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Science Behind Increasing YouTube CPM

Provide the trending titles and keywords that most searched on a search engine can lead to better YouTube ranking which rises the CPM value. The ultimate pick up of video content might drain the vast audience that tends to engage the channel continuously, and the follow-up of monetization policies will always impact on increasing the YouTube CPM. Here is the description of how YouTube CPM is the dominant trend.

What is CPM? eCPM? RPM?

CPM of YouTube will be used to get the money depending on the impressions made by the user. While partnering with the video platforms like YouTube and twitch and many other platforms, you may get with the terms like “RPM”, “CPM”, “eCPM” and some terms like ROI, CTR, and CPC. You may get confused with these terms while reading the descriptions that are related to the distributions ratios in the videos etc. let us have a look at these terms and have a clear understanding of them so that you may not be confused and felt blank about these words in your mind.


RPM was defined as a Rate per Mille and also considered as a thousand impressions. The “M” in RPM was stood for the “per one thousand views” in Latin language. There will be different packaged rates for the rate of 1000 views that are monetized. There are various options for the advertising and when you consider YouTube platform, that will include the In-Stream advertisements. But these are different from the CPM that what we had discussed here because it was a strict measure of the Cost per Impression for single type of ad or a unit.



CPM defined as Cost per Mille, which is deals with the advertisers but not with the creators of the video. It is referred to as the amount of revenue paid by the advertiser on serving of ads against the videos for 1000 times.

That means, there are some ads which displayed during the video watch on YouTube or any other platforms. So, if the ad was watched completely during the video, then it can be considered to be as an impression. If the ad was viewed completely for 20 times during videos, then it can be considered as 20 impressions.


eCPM was defined as an Effective cost per Mille which also considered as a thousand impressions. It is generally used in the banner ads. It is used mostly in the large video platforms like YouTube which were serving high impression rates.

Why YouTube’s CPM is dropping?

There is a great demand for the digital video advertising in this modern digital marketing era which was already understood by the marketers advertisers and competing for their value online.

Advertisers are not stepping back to invest on the digital marketing with the videos as they know about the value of videos and its engagement with the audience.

When comes to the largest platform of videos, The YouTube was facing the decline in CPM rates today as many factors were effecting on its video content. The monetization is the biggest problem on YouTube though there is an option of Ad sense.


The ad inventory on the YouTube platform was remained unsold due to continuous upload of the video content on its platform. Many advertisers were also complaining that they are not getting expected CPM rates on YouTube platform.

Only the MCNs which have great standards with some thousands of channels were getting revenue but the individual creators have to leave the 45 percent for YouTube and 20 for MCN’s in their revenue.

YouTube is the best platform which is offering the free videos uploads to meet one billion audiences. The Value of the each impression has completely dropped down which leads to the diminishing of the CPM rates on YouTube. No other large platform can do this. But the CPM rates are dropping and expected to go down even more in future.

Difference between CPM Vs RPM

the terms CPM and RPM were greatly confused for the viewers and they are related to the terms of measuring the impressions and the views and the standards of the video engagement online.

When comes to the #CPM, it is a bit confusing term, and it was misunderstood by many people and misused sometimes. There are differences between the CPM and RPM terms and let us discuss them in detail.

The CPM used by the advertisers, and there is no reference with the creators of the videos. It defined as a “Cost per Mille.” The letter “M” which was termed “Mille” was called as a thousand in Latin language.

The CPM defined as the payment made by the advertiser to serve their ads against the videos per thousand times. There are several ads we can see while watching YouTube videos. So, the ads placed by the advertisers during the video play, while the viewers watched their ads completely. Then one full ad watch by the viewers was termed as an “Impression.”

The CPM is also the bit close to the RPM which is termed as Revenue per thousand. It is referred to the amount gained by the advertiser by getting completely monetized 1000 views.

The main difference is, the term CPM is used widely across the industry to refer the bids by the advertisers basing on impressions. Whereas, the RPM is the term that was used in Ad sense related only and was based on the revenue that was made by actual impression.

Ways to Increase Your CPM on YouTube

YouTube is the largest platform for the videos and the advertising. It is the dream platform for the vloggers and the advertisers an individual artist too. But, It was facing the downs in CPM rates due to unsold ad inventory and low CPM rates along with the failed #monetization. But, every problem has various ways to solve it and here are some ways to increase the CPM rates on YouTube platform.


Many people wonder to know that you can get an income from the YouTube videos and there are several factors that affect the channel such as fresh and engaging content, good optimization and community engagement and so on. But the main thing is the increase in CPM rates on YouTube, go with the following ways.

Get upgrade

By upgrading the metadata that was present on your Youtube channel and also upgrades the tabs along with the monetization settings.

Make some improvements

Improve your optimization techniques and apply them in different ways and test the video optimization until you get satisfactory results.



Try to create the best-customized thumbnails and amazing content which can get the audience attention towards your ads.

Best captions and increase content quality and watch time

Use best captions that can grab the viewer’s attention towards them. Try to increase the watch time ti have a better ranking on search engines and create best and unique content that is relevant to the category and must be useful to the audience.

48 Amazingly Interesting Facts and Figures about YouTube CPM

When an ad is displayed in a YouTube video, the advertiser has to pay a cost for thousand impressions and this called the CPM or cost per thousand impressions. The video creators on YouTube place the ads beside, in the beginning, or at the end of the video. YouTube CPM correlated to the way people interact with the content and how they are watching the videos. Many other factors affect the CPM, and these include the demographics, content, gender and the watch time.

What is YouTube CPM ?

CPM on YouTube is not stable. It varies from time to time in a year. It can go up and down. During the holiday, it can go up, and it can go down when it is not the holiday season. CPM is higher in some countries and deficient in other countries. Targeting native English speaking countries can increase CPM. Creating more engaging content and increasing the watch time also increases the YouTube CPM.

What does it mean playback based CPM?

YouTube estimates the revenue from a video if it has 1000 monetized views based on the monetized views and the location from where the viewers are watching the video.

What are estimated monetized playbacks?

Monetized playback is when an ad is shown to a viewer. For playbacks there can be more than be one ad. Some videos, for example show a pre-roll ad that can be skippable and another ad that is shown during playback. This results in two impressions.

What is impression-based CPM?

Average CPM can be high, but YouTube takes 45% of the earnings Ad gives the creators and gives 55% to the creators. Every view that the video gets not counted because all views not monetized. If the user skips an ad, it not counted as monetized views. Some ad spaces not sold, and many users use the ad blockers that disable the ads. All these reasons could affect CPM. The number of times an displayed on the video is called the impression and revenue is calculated based on this and is the impression based CPM.

YouTube CPM calculator?

To calculate the YouTube CPM, take the number of impressions and divide it by 1000. If the ad makes ten thousand impressions, divide it by 1000. Divide it by the cost of running the ad you got by dividing the impressions by 1000. It would be your CPM. YouTube revenue can be calculated using the online tools available.

CPM is for advertisers but not creators. It is the cost per mille. What is relevant to the creator is eCPM, or effective CPM. eCPM is calculated by dividing the earnings on a video by the number of monetized playbacks and then multiplying it by thousand. This can below for most of the YouTubers as all views not monetized. Understanding the YouTube earnings and channel data is not easy, and YouTube analytics may help you to some extent.

ways are using which the CPM of YouTube videos can increase. Target the videos to native English speaking people. Advertisers pay more for these videos to display their ads. This will results in almost double the CPM. Try creating content that is engaging, and this helps increase the watch time. The length of the video also matters to the advertisers. If a lengthy video goes viral, the advertiser may decide to display multiple ads in it. Building the loyal fan base who is interested in watching the videos until the end is very important.

CPM or cost per mille is the amount a website gets from the advertisers for one thousand impressions. To help understand better, if a YouTube channel’s CPM is $2.00 it means that the advertisers will pay $2.00 for every one thousand impressions that the channel receives.

1. CPM is the cost per mille, mille is the Latin word for one thousand.

2. You can increase your YouTube CPM by targeting the audience in countries where CPM is high.

3. The YouTube CPM rates are high in the US.

4. CPM is not the same for all the types of videos.

5. CPM depends on the niche of  videos.

6. Average YouTube CPM is $7.6 that means every thousand views might get a revenue of $7.6.

7. All the views on videos are not considered as ad impressions.

8. For a viewer who has an ad-blocking extension then the content, geography and audience demographics play important role in CPM determination.

9. Even when the CPM is more, there is no guarantee that the revenue will also be more.

10. Revenue is calculated by the number of impressions multiplied by CPM divided by one thousand.

11. The actual revenue is affected by the fatlike fill rate and loss.

12. The revenue of a YouTube channel does not depend on the number of subscribers it has.

13.  However, high subscriber base will help to increase brand popularity and brings sponsorships.

14. The revenue on a video also does not depend on the number of views.

15. The revenue on the ad is decided based on the interaction of the viewers with the ad.

16. CPM is calculated by revenue divided by one thousand filled impressions. Whereas, fill rate and loss are not taken into consideration.

17. YouTube takes 45% of the money from the YouTuber earns through it.

18. CPM metric is not for the creators of the videos but for the advertisers.

19. CPM for creators is how much money they make for 1000 views.

20. CPM for advertisers is how much they are ready to pay for 1000 views.

21. To increase CPM, the factors of the YouTube channel need to be optimized.

22. Meta data or the title, description, thumbnails and tags of the video are essential to get more views and to increase CPM.

23. Thumbnails also need to be optimized.

24. A different set of ad biddings are preferred depending on YouTubers with different number of subscribers.

25. Increasing watch time helps in deciding search rankings.

26. CPM of YouTube is highest in the month of December.

27. CPM becomes highest during the days of summers and special occasions such as Valentine’s day.

28. YouTubers do not make videos based on the views but they create through the interaction with the ad, clicking or watching the ad for more than thirty seconds.

29. According to information available online, CPM for in-stream videos ads ranges between $1 and $8 per one thousand views.

30. Some videos in the same channel may have more CPM than the others.

31. Some of the tricks to increase YouTube CPM is to provide English subtitles to regional language videos.

32. Increasing video length to a minimum of five minutes etc.

33. The longer the videos, the more interest the advertisers will show.

34. CPM differs across the world based on where the audience for the video comes from.

35. Countries in which English is the native language have better CPM than other countries.

36. CPM per view on TrueView ads is very high.

37. CPM is dropping presently because of increased demand for digital video marketing.

38. The more popular the channel is the more demand for advertisers to display ads on the channel, this increases CPM.

39. YouTube partners are now allowed to publicly share their income.

40. There is a difference between what the advertisers pay for the ad and what revenue the content creators receive.

41. If the video supply is greater than the demand will not show any affect on each video in the channel.

42. According to Hank Green, the average CPM is $2.

43. By considering the Social Blade the estimated CPM is between $0.25 and $3.5.

44. YouTube takes 45% of the total earnings.

45. All the videos are not counted only for review but the monetized views count will be calculated.

46. CPM is not the measurement for calculating YouTube earnings, but RPM and eCPM terms are used.

47. According to Tubemogul in 2013, the average YouTube CPM was $7.6.

48. This YouTube average is quiet dated and in these couple of years, the CPM would have also changed along with YouTube.


YouTube CPM is an importent factor for YouTube paid advertising or YouTube marketing. The above article is an ultimate guide for 48 Amazingly interesting factors and figures about YouTube CPM.

Science plays a vital role to increase the YouTube CPM. This will help to get the economical growth of the channel as they pay for the viewed ads.

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