing portion of the video to local storage for playback

10. Clickable video is interactive online video

11. Click through is following hyperlink in the ad

12. CMS is content management systems

13. Codec is compressor or Decompressor

14. Compression reducing the amount of video image data

15. Consumer video hosting is online video hosting sites

16. Content delivery networks deliver content to end users

17. Contextual ads are ads that are delivered by the contextual ad engines

18. Conversions changing the formats of data

19. CPA is cost per action

20. CPC is cost per click

21. CPM is cost per thousand impressions

22. CRM-centric is knowing the needs of customers

23. Cue points in online video can be used to trigger animation, closed captions etc

24. Decoding is decompressing encoded file for playback

25. Delivery of video content is achieved through different devices.

26. DivX is codec developed by DivX.Inc

27. DRM is digital rights management

28. Embed is taking the video and transplanting it on websites or blogs

29. Encoding is using code c compress a file

30. Event trackers are used to tracking click through

31. File size is measured in bytes, kilobytes etc.

32. Flash is used to integrate video into web page

33. Full-screen views are number of times the online video is played in full-screen mode

34. HD is high definition

35. HDV is high definition video recording format

36. Hit is requested for a file from server

37. Hotspot is ad unit within the video content

38. HTTP streaming is audio and video default protocol streaming

39. Hyperlinked video is videos in which objects are made selectable

40. In-banner video ads is an ad format

41. In-line ads are hyperlinked text form ads

42. In-page video ads are delivered as standalone video ads

43. In-stream videos can be shown after or over the video

44. In-stream video ads cannot be stopped

45. Internet TV is distribution of television content via the internet

46. Key phrase is helped in page indexing

47. Keywords are associated with a search

48. Linear video ads take the full view of the video

49. Long form videos are more than 5 minutes in length

50. Measurability is key factor related to web marketing

51. Metadata can be advertiser name, eCPM goal, format etc.

52. Mobile video is online video content that can be watched on mobiles

53. Monetized video is online video that brings income

54. Motion graphics are used in video to create movement illusion

55. MPEG -2: standard format of digital TV signals

56. MPEG – 4 supports external digital rights management

57. Overlay ads appear below the video window

58. P2 card is a video camera memory card

59. PPV is pay per view

60. Playlist is list of online videos that are broken down by categories

61. Podcasts are digital media files

62. Pop-up is displayed in the online video

63. Post Rolls Ads are ads that come after the online video is ended

64. Post-production is completion of all production and recording work of videos

65. PPC is pay per click

66. Pre/Mid/post-roll ads are shown before, during or after the video

67. Pre-roll ads are shown before online video presentation

68. Professional video hosting sites let sharing of videos be viewed by audience

69. Progressive download is a technique to download online video

70. RSS is real simple syndication

71. Sampling rate is number of samples per second to store sound

72. Short form video length is less than five minutes.

73. Single title player can only play online video

74. Skin ads appear in video player skin

75. Sourced videos are generated by the third party

76. SD is standard definition

77. Streaming video is live video delivered to end user

78. Syndicated video is content sourced from the third party

79. Syndication is allowing users to use the content to increase traffic

80. Tracking is monitoring online video and collecting data

81. User generated content is submitted by users

82. User-generated video is video created by public

83. Video API is Video Application Program Interface

84. Video appliances are computers, iPods etc

85. Video assets are video content of companies or individuals

86. Video compression is reducing side of video file

87. Video E-commerce is used to create e-transactions

88. Video format is type of video

89. Video Montage is a video created through transition of photographs

90. VOD is video on demand

91. Video SEO is video search engine optimization

92. Video sharing networks are internet sites such as YouTube and Vimeo

93. Video Takeover is a growing trend in online video

94. Virtual tours are used in video marketing

95. Web analytics are use of metadata to collect information about behavior of audience

96. Brand Awareness is level to which the audience can recall a product

97. CPA is cost per acquisition

98. CPL is cost per lead

99. DSP is demand side platform

100. Native advertising is paid advertising

The above are some of the Online Video Glossary terms you may come across related to online video knowing which will be very helpful for the beginners.

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