Personalized Video Marketing

Personalized Video Marketing – The Next Big Thing

The new trend in video marketing is the personalization of videos. Most companies are incorporating personalized videos in their marketing strategies. It was also proven that these videos are becoming very popular. Personalized videos believe to receive higher click-through rates than other standard forms of marketing videos. Everything about personalized video marketing can found here.

As part of the digital marketing,business owners can include personalized videos on their websites and their landing pages to engage the audience. With common digital marketing methods such as emails, text ads, banner ads or normal video ads, we cannot get noticed by the consumers as more and more companies are using these methods.

To set your brand apart, offer personalized content to the customer who is becoming very crucial to the success of the business.

Personalization of video is offering the customer what they want. Marketing videos can be made using the personal information of the customers, such as job titles, names, and locations. Personalized videos can use in email marketing.

For this, the information of browsing history of customers can be used to send a video related to the things they are interested in. You can use the picture of them, and their name also is found in social media.

The two types of personalization video marketing are personalization of content that appears on the web-based on the behavior of the customer profile and the second is to modify the existing content.

Using personalized videos for email marketing

Email marketing is one of the popular and effective digital marketing sources.Combine it with personalized marketing to get the best results. Both together will be so powerful and make conversions.

Personalized video marketing can ensure great connections with the customers.When the customers see personalized videos, they are more likely to visit your site. Remember, engaging the consumer is the key to success of any business.

This can be done with product and service description personalized videos. The customer feels special and will notify you.

By understanding the power of video marketing, marketers are now using the personal customer data to make personalized videos.

Creating personalized marketing videos need three things.

The business owner needs to listen to the audience carefully, identify the target customers by narrowing the target and decide how to deliver your video.

The first thing to do is to identify the prospective customers, their interests and needs related to your services and products.

You can take the opinions of your customers by encouraging them to participate in surveys. Use website analytics to see what are the popular pages on your website.

Based on the information you get from the analytics, make personalized marketing videos that appeal to the prospective consumers. This helps in increasing the conversions.

Choosing the correct method to deliver the personalized methods is also important. This is because the video needs to reach a large number of prospective customers.

Many marketers consider YouTube or their website is the places their videos, but email is also an effective marketing tool.

It is not that the traditional video delivery methods are not effective. YouTube is also very effective in reaching prospective customers.

Marketers can post the videos to YouTube and then embed it on their business website. They can also create their own YouTube channels, invite the audience to subscribe them so that they got the notification when new videos posted.

Personalized video marketing is a new trend that many organizations are following. If done properly, there will be a lot of benefits from this, and the customer will feel entertained and special instead of feeling it is a water of time watching the marketing videos.

What is Personalized Video?

Personalized videos are becoming the new trend in the digital marketing world. Most businesses are incorporating personalized videos in their marketing strategies. Here is the complete guide to Personalized Video

Personalized videos are also used in email marketing, and it is proved that the click-through rate of these videos is higher than the other forms of the video.

Introduction to Personalized Video

Personalization is the new buzz work in digital marketing. Personalization of videos helps the brands and businesses to reach the target customers at the right time.

Highly relevant videos can be tailored and delivered to individual customers. Data science and sophisticated algorithms may be used to compose personal videos that match customer profiles, preferences and needs.

Videos may be personalized using text, images, Logos, animation, video, audio building blocks, languages, audio concentrations, video senses, backgrounds, RSS feeds etc.

Personalized Video Software and Platforms

There are various personalized video software and platforms available and few of them are mentioned here.

Slightly: This platform created localized video ads. This uses maps, addresses, and contact details to create the promotional video that is personalized.

Idomoo video engine helps the brands to create their own videos.

VaDz allows the brands to edit the videos based on their views and personalize them according to their requirement.

Mixpo: This is a digital ad company that offers mStream to design personalized videos for brands.

10 Best Practices for Personalized Video

How to make the best-personalized video that helps in the success of the digital marketing strategy? Let us know some best practices.

  1. Create personalized videos for digital marketing to deliver every information that the customer wants to know.
  2. You can make the videos more and more personalized by making the communication personalized with discount offers and billing also.
  3. Personalized videos are used in email marketing and these should be delivered with the name of the subscriber for more effect.
  4. Answer the queries and clear the doubts of customers in these videos.
  5. Use several versions of the personalized videos and see who each of them works.
  6. Choose the best of the delivery method for your personalized videos.
  7. Communicate with the customer with personalized videos and engage them.
  8. Find the prospective customer, the products he likes and the services he is interested in.
  9. Create a video template and use the data from CRM or automation platforms to target prospects.
  10. Personalized videos help to get the attention of the prospective customer and keep them engaged and also helps them to deliver the message effectively.

The video is the most powerful online marketing tool and businesses and brands are combing video and personalization to make their digital marketing strategy more appealing.

In the next couple of years, say by 2019, it is said that eighty percent of the people on the internet will consume video content. The brands are going to include the name of the customer into a video and what is more appealing than to see the brands inviting you to try a new product by mentioning your personal name.

It is proved that this video generated nearly 1599% click-through rates. Personalized videos are going to play a great role in all the stages of the sale funnel in the coming years.

Personalized let the audience feel that they are in control, and they have to do something with the videos as these are created personally for them. It lifts the sales, and the click-through rates and conversion rates are also improved.

Best Practices for Personalized Marketing Videos

Personalization marketing videos have become a part of the digital marketing strategy. The popularity of businesses that use exclusive person videos for marketing their products increased. Earlier, personalization ads were in the form of texts but with personalized videos, this form of marketing is becoming very powerful.Studies proved that the personalized videos sent through email marketing get very higher click through rate compared to standard video. Personalized videos speak to the specific individual.

• Marketers first should identify their prospective customers and predict their interests in products and services.

• Personalized video delivery method is also important.YouTube and email are few popular and effective methods.

• A personal connection with the customers is becoming critical and personalized video marketing causes emotional connection which is valuable for any organization.

• Marketers must personalize their videos to communicate with the customers to engage them.

• Add the name of the subscriber in the email marketing letter that contains a link to a marketing video.

• Try answering the concerns of the customers in the personalized video to have very encouraging results.

• Provide all the information that the customer needs through personalized videos to build long-term loyalty.

• Use every opportunity to make the relationship with customer strong by personalizing the communication such as offers, discounts or even billing.

• A personalized video should deliver relevant information about the customer and simply add the name of the individual is not personalization.

• Always keep testing different versions and see what messages and personalized videos combination is delivering effective results.

It is important for any business to gain the attention and engagement of the customers.  It is proved that personalized videos are effective in achieving this.Done properly, personalized video marketing can prove to be very beneficial.

Consumers like personalization in everything. From music to ringtones, from digital content to television, they know what they want, and they know how to enjoy it. Personalization has become one of the dominant factors in the way people are consuming entertainment. Television is going to be portable in the coming days. Individual users are likely to get engaged find television more fun.Here is the global Growth Statistics of Personalized TV Market Trends

TV viewing is fragmented and the laptops, phones and tablets share the screen time. The research revealed that sixty-two percent of consumers are viewing television as well as using their laptop concurrently, and forty percent of the consumers are using mobile phones while watching television share the jokes or political claims. The TV remains a dominant medium in communication and will continue to be in the future. It still can engage the audience.

Delivering personalized television experience is important in these days as it increases engagement. Operators can increase their revenue if the viewers are engaged and access more paid content such as movies, and they will attend expos to ads and online shopping. According to research statistics, 41% of houses in the US receive recommendations for personalized viewing.

Socialization is another trend in personalizing television experience. Television viewers chat about the television program they are watching with their friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Social media should not be separated from television experience as social media chatting increases television viewership.

With personalized television, the audience is watching what they want ordering more video on delivery, and the operators are benefiting with the increased viewer engagement, premium content order, and increased subscriptions. Technology is now available to deliver personalized television experience to the audience. The experience is also interactive. The operators are ensuring that they are offering the customized content that the viewers want.

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