Social Video Trends

Social Video Trends: A Growing Demand for Video Marketing

Are you planning to use Social Video in your social media marketing campaigns? Many brands using Social Videos to market their new products due to their effectiveness. The demand for video marketing continues to grow in the digital world because of marketing professionals and brands, including video as their marketing strategy. Based on a survey of marketers and consumers, we have listed these social video trends with growing demand in video marketing.

Social Video Trend: Analytics programs will change Social trends.

Social Video Trend: Video first platforms

Social Video Trend: Consumer-focused strategy

Social Video Trend: No more boring content allowed.

Social Video Trend: YouTube is the ultimate platform for social video.

Social Video Trend: Full control over video distribution

Social Video Trend: Social video allows for collecting personal info.

Social Video Trend: Influencer Marketing will continue to boom.

Social Video Trend: Leveraging more personalized videos

Social Video Trend: Increased data-first approach

Social Video Trend: The growth of interest-driven and private communities

Social Video Trend: More one to one communication

Social Video Trend: Video content will dominate the market

Social Video Trend: Potential engagement for Facebook Watch

Social Video Trend: People love to watch long-form video content.

Social Video Trend: Brands revaluation metrics matters

Social Video Trend: Adoption of High advanced technologies

Social Video Trend: Social media stories are promising marketing approaches.

Social Video Trend: Reach Global audience using YouTube Live

Social Video Trend: Instagram Live is dominating Facebook Watch.

Social Video Trend: Rise of Augmented reality and virtual reality

Social Video Trend: IGTV videos dominating Instagram posts

Social Video Trend: More usage of 360-degree video content

Social Video Trend: Incredible engagement with Hashtag challenges

Social Video Trend: Instagram video stories reach more audience

Social Video Trend: Make sure to integrate your audience into content strategy

Social Video Trend: Social videos lead consumers to purchase

Social Video Trend: Marketers find and land new clients on social media

Social Video Trend: Invest more in a sponsored video

Social Video Trend: Instagram is going to remove the Likes

Social Video Trend: Social commerce will expand in future

Social Video Trend: Leverage of advanced dynamic social ads

Social Video Trend: Formatting the segmented videos

Social Video Trend: The social video provides more targeting infinity groups

Social Video Trend: Integration over the marketing funnel

Social Video Trend: Social media platforms deserve rethinking

Social Video Trend: Stories are not slowing down in future

Social Video Trend: YouTube Stories are trending on YouTube

Social Video Trend: TikTok is the future of video marketing

Social Video Trend: Facebook days are over with the new social networks

Social Video Trend: Vertical videos and Facebook stories play the upper hand in marketing

Social Video Trend: Social videos build strong customer relationship

Social Video Trend: Scale your social video production

Social Video Trend: Rethink about the Reddit Account

Social Video Trend: Grab more attention with less time

Social Video Trend: Emphasize your graphic identities

Social Video Trend: YouTube forges the social video ahead

Social Video Trend: Marketers lean into video creation

Social video is a part of customer service

Social video supports online shopping growth

Social Video Trend: Brands considering influencers under a microscope

Social Video Trend: Animation videos will be challenging

Social Video Trend: Potential increase in Influencer marketing

Social Video Trend: Video Content Will Keep gaining Popularity

Social Video Trend: Choose Niche Social platforms that work well

  • The increase in popularity of Snapchat and Instagram Stories
  • The rising use of Facebook Live for business purposes
  • Brands using YouTube to promote their products, services, and events
  • Facebook and Instagram are the most popular platforms
  • Live video is growing in popularity
  • Snapchat’s use of augmented reality has been successful, but it may be losing its novelty for users
  • YouTube is still the king of video content on social media
  • Live video on Facebook is a great way to interact with followers in real-time
  • Instagram has been experimenting with using the TV screen as an additional canvas for creativity
  • Twitter has continued to expand its live-streaming capabilities, allowing users to share what’s happening in their world right now
  • Snapchat continues to be popular because it feels more personal and intimate than other social media platforms
  • Video is the new content king
  • The majority of videos are watched on mobile devices
  • Mobile video consumption has grown by 500% in the last year and will continue to grow as more people use their phones for all aspects of their lives
  • Videos with a social message generate twice as much engagement as other types of videos
  • Social video is a powerful tool for brands and businesses to connect with their customers, but it’s not the only social platform where you can share your videos. Try posting on Instagram or Facebook too!
  • Use short videos no longer than 2 minutes in length- people have shorter attention spans these days! You don’t want them to get bored before they finish watching.
  • Make sure your videos feature strong visuals and catchy music- this will make them more memorable and engaging!
  • The use of hashtags is on the rise, as are videos that have been edited to include them
  • More and more people are using Snapchat filters for their photos and videos, especially when they’re trying to tell a story or send a message
  • Professional content creators are using social media to make money
  • The use of hashtags is becoming a norm on all social platforms, including Facebook and Instagram
  • Videos that have been viewed over 1 million times can generate $100,000 in revenue per day
  • Content creators with more than 100,000 followers can earn up to $10,000 per sponsored post
  • People are spending more time watching videos on social media platforms than ever before
  • Videos that are shared on Facebook receive 5x the engagement of other posts
  • Video is a great way to get people to stay on your site longer and interact with you
  • Videos that tell a story
  • Animated videos
  • High-quality sound and editing
  • Interactive videos that allow for user participation
  • An increase in 360-degree videos
  • The rise of the “unboxing” video trend
  • More brands embracing social media influencers
  • Instagram Stories
  • Snapchat Geofilters
  • YouTube 360° videos
  • Facebook video ads
  • Video is more engaging than text-based content
  • Videos are shared and discussed at a higher rate
  • Facebook Live has made it easier for brands to connect with their audiences in real-time
  • Brands should invest in video production, even if they don’t have the budget for expensive equipment
  • Brands are increasingly using video to tell stories
  • Video is an excellent way for businesses to connect with their audience on an emotional level
  • The most popular type of video content in 2017 was family-oriented clips, followed by food videos and travel videos
  • In the last year, 3 million jobs were created due to online video
  • Live video is the fastest growing form of social media
  • There has been an increase in usage among teens, which suggests that it will continue to grow as a trend
  • The use of Snapchat filters have increased engagement on this platform by up to 20%


Social Video continues as a favorite type of content awaiting to see from brands on social media. Don’t forget to include top social networks such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, to market your products and services. Whenever you release your video, make sure to prompt all social platforms to find more seamless efforts than ever before.

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