OTT Analytics Platforms

50 OTT Analytics Platforms and Services

OTT has undergone rapid changes in recent years—broad-based content offering personalized Video streaming platforms. The rise of unpinned video analytics technology is incorporated into modern video streaming platforms. The OTT TV players ‘ video analytics platforms are redesigned to track and manage the viewers’ management. The below 50 OTT Analytics Platforms and Services reveal the importance of audience measurement in the Over the Top industry.

OTT Analytics Platforms and Services

1. Softcrylic:

One of the best OTT analytics and services platforms. It has a pre-built data connection, cloud-based digital intelligence, and more features.

2. Jump Deep Insights:

Ultimate platform for OTT analytics and SVOD Insight platform. All in one business intelligence platform.

3. Dacast:

Ultimate live streaming and intelligent insights platform for OTT platform to know audience performance.

4. Media Melon:

The best real-time analytics platform for Decast and offers intelligent insights. It provides unlimited upgrade analytics.

5. Phando:

Phando delivers high-quality HD video services and analytics.  You can create your own OTT platform with cost-effective services.

6. L & T Technology Services:

The platform works across the OTT ecosystem, from the content to consumers. It offers Analytics, target ads, payment gateways, etc.

7. 1CloudHub:

It offers multi-cloud capabilities and makes an advanced analytics platform that brings scattered big data to a single source for leading television entertainment.

8. Truoptik:

A panel-based Ott analytics platform. This offers services to various OTT players that measure consumer behavior across devices.

9. Tavant:

It offers Multimedia services and Video analytics platforms. Best for measuring this video analytics platform.

10. IBC:

IBC is the best audience measurement platform in India. It has launched data analytics and audience behavior management.

11. Amazon Web Services (AWS):

AWS recently offered OTT content providers and audience measurement platforms with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

12. Canviva :

Canviva integrated streaming analytics for your business. It follows industry-standard real-time insights for leading the TV industry.

13. Vimeo:

Grow your business with a real-time analytics platform. Vimeo streaming is now more accessible for streamers. At the same, it offers extraordinary video insights.

14. Vplayed:

With the help of a Vplayed video streaming platform, create your own OTT streaming platforms and get how long your subscribers stayed at your venue.

15. VIZZI:

It covers every step of your video streaming and TV everywhere. Maintains the Content management system, advertising options, and integrated analytics for the OTT subscribers.


It is an OTT development and analytics platform.  It offers the best TV and on-demand video streaming services to the users.

17. TV2U:

Launch your own OTT streaming and maintain with end-to-end white-labeled content delivery services. It offers unraveled content protection and analytics for you.

18. Tatvic:

Tatvic offers regular change rapid insights to the lower cost unique visitors and displays Tatvic video analytics.

19. Parrot Analytics:

This data-driven OTT analytics platform offers accurate analytics for quality video streaming.

20. Verizon Media:

You are delivering the ultimate video experience in a new standard service. This media platform, only your workflow, is providing reliable services.

21. JW Player:

It converts videos into various formats and devices—a simple OTT analytics platform to measure the audience.

22. Ooyala Flex Media Platform:

This Analytics platform organizes and builds an integration with sleek makes. It is scalable with other software and media and easy to upload videos.

23. Brightcove:

It offers the best Live Streaming services and tracks and engages every aspect of the viewer’s engagement.

24. Strategus:

Custom reporting and analytics platform for OTT services. The Strategus offers various types of Video on demand and streaming services.

25. Pixalate:

Pixalate analytics enables you to brand safety in-app, Video, and OTT formats coverage of insights.

26. ViewLift:

It offers real-time analytics among OTT networks. It also provides a 360-degree dashboard to measure the audience and user acquisition.

27. Streann Media:

This offers streaming services, monetization, and engagement tools—the entire analytics with machine learning techniques.

28. Tru Optic:

Tru Optic is a new OTT video advertising platform offering media analytics and monetization tools.

29. Accedo:

It offers Multimedia streaming services, and it transforms the video experience. Best video analytics platform.

30. PeerLogix:

The ott video provider and analytics platform. One of the ultimate streaming platforms.

31. Irdeto:

Top Video on demand and multi DRM system. It includes OTT insights for the pay media operations.

32. Okast. Tv:

Everything you need to know for Video on demand and over the Top content. Boost your audience’s visibility with this platform.

33. Mindtree:

Mindtree offers quality assurance for OTT services. It provides a seamless viewing experience with accurate time content consumption analytics.

34. Kalkura:

Best over-the-top media multi-account management and powerful media enhancement tools such as real-time analytics and content management system.

35. Quickplay:

Quickplay is the ultimate video streaming platform with consumption analytics.

36. Unscreen. Tv:

It is a mobile app for live-streaming TV content and ott analytics tools.

37. Zebra OTT:

All in one over the Top platform for Live streaming and gathering analytics.

38. Vidmind:

Ent to end over the top content platform for broadcasting and measuring the audience’s behavior.

39. Saranyu. In:

Buits a new mobile OTT video streaming and monetization services. You can obtain powerful video usage analytics by region.

40. Contus Vplay:

It provides an end-to-end ott streaming platform from the start of streaming to displaying the analytics.

41. Zype:

Video platform for the ott distributions and insights. Embedded player, monetization, and app distribution are excellent features of Zype.

42. Powr:

Provides the dashboard analytics and power of potential AI indexing to run big data moment-based engagement.

43. Lightcast:

Built-in ott apps and media websites based on their platforms. It offers real-time insights for the audience.

44. Mediashark:

Essential digital advertising and streaming platform. Modernize your OTT advertising strategies to track the audience through analytics.

45. Moat:

Moat analytics platform for more than 30 billion times per day. It offers services for OTT as well.


Launch your ott platform with VODLIX, stream monetize, and get real-time analytics.

47. RED BEE Media:

Red Bee Media’s premium platform streams millions of hours of content and is a powerful ott platform.

48. SmartyAds:

One of the best advertising platforms with intelligent analytics. You can track your Streaming performance.

49. Clearcode:

Clearcode is a custom OTT advertising and marketing platform. Track your real-time audience insights.

50. Serve:

Roku-supported video streaming platform provides rich analytics across all channels.


For every OTT platform, it is necessary to understand which content is consumed the highly and trending. Analytics can quickly get the reports of your OTT platform. There are various Over the top streaming platforms in the market. Here we compiled the leading OTT analytics and Services media for OTT streaming owners for better results.

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