OTT Advertising Advantages

OTT Advertising Advantages: OTT Advertising Benefits for 2024

Over the past few years, video streaming companies shook up their distribution methods that reigned for the better part. There is no more alternative or profitable time to take OTT Advertising Advantages and researchers to predict that OTT streaming media services revenue will exceed $83.4 billion by 2024.

The ad-supported video-on-demand model has seen drastic growth in the current OTT media landscape, also known as AVOD. AVOD platforms offerusers free service without a subscriptione, but they require them to watch ads between the video content. Here are some OTT Advertising benefits all the OTT media streamers need to know in 2024.

OTT Advertising Advantages for 2024

Niche Audiences:

OTT advertising will not boost the more massive audience reach, and it is one of the strengths of the OTT platforms to gather a niche audience.

High-Quality Creative:

High-quality creative video content can be used in the OTT platforms. Ad-supported video platforms are designed to stream TV-quality content to subscribers.

Budget Control:

It allows flexible, budgeting methods to track the views ad targeting the audience. You can work on specific targeting methods by minimizing the expenses.

Measuring Results is easy:

Easy to measure the result with provided real-time OTT advertising analytics. Most streaming platforms offer Live streaming, including streaming analytics to measure the audience.


It offers Client-Side Ad insertion standards. You can easily insert the video ad in between the streaming content. CSAI is an essential metric to the OTT advertising directly through SDKs.

SSAI or “Stitching”:

With the help of server-side ad insertion content delivery, we can offer seamless ads. SSAI is one of the effective remedies for the adblocking mechanism.

VAST Tags:

These VAST Tags guide the audience to handle the ads such as how many seconds the ad displays, skip ad in 5 seconds, etc.


VPAID Tags are also named as Video Played Ad Interface definition. These are the advancedVAST tags version, making ads more interactive and viewability measurements.

OTT Appeals to a GenY Audience:

If you see the OTT ad analytics younger generation took top place. OTT streaming mediafocuses mored on millennials because they spend on what they want regardless of cost.

Non-Skippable Ads:

OTT ads are non-skippable; the audience must watch those ads in between their video content. Non-skippable ads are one of the marketing tools for advertisers and companies.

OTT is the Only Best Alternative to Traditional TV Commercials:

OTT advertising is one of the best alternatives to traditional TV commercials where tv advertisers can reach the Cord Cutters, Nevers, and Cord Shavers.

Ad Creatives Use AI Technology to Increase user Engagement:

The audience currently focuses on more personalized ads, so the ad creatives include AI technology in their OTT ads to increase the user’s engagement.

Bigger Screen, Wider Audience:

OTT video ads are displaying on big screens, unlike the browser screens. There are displaying on more giant screens without any proper controls to skip, and OTT ads tend to be the wider audience you can target to household levels.

High-quality Inventory Available:

When browsing through the various streaming options on different OTT platforms like Amazon, Roku, you can find a bundle of high-quality content available to purchase.

Fragmented Landscape:

Advertisers can buy the content through OTT ad inventory programmatically on desired OTT platforms. Some platforms restrict to sell their content.

Cords Will Continue to Cut more:

People are gradually shifting traditional televisions to streaming services. Cord Cutter is increasing due to the hike of personalized OTT content.

More Streaming Service Options:

There is a vast number of streaming services already available in the more. Recently NCB launched Peacock TV for sports lovers.

Micro and GEO Targeting:

Micro-targeting is a practice of removing all the target audiences and producing the new content to replace. It is more likely equal to behavioral targeting by geographical regions.

Powerful Analytics:

In OTT advertising, you can track real-time analytics to see audience behaviour. Streaming services for online platforms are the same so that consumers can access their insights through mobile devices or online media.

Easier to Set a Budget:

Keep on monitoring the available analytics. You can set the budget easily for future advertising campaigns. Digital media allows you to go and make tweaks for the data show. Set the budget based on the views and clicks.

In high demand:

OTT audience spend time on linear TV’s they spend time on TV’s, but they are more addicted and consume the content through different OTT streaming platforms. Nowadays, peoplespendg more time on mobile devices, so OTT advertising has a high demand.

Audience targeting opportunity:

OTT platforms allow the advertisers to target the messaging by the geo-target locations, demography, interests, and audience behavior. It improves the ad relevancy compared to the traditional televisions.

Engaged and desirable audiences:

OTT advertising is more engaging and has the desired audience. Here the audience chooses their own desired content from streaming platforms.

OTT Ad-Insertion Methods:

CSAI and Ad Stitching are the two methods to stream the video ads in OTT streaming media.

Server-Side Ad Insertion in OTT:

OTT ads can be served through the Client-side ad insertion (CSAI) or Server-side Ad Insertions (SSAI ), not from the web or third-party users. Server-side AD insertion in OTT eliminates the latency issues.

VAST, VPAID Tags Used for Communicating with OTT Multiple Devices:

OTT video streaming does not stick to one device. OTT streaming media works for multiple platforms such as TV’s, Desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. These two VAST and VPAID tags are used to communicate with various devices.

Larger Audience Reach:

As per the research, more than 500 million subscribers are ditch to the satellite and cable operators by the end of the year. Millions of people are moving to OTT platforms, and it has a huge audience reach.

Strong Targeting Opportunities:

OTT advertising offers substantial targeting opportunities. We can track it by audience behavior. OTT advertisers can have created multiple platforms to earn revenue by allowing ads within the video content.


currently, OTT Advertising relatively offers limited opportunities for advertisers. They will continue to develop and introduce new ways to reach large audiences. OTT Advertising is one of the most lucrative opportunities for businesses. If you would like to grow your sales, we are here to help you accelerate your success!

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