Rise Of OTT

The Rise Of OTT: Why Brands should opt for OTT Advertising?

OTT serves as a modern way to consume digital media content through the internet instead of Satellite TVs, Cables, etc. The Rise of OTT presents more opportunities to the brands, publishers, and advertisers to reach users in a new way via media streaming. Advertisers realize the importance of OTT advertising to the companies and make it part of their next campaign strategy. Let us take a look why brands transition towards the OTT platforms to invest in OTT Advertising.

Brands should opt for OTT Advertising now

  • It’s cheap and affordable
  • You can target your audience accurately
  • You’re finding new opportunities

You’re advertising on TV, not on social media

  • Invest in OTT advertising instead
  • Get more exposure and engagement
  • The best part? You can see who is watching your ads
  • Increase your sales by up to 30%

OTT or Over top advertising, is the new way to market

  • Advertisers are moving over to mobile video as it has a higher impact
  • Video is booming on social media
  • Premium inventory means better pricing for brands
  • The world of OTT advertising is vast, and there are infinite ways to advertise in video

So how does Over-the-Top help the Brands?

  • It helps the Brands to turn digital viewers into customers
  • The ROI is higher than other forms of advertising
  • It gives you a chance to communicate with your viewers directly
  • By using OTT, you can form an emotional bond with your audience
  • You can have your more established artists in your pocket.

A step by step guide to OTT advertising

  • Setting up an account, choosing the platform
  • Purchasing ad space
  • Creating video content in consultation with the platform
  • Picking a format and timing
  • Pricing out your ad-buy
  • Choosing a call to action and other options

Advertising on social media is essential for your brand

  • Brand awareness isn’t enough
  • You need to increase engagement and community
  • Second screen advertising is the way to go if you’re an OTT advertiser
  • Add value to your ads through contests

Brands should use OTT advertising to reach their audience and get more sales easily

  • Tapping into the online video industry will help brands adapt to today’s digital medium
  • More than half of US adults use online video for entertainment, education, or commerce
  •  If you want to reach a particular group of people, then you can do it via OTT (over the top) advertising
  •  YouTube is the most popular platform

OTT advertising is the future of advertising

  • Increased reach and engagement
  • Lower CPM and CPC
  • Better marketing ROI
  • Great for B2C and B2B brands

Most businesses are spending less on marketing!

  • Some are shifting to OTT advertising for better returns
  • Old ads like TV, radio, and print aren’t working
  • Smaller businesses need a cheaper approach to get results

All OTT advertising is targeting the top of the funnel

  • You have control over your content
  • You can build long term consumer trust
  • You can discover engaged consumers
  • OTT viewers are the future of TV (and your brand)

Why Brands should opt for OTT Advertising

1: It’s less expensive than traditional TV advertising
2: Nurture customers better
3: Have lower CPM
4: Better ROI
5: Use a ‘People not Profit’ approach to TV Ads

Why should brands opt for OTT over TV in India?

  • Users spend more time on OTT platforms
  • It’s cheaper than TV ads!
  • They’re both dynamic and measurable
  • You can learn from the pros and cons of OTT advertising

4 Reasons why you would want to opt for Over the Top (OTT) Advertising

  • OTT Advertising offers higher engagement and greater ROI
  • OTT Audience can be localized
  • Brands no longer are limited to one screen for advertisement
  • Real-time updates & Creative freedom enable brands to connect better with their audience.

Brands can now use OTT for targeted branding

  • Every brand is already using OTT advertising
  • You don’t need to be a celebrity
  • TV is dying, and OTT is the future of Advertising
  • Traditional Media consumption is falling, Opt for OTT!

An overview of OTT advertising and why brands will benefit from doing it

  • OTT advertising solves for ads that burn money. Recent reports indicate ads on mobile are pretty expensive
  • Advertisers need more specific targeting, so they can get the right eyeballs to their products/services
  • Online TV is still growing in popularity – a recent report says online TV will account for half of all internet traffic by 2021

Read to know why you should go for OTT advertising

  • Increased brand recall
  • More fans and engagement
  • Save money on ad spends
  • Reach the right customers
  • Get a return on investment (ROI) in just a week or two.

How OTT is changing the way we consume content

How OTT differs from traditional TV

Considerations for choosing a platform

What kinds of ads work best on OTT?

Why Brands should change their Advertising platforms

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Create a new revenue stream
  • Six benefits of OTT advertising
  • Online videos on mobile devices
  • OTT establishes the presence of Brands
  • Revenue Opportunities for Brands
  • Because it is the future of television advertising
  • Because it involves consumer participation
  • Because it creates trust between brand and audience
  • Because it enables brands to own their channel
  • Optimize the viewer experience
  • Innovate and go beyond advertising
  • Provide the opportunity for branded content
  • Expose brand to a wider audience
  • Moving your brand into new channels
  • Create demand for digital content
  • Create a unified experience
  • Brand Recognition on Entertainment Platforms
  • Savings on Plan Investment
  • Reach Existing and Potential Customers
  • Increase Brand Advertising Space
  • Better Customer experience
  • Reaches the right target audience
  • Takes lesser money
  • Raises Awareness
  • Improves Brand Recall
  • Tackles competition by being first to market
  • Allows for personal interaction with the user
  • You can create deeper connections with the respective target audience
  • Engage the people in more innovative ways.
  • It is cost-effective
  • It drives engagement among the target audience
  • Improves ROI
  • Traditional mediums not giving the desired ROI
  • Threshold limit reached
  • Need to target Millennials
  • OTT ads help reach Millennials
  • Targeting is fairly easy
  • Merchandising is easier
  • There is very little adblocking on OTT media
  • Can reach a target audience and geographical location
  • OTT advertising is surprisingly affordable
  • Growing demand from the youth market
  • Growth in digital payment methods
  • High quality of OTT content
  • Permit a 360-degree view of consumer engagement
  • Goes beyond the reach of traditional media
  • Keep Consumer Engagement High
  • Get Direct-to-Consumer Involvement
  • Multi-Platform Strategy
  • Early adopters
  • Selfies and Videos have better ROI
  • It’s more affordable

Rise Of OTT: Why Brands should opt for OTT Advertising?

  • More Connectivity across all platforms
  • The cost-effective way to access
  • Reach a Larger Audience
  • Convenience to watch at any time and anywhere
  • A variety of content exists.
  • A larger scale of Growing reach
  • Offers Strong Targeting Opportunities
  • Ads cost depends on actual views and impressions.
  • Provides the way to Micro and GEO Targeting
  • Offers strong Brand safety
  • OTT ads offer real-time analytics
  • OTT ads appeal to a Younger Audience
  • Leverage Non-Skippable Ads
  • OTT platforms provide Powerful Analytics
  • Consume High-quality creative media content
  • Reach more audience with Flexible Budgeting
  • Use the data for further purposes.
  • More Targeting appropriately
  • Reach a large number of audiences
  • People can connect, disconnect, and change the plan at any time.
  • Can track real-time measurement of ads
  • Introduce the Quality content for Ads
  • Set a more comfortable budget for OTT ads
  • Easy transition to OTT Marketing
  • Use VPAID Tags
  • Leverage the VAST Tags
  • High demand for OTT content
  • Engage with desirable audiences
  • Work on Client-Side ad insertion methods
  • Possible Stitching and SSAI methods
  • Free choice for the OTT service providers
  • Target the addressable Household-level
  • Make sure to use ISP& & geographical freedom.
  • Creating and Defining the target audience
  • Behavioral targeting is possible.
  • Offers various categories of Content
  • Target Global audience by Demographics
  • View at any time, any place, and any device
  • Match the audience by their Behaviours
  • Display the Ads on any devices
  • Summarizing the results and Feedbacks


The global COVID19 pandemic has created a drastic impact across all businesses and industries. It has changed the way of living and professional work. With the rise of OTT consumption, it has become their primary source of entertainment. So, brands are also shifting their media budgets towards OTT Advertising, and OTT platforms become a destination for the Brands.

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