Testimonial Videos for Business

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Good Testimonial Video for Business

Word of mouth is the factor on which the success of many businesses depends. Large and small businesses use testimonial videos for this very reason. Testimonial videos influence the buying decision of the prospective customers. It is proved that websites that have testimonial videos get more leads and their sales also improve compared to websites that have no testimonial videos.

Here is what statics say about testimonial videos

  • More than ninety percent of the consumers say that their buying decisions are influenced by testimonial videos.
  • Customer testimonials have the highest effect on buyers.
  • Product reviews by customers, testimonials are searched by more than seventy-seven percent of people before they buy anything online.
  • Product conversions are claimed to have improved by seventy-four percent.
  • Sixty-four percent prospective buyers purchase product after watching the testimonial videos.
  • Websites that have testimonial videos on their site attract the attention of the customers more and they stay two minutes longer on these websites.

Having testimonials on the websites help the visitors to get the information they want. The SEO value and traffic are also increased to the site which results in increased leads.

Here are some best practices for creating testimonial videos for your website

Create an email newsletter and request your customers to create a video telling why they like your product or service. On the social network pages, ask the followers to share their experience with your brand through a video. Plan to shoot quick videos with the customers asking them about their experiences at the brand events.

The success of video testimonials and the effectiveness of them in improving the business depend on how these are delivered to the prospects. Let us now see how video testimonials help the business and what benefits brands can get from them.

Online video consumption is at highest now with people easily accessing the internet. Having video testimonial help to build trust and credibility for the brand. The interest of a prospect in a brand can be increased by having good video testimonials. Video content is shared more when compared to text content. Therefore if the video testimonial is good, it will be shared by people more. This will prove to be good for social marketing as well as for SEO.

Tips to Create Testimonial Videos

• Ask your customers to submit their videos. Encourage them to share their experience with the product.

• Testimonial videos can be created with a smartphone and these videos can be posted on social media sites.

• Have a professional looking testimonial video on your website or sales pages.

• Place the testimonial videos on the website such that they get more views.

• Publish the testimonial videos on social sites also so that number of viewers watch and share the post.

• Have your testimonial videos in your email marketing.

• Have a call to action at the end of the video.

• Also, have the testimonial videos on YouTube. It helps in tracking the views and shares.

• See that the testimonial videos are not more than one minute in length.

• Find the right customer to produce video testimonial.

• A good testimonial video must focus on the customer and their experience with the product but not on the product alone.

Many types of video can be used in marketing. Testimonial videos are powerful tools to increase conversions and to humanize the brand. These offer a powerful experience for the people who are planning to buy a product online.

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