Promote YouTube Channel on Facebook & Instagram

50 Ways to Promote YouTube Channel on Facebook & Instagram

There may be many answers to this question. For the promotion of YouTube Channel, the channel needs to contain unique content, high-quality videos, consistency needs to be followed, and there is need to interact with the audience. More than all these things, we need to promote and market the channel. Social media helps in spreading the word about the YouTube channel. Here are the 50 ways how to Promote YouTube Channel on Facebook & Instagram.

Promote YouTube Channel on Facebook & Instagram/

Let us now find ways to promote the YouTube channel on social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

  1. Create a Facebook page for your channel.
  2. Use the logo of your channel as the Facebook page profile picture.
  3. Use the branded picture of your YouTube channel as the cover page.
  4. Do not forget to add the YouTube channel, blog and social media links on the Facebook page.
  5. Try to get as many likes as possible for the Facebook page as this helps a lot in promoting the channel.
  6. Invite friends to like the page.
  7. At the same time do not make people think that you are spamming the list.
  8. At the end of the videos in your YouTube channel, provide the link of the Facebook fan page.
  9. Include a powerful call to action to like the Facebook page.
  10. Try Facebook advertising to promote the channel if you have the budget.
  11. Be in touch with other YouTubers in your niche and exchange Facebook links.
  12. Use the Facebook page to get more views for your video.
  13. Share your videos on Facebook page when the target audience is active.
  14. Do not just post your video links on the Facebook fan page.
  15. Share the teasers of upcoming videos.
  16. You can post the pictures of behind the scene shots.
  17. Also post related videos from other YouTube channels in your niche.
  18. Create a blog and share the blog posts related to your YouTube channel on Facebook page.
  19. Be active on Facebook.
  20. Keep an eye on what fans are commenting and respond to their comments.
  21. Conversing with the audience helps build a positive bond.
  22. Apart from the Facebook fan page, also start a YouTube channel group.
  23. Encourage the fans to post their tips, ideas etc in the group.
  24. Analyze the views, shares and likes you are getting.
  25. Check what type of posts is famous on the Facebook page.
  26. YouTubers can use Instagram to promote their channel and build fan base.
  27. Use hashtags in the captions of the images.
  28. Using any of the hashtags will not give you much advantage, you need to use a trending hashtag.
  29. Use the tools to find popular hashtags on Instagram.
  30. Share interesting images on Instagram.
  31. Build brand recognition by watermarking your image with the name and logo of the YouTube channel.
  32. Add branding to your posts with a hashtag made by you.
  33. Link to the new video in your channel.
  34. Share short video clips, behind the scene pictures etc to build interest in the YouTube channel.
  35. Post the images taken along with your collaborators on Instagram.
  36. Build the buzz about your upcoming video by posting the YouTube thumbnail of it on Instagram.
  37. Why should YouTube viewers follow you on Instagram. Offer them exclusive content.
  38. Be active on your Instagram page.
  39. Interact with the audience.
  40. Ask feedback from your followers on your latest YouTube video.
  41. Ask questions or ask their opinions.
  42. Post the images of some of your loyal followers and your fans will love this.
  43. Start linking with other Instagram users.
  44. Comment on the posts of Instagram profiles related to your niche.
  45. Collaborate with influencers Instagram users.
  46. Post relevant, regular and interesting content on your Instagram profiles.
  47. Keep your Instagram content unique and different from your content on other social media accounts.
  48. Focus on staying engaged with the audience.
  49. Generate intestine in you by posting picture of your in real life in Instagram.
  50. Post still images of your work.

Keep the above tips in mind and Promote YouTube Channel on Facebook & Instagram and see your number of views and number of subscribers increasing. Social media promotion involves direct promotion and some times more than that. Being consistent and classy
and ways to Promote YouTube Channel on Facebook & Instagram.

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