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Exclusive Interview With Robert Weiss: President Of MultiVision Digital

An Exclusive interview of with Robert Weiss – President of MultiVision Digital .

Tell us something about MultiVision Digital?

Although we have produced over 550 online business videos the cover the entire spectrum of B2C and B2B online video content, we actually don’t consider ourselves to be a video production company.

That’s because our core is a solid foundation of online marketing the role the internet and digital assets play in buyers decision making process. Thus, we are a digital marketing company that focuses exclusively on sales and marketing video communications.

That means that we might do a B2B website explainer video for conversion and then a set of website video FAQs that is meant to support SEO ranking. Each video content marketing project supports a specific business objective.

Whereas most video production companies start with the content in mind we typically challenge our clients to make sure that they have the right video content marketing strategy in place and their video distribution channels are aligned.

Only then can we have a discussion on the creative and content fitting into those channels.

What are MultiVision Digital’s professional business video marketing services?

Our services fall into three categories – business video content strategy, professional video production services and video marketing and distribution services.

As an entire suite of services, MultiVision Digital’s professional services encompass that any business, big or small, would need to either get them started with online video content marketing or cost effectively build out their sales and marketing video content library.

Our three pillars of services allow our clients get the full holistic range of services or choose what they need in the short term and add, as their professional video production services budget grows.

We know that a lot of companies are just getting started with video and want a professional video production services company that gives them a thoughtful and planned approach to video.

As they see the ROI the can get from video, they start planning a 2nd and 3rd video project and they want to become a little bit more strategic and planned with their video production budget.

What is the best type of online video content?

What makes the best online video content for your business really depends on the specific objective that you’re aiming to achieve.


If you want to drive brand awareness vs. improving your search engine rankings vs. say a product/service sales overview video, then “what makes the best online video content” is a very different answer.

This is why we say first look at your business video strategy, then the video distribution channel which will help ensure you produce the best online video content for your business objective.

We’ve seen this approach be very successful for our clients because it gives them the right content for the right place at the right time in the decision making process.

I think there are two trends going on right now. The first is that businesses are just starting to dip their toe in the water and doing their first video production. This allows them to experience the entire process from start to finish, from pre to post, and what it takes to make a good video.

The second trend is that companies that have been doing the video for a while are starting to look at video as a strategic asset. These companies have seen the impact / ROI that video has across the marketing and sales funnel.

So the trend is that they are starting to look at video as strategic asset, vs just one-off productions, and becoming planned, thoughtful and integrated with their professional video production budget.

Tell us something about your MultiVision Digital process with respect to Video Production?

I’m not sure our video production process varies that much from other professional video production service companies. But one thing I know for certain because we hear it a lot from our clients is that were very prepared for the day.

If you not prepare, then you will miss out on shots, messaging, ball or something. Then either the client has to pay more to have you come back out to shoot again, or you have to finance it…either way, it is not a good situation.

Over the past years we’ve worked with a lot of companies that have never had people in front of the camera. They are a bit uncomfortable, but we always make them look like the professional expert they are. This doesn’t happen by chance.

There is a lot of work that goes into the pre-production to make sure that the day of the video production shoot. we are aligning with their business messaging their sales messaging and the business objective at hand.

This is actually the most overlooked part of a professional video production services company…have the skills and expertise to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera and solicit short and succinct information to make an impactful business video.

Share a few words about MultiVision Digital’s Success Model?

There are three things that set us apart. First starts with the answer above. There are a lot a great professional video production services companies out there that shoot great video,

but when you’re dealing with business people that have never been in front of the camera, and many times uncomfortable being in front of the camera, making them look good is a big unspoken part video production. We do this very well.

Another aspect is our customer service. Since we are not a video production per se, our approach to providing the video production service to the client should it come to a fourth or fifth revision has really helped us to retain clients.

And finally, since most of the videos we produce is for online, our understanding of the digital work flow really helps clients get the most ROI out of their videos.

We have many examples of consulting and guiding our clients on best of breed video marketing practices and helping their internal teams create processes.

Say something about your MultiVision Digital?

With a solid sales and marketing business approach, we are helping clients fit professional online video production into their digital marketing footprints and to support their sales teams.

Over the last six years we have produced over 550 for every single business objectives. We have worked with start-ups, mid-size companies, and global firms like Dentons, Societe General and International Flavors and Fragrances.

Our clients have seen their business objectives achieved, and in some cases can cite a straight line to the result and the video that drove that result. This makes us smile.

What are the Latest MultiVision Digital Services that can help brands?

Every company should be looking at video as a strategic asset.

Whether your consumer-based company or a business to business enterprise level company video can be a powerful asset because people are watching more and reading less because buyers can get more out of a short video in a shorter time.

Thank You Robert Weiss for sharing valuable inputs for Readers.

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