YouTube Video Ideas

20 Popular YouTube Video Ideas to Make Money Online

As everyone knows the importance of YouTube in daily routine and when you have started you should have the basic ideas of YouTube videos before uploading. That will make you get the money online. YouTube Video Ideas to make money can be found here.

YouTube Video Ideas

YouTube platform is the top destination for video marketing, advertising and self-publishing of a video. YouTube is the permanent destination to learn and to earn the things.

If you are going to launch your own channel to generate good revenue from your video, you are at right place.

Yes, there are different types of videos that people feel more important and interesting. These types of videos are best to grab the attention of your viewers and to increase your popularity across the web. These videos can help you to generate good income too. Here we go

Life Hacks

It is the most useful genre on YouTube platform because everyone needs some help in their daily life.

Generally, lifehacks are nothing but the supportive videos which are useful and helpful to the people in their daily life. They can save their valuable time and money.

Life hack video content has great popularity across the web. So, try to focus on the most problematic things which must convey with a simple and easy solution in your video.

You will definitely grab audience attention if you have done it right in a clear and convincing way.

Celebrity Gossip

Try Celebrity gossip channel and collect some interesting news and present in your own style to your targeted audience. The celebrity gossip type of video content was going well across the YouTube platform. So, try some videos on celebrities and the related news. TMZ is one of the most popular celebrity gossip channels on YouTube. You can check their strategies and way of presenting the things which might helpful for you.


People always look for the latest happenings and trending news across the web. so, try some news videos which can work well on YouTube platform.

Here is an example of top news videos and channel on YouTube.

Top X List

Top X list are nothing but top 10 list of interesting cars, top list of destinations etc. these listing always will get great viewer engagement comparing to other topics.

Check out this example.

Failed Compilations

Collect the scenes that are failed to do some things which can add humor and make your viewers laugh or surprise or shock. Try these type of video content and here is an example of this type of videos where you can fetch some important things for your next video.

Food Reviews & Kitchen Hacks

Food channels always gain great importance and attention from the audience. The majority of audience love to go for food reviews and kitchen tips and hacks. It is one of the most useful genres on Youtube that every user love to follow daily.

Check out this example to understand the type of video and the conveying style.

Product Unwrapping/Opening

Product unwrapping is one of the biggest trends in e-commerce marketing as well as you can gain a good identity as a vlogger. If you are well performed and can make a genuine product unwrapping, you can get good subscriber base and following. You may also get hired by some brands to unwrap their products with your audience which can fetch you good revenue.

Check this example video:-

How to

How to videos are the most engaging videos. People love to learn the things through video content especially on YouTube platform. So try some interesting how to type of videos to grab the audience attention towards your videos.

Example of How to video style:-

Animal Fun

Cat videos and dog compilations are the most viewed video content on YouTube. People love to enjoy the pet videos. So try to shoot your crazy moments and funny compilations with your pet animals.

Check this example:-


Movie spoofs are recent trending actions by celebrities in live shows can be a viral hit across the YouTube platform. Try now.

Example: –

Baby Fun

Baby videos are which can make great fun and make the viewers emotional. Try some baby videos about laughing, the first reaction to foods and first words etc to make your viewers get connected with your videos.

Check this example video:-


Try some WhatsApp simple fun and shocking type of emotional video content which is shareable across the platforms with ease.

Try some after watching this:-


Go for good sports related videos. You don’t need to cover like a TV channel, just collect the most exciting and unforgettable moments in major sports shows and make it as simple videos.

Check this example:-

Health, Fat Loss & Gym

Health consciousness was greatly increased in people today. So, try some health tips, daily tips, Ayurveda etc as videos.

Watch this example video to understand the type


Try some motivational content with a collection of taglines and other content to motivate your audience. Try some real life interviews around you which can move the people emotionally and get motivated.

Check this example:-

Technology and Science

Create some videos related to science, unknown facts and things. Let your audience know about some scientific facts and stories about latest technology.

Check out this example:-

Yoga and Meditation

Make some yoga and meditation video content. Shoot some important and simple yogic poses and meditation tips to your audience.

For example:-


Try some good gaming videos if you are a gaming savvy. Gaming videos has great engagement compared to other genre.

For example:-

Vine Compilation

Try some compilation short form videos that lasts for 6 seconds and grab the attention of your audience. This is one of the most important YouTube Video Ideas.


Reaction Videos

Reaction videos are gaining great popularity. As it is a common psychology of humans that we all want to know how a person was reacted to a trending event or a hot news. Yes, grab the attention with these type of videos.

Check this example video:-


Finally, try all these ideas and get successful. Watch the given example videos which can help you to understand the type and style of particular video ideas. Hope you enjoyed by reading YouTube Video Ideas.

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