Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel

50 Smart Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel in 2022

Video is the future of the content marketing strategy. YouTube is currently receiving the 1 billion new visitors per month. YouTube is the second-largest search engine after Google. Online videos have become key to the audience to satisfy their information. Generating more views and likes for YouTube videos is not as easy as we think. Here are the 50 smart ways to promote your YouTube Channel in 2022.

Smart Ways to Promote your YouTube Channel

  1. Promote your YouTube channel links in eBooks, webinars, lead magnets, and presentations.
  2. Publish long-form videos a minimum of 10 minutes. This is the most significant YouTube ranking factor.
  3. Promote YouTube videos in the End screens.
  4. While creating YouTube videos, just focus on video quality, not on the quantity of video content.
  5. Reply to your YouTube video comments for establishing a good relationship between the audience.
  6. Use awesome YouTube channel profile icons, use HD quality images.
  7. Create a strategic tagline to your YouTube channels.
  8. Heart the excellent comments, and this is the natural and new way to accommodate the community.
  9. Make the killer YouTube Channel trailer for YouTube channels and kick things off with your tag line.
  10. Create amazing videos that crush watch time massively, and that increases SEO ranking factor.
  11. Embed YouTube videos in Blogs to get more views and subscribers.
  12. Tell your subscribers about your channel, end the videos with strong CTA before moving to another video.
  13. Optimize the YouTube channel landing page that they watch more videos and subscribers.
  14. Share the videos on social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.
  15. Facebook native video gets 10X times more shares compared to other social media. Make sure to share your video link on the Facebook page.
  16. Make sure to include the Subscriber button in the YouTube channel Art.
  17. Write a compelling channel description that will describe your channel, relevant information of channel including a strong call to action button.
  18. Identify the videos that got the highest views and subscriber count. Use the “Subscriber Magnets” to funnel the people.
  19. Brand your channel with proper introduction of your video, use custom thumbnails, channel banners, and watermarks.
  20. Create exciting content and optimize videos to easily searchable in search engine results.
  21. Make sure your videos should benefit to your business. The content in the videos that direct your potential customers.
  22. Share your content with the customers on various platforms. Once you start getting views and likes, your videos rank higher on YouTube.
  23. Clean up your YouTube channel videos, which do not get more views. Delete the videos which contain copyright information.
  24. Create and post highly watchable and professional content to your subscribers.
  25. Use the right equipment for creating in-house studios.
  26. Make sure to create the video under 5 min, and we can easily share the short videos on all social media channels.
  27. Invest money on YouTube video advertising. Promote YouTube channel is a pretty full-proof way to increase subscribers count.
  28. Display ads, overlay ads, skippable, non-skippable ads, sponsor cards, and bumper ads are the best advertising types for video advertising.
  29. Encourage your viewers to click on the subscriber bell and offer a few additional benefits to the subscribers.
  30. Don’t forget to add suitable Titles, meta tags, and descriptions to your YouTube videos.
  31. Use YouTube Video SEO techniques to optimize the videos.
  32. Post and schedule your YouTube videos in a consistent way.
  33. Create Unboxing videos, technology reviews, lifehacks, recipes, pranks, and spoofs videos to attract more audiences.
  34. Consider the reviews perform much better when they are doing formats opposed to the texts. YouTube is one of the best ways to share reviews.
  35. Cover the live performances in your Videos. YouTube is offering Live video streaming option stream some exciting content.
  36. Embed the YouTube video URL’s in your company websites that will reach more audience. That will redirect easily to the channel.
  37. Loyal followers wait for your upcoming videos, share it with their friends and family.
  38. Focus on the first 10 seconds video while creating the videos. The first 10 seconds video will grab the audience’s attention.
  39. The ideal video on YouTube should be of 15 seconds, and such videos still risk missing the mark with the viewers.
  40. The less you say in videos, the more people will remember your videos.
  41. Vale your proportions and make your videos personal.
  42. It’s an important thing that you should optimize your video content to the Tablets, smartphones, and Laptops.
  43. Create a clear call to action buttons and make people straightforward while redirecting.
  44. Organizing webinars is a great way for the audience to get and people to respond positively.
  45. Storytelling is the best way to attract the audience and make them feel they involved.
  46. The number of users spending time on Instagram increased by 40%, so post the video URLs and video content on Instagram.
  47. Post the videos on blogs and websites. Promote it whenever and wherever it is possible.
  48. Continuously monitor and analyze YouTube videos with the help of analytics tools.
  49. vidIQ is one of the most popular YouTube channel analytics tools which offers audience behaviors on each video.
  50. Use little hacks to your videos by adding a watermark to your videos.


YouTube videos are a significant way to share your ideas, showcase your talents, and specifically nonprofits for fundraising. These are the smart ways to promote your YouTube Channel. Make use of these extraordinary ways in the promotion of your YouTube Channel for better results.

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