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The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Live Streaming Monetization

Facebook is the best platform for the marketers and individuals to socialize with the audience across the globe. Facebook always competes with the new trends and top platforms in different features. Facebook Live Streaming Monetization strategies can be obtained from this description.

The platform always implements something new to the users as well as to the publishers. When comes to the video world, the video has gained the center place across the globe. So, marketers and individuals are focusing on the videos.

Facebook live streaming monetization

Publishers were already active on the Facebook platform and are enjoying the good news about live streaming monetization where they can earn some money on live video streaming across the Facebook platform.

Facebook was helping its partners to monetize the video content across the Facebook platform as well as on the websites and applications. The platform has updated the monetization feature on Facebook premium video content with new updates.

The publishers who are eligible can earn money from the various in-stream video ads from the network of the audience. The Ad breaks feature on Facebook live video was in beta testing, and the same in the on-demand video was under the testing process.

The Ad breaks and the ad revenue through monetization is the best way to generate the proper source of income for the publishers, and even Facebook platform will slowly acquire the things in a right way.

Guidelines to Facebook Live Streaming Monetization

Facebook had extended the Ad breaks feature in the Facebook live streaming. The Ad Breaks feature allows the users and publishers to earn real revenue from the Facebook live broadcasts in which anyone can take some breaks during the live sessions. In those breaks, the ads can be displayed, and the broadcaster can earn revenue from the ads through this ad break feature.

At present, the feature is under beta testing and very soon it will be implemented in a full pledged way. Here, are some best guidelines for the revenue generation through Facebook live streaming.


• The live streaming on Facebook has more than 300 people watching at a time, then your live video stream will be eligible for the monetization. and you can set up the Ad breaks from your page or profile.

• There is a need to set up the ad breaks on your page or the profile you are on life. After the Ad break setup, you need to start the first ad break only if you have enough number of viewers for your live video stream.

• You must be at least four minutes to live while you start your first ad breaks.

• The Ad break can be last for 15 seconds for every break in the middle of the live video streaming.

• You will earn money once you have published your live video streaming session and when the viewers watched your live video stream and the ads included in it, you will earn the revenue through monetization of those views.

• The viewers cannot skip the ad breaks while they are watching the live video sessions on Facebook.

• Some broadcasters who have received the copyright strikes or other violation warnings are not eligible for the Ad breaks feature.

How to Add mid-roll ads on Live Streaming Video

Facebook has started testing the ad breaks feature in the on-demand video that allows the publishers to insert the ad breaks during the uploading of their videos or to the existing video content on their libraries on Facebook. So, there is a great scope for publishers to improve and increase their revenue with this new feature in future.

This new feature is started and it will compete the YouTube monetization style. Comparatively, there is the scope of getting 56 percent ad revenue on YouTube and when comes to Facebook, it might be around 45 percent when compared with the YouTube platform.

The best feature in the Facebook Ad breaks is that no need to make ten-minute videos in order to qualify for the second ad. but you just need to spare very few minutes to insert the second ad to come in your video.

It just took some two minutes to come for the second ad in your video stream. So, it is constructive for the user who uploads the short time length videos, and they too can generate good revenue from the Facebook live streaming.

How Facebook Ads appear

You need to know when they can be appearing in your videos. The pre-roll ads on YouTube platform appeared on the starting of the video player and when comes to the Facebook, it focused on the mid-roll ad type. That means the ad on Facebook will appear on your video only after twenty seconds from the start of the video content.

Facebook videos can be started automatically while scrolling the screen and the ads will appear in the stream when they scroll past. The autoplay videos can be eligible if they are the main one for the page.

So, your videos must be over two minutes in length and can be even longer than that to make revenue from your Facebook video ads. Start asking your audience to like your video and engage them to reap good benefits.

Facebook Ad break setup and the best practices

• You must need at least 2000 followers on your Facebook page to get started with the Ad breaks feature on your Facebook page.

• At least 300 people must watch your live streaming before you launch the ad breaks.

• Once you have gone live with the video, you will receive a notification showing that you are eligible for the ad breaks.

• Once you join the ad break, you can start utilizing it after four minutes from the start and there is also an option to take ad break for every five minute span after the first break.

• The ad breaks sign can be shown as a dollar sign icon, and the ads will start when your camera stop and your viewers watch the ads.

Finally, Facebook showed a new way for the revenue generation with this creator friendly feature.

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